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I think your voltage might be a little high but I remember running my i5-2500k at 4.8ghz for its entire life.
You are right, it really feels like Steam isnt trying lately. I miss flash sales and silly games.
Yeah my first thought was - why the GTX970? I wouldn't recommend that card for playing anything in 4k.Why wouldnt you compare it directly to an RX 480 on the PC then? The only reason I could consider this a fair comparison is the GTX970 is/was a very common PC card but definitely not something you would attempt 4k gaming with.
Just curious, was the r9 390 used here the 8gb version or the 4gb version? I'm at work and can't view the source. They should have just compared the R9 290x vs the GTX970 since they are closer in age and the conclusions would have likely been the same.
Any interesting ruling, I had no idea T-Mobile even operated in Netherlands.
I think you mean hardware monitoring software? There are probably some utilities that came with your motherboard that would be good for this. I imagine most would prompt for ADMIN rights... I used to use Speedfan on generic oem systems.
IMO, the pins should be one whichever component is cheaper since there is a greater chance of mechanical failure. Personally I'm glad the pins are on my motherboard rather than my CPU.
I think if MS really wanted to support ARM, they could add support for products like this... It would be cool to see Win10 managing a cluster of ARM devices.
I wish this thread would die already, since everyone seems to agree these are the same results previously circulated and likely fake.
You might be able to find something older that is used/refurbished that might be similar priced with more performance like 7950/7970 but if your super cheap pc also has a super cheap PSU then RX 460 seems like a great choice.
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