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I didnt even see anyone mention hyperthreading, the 5960X (8C/16T) vs 9590 (8C/8T).
While I don't feel cheated and have no interest in trying to recoop money from Nvidia, I do hope someone files a class action suit simply because this lack of information shouldn't be allowed.Nvidia should have disclosed this information about ROP's / TMU's / and two separate memory pools with drastically different bandwidth at launch.
I would say don't bother with FX-8350 -> i5-4690K, it's mostly a sidegrade. In terms of sheer numbers I think most game engines favor Intel's high IPC vs being able to take advantage of 8 threads, but I still think this paradigm about to shift over the next few years. I would make getting a stronger GPU the priority upgrade.
I keep asking myself if I would have bought the GTX970's if they had originally advertised them with 3.5gb instead of 4gb. The GTX970 is still a decent deal but the answer is probably NO, because I was looking for a certain amount of future-proofing.
I never called it Malware. I'm not arguing that the end user has no culpability, but I am also surprised to see so many defend this practice. I don't like the idea of exploiting human stupidity for profit.
Of course, but they are checked by default and it's a mistake to assume most PC users have the knowledge of a typical OCN user. There is a large percentage of people that will just click NEXT until it's done without reading anything.
Calling it malware might be a little of a stretch, but I'm unhappy with both companies decision to bundle additional software with their installers. As industry giants both Sun and Adobe should remove the extra unrelated crap from their installers.
I think Apple or other SmartWatch manufacturers need to figure out a way how to safely make the wrist strap part of the battery.
Seems like a waste, if you prefer the 'feel' of a membrane - why not just buy a membrane keyboard since they are like 5x cheaper. I would be interested in mechanical keyboard that was as quiet as a membrane keyboard.
Yes, but to my knowledge currently no Freesync monitors exist. I think there are some shipping now, that promise to be upgradeable to FreeSync tho.
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