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Dino D-Day, NecroVision, or Postal 2 seem like good values for $0.99. Dino D-Day was $0.49 yesterday. Possible Risen if you like more RPGish, although the price seems glitched at $-1.71 right now (Free?)
Finally the types of benchmarks I want to see. Now I just need to seem them repeated ad nauseam by a few review sites. Looks like AMD has a winner on their hands.
If you already have a GPU and the cost of the CPU is irrelevant then get the FX-8350. The only real reason to consider the A10 is if you are limited in budget or plan on using the integrated graphics. The A10 is closer in CPU performance to an FX-4350.
3dmark has it's place, but since it's a synthetic the driver also gets optimized out the wazoo for that specific workload. Lets see some games already.
I'm gonna need to see more than 3dmark scores.
I agree, looks very good.
Impressive for 15w.
You are not the only one, you do exist in a small minority tho.
I think the card looks fine. Are there two fans on the radiator or just one? Also, Is DVI dead? (I know adapters are a thing) I'm surprised that the configuration is 3 displayport and 1 hdmi.
I wonder if this includes the rumored August Fury X 8gb versions. I would guess it does, if the limitation is really due to HBM.
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