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I'm all for cost savings but I hope it doesnt limit OC potential.
I was also forgetting about Zen's hyperthreading, its 8c/8t vs 8c/16t.
I never killed one by usage, but I have accidently bent/broke pins on older cpu's and I did attempt to make a keychain out of an old 486-sx33 which worked but was just massively obselete. I used a dremel to cut all the pins off but I lacked tools powerful enough to drill the keyring hole.
I'd love to submit an app to the Microsoft Store whose whole purpose is to 'Close the Windows 10 Upgrade Window' and see if 1) Microsoft would accept the App and 2) Charge $1 and see if I could make massive profit off Microsoft's stupidity. Of course that would only help Win8 users, since Win7 users cant access MS Store.
Both these reviews are using Cinebench 11.5 instead of Cinebench 15... whats the reason for that?
That's all he needed to say... that Nvidia will be offering the GTX 1060 at a comparable performance/price. Talking about VR-not-being-ready makes it look like Nvidia has no counter for the RX 480.
No, I would call this the minimum for VR. An entry level offering.
Generally, I agree VR isnt ready for mainstream but Jen-Hsun Huang still should have started his speech by re-assuring the public and investors that Nvidia will have a comparable price/performance GPU option for entry level VR gaming/apps.
Well I'm sure Nvidia didnt want to price the GTX1060 @ $200. It will be interesting to see if they do.
I'd be worried about getting the 15w version if your interested in performance - not sure if it's AMD or laptop/motherboard oems but that 15w seems to be a hard limit. a12-9730 would be my choice for performance APU.
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