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The 4-Pack is gone, although there is still a single copy of the game available.
BUMP Since we are getting to the bottom of the barrel I've removed the 1 per person restriction. People that already got 1 may request a 2nd game. That said, I'm going to be AFK for a few hours.
Looks like my record keeping was less than perfect. I'm all out of Orbital Gear 4-Pack, pick again.
Nowadays 1366 motherboards are usually tough to locate and cost a premium. I would weight that into your decision.
Sorry your account is too new, you don't meet the giveaway requirements.
Sorry your account is too new.
Sorry that one is gone. Pick another?
Sorry guys, It's gonna be several hours before I can send out any keys after post #53, I'm at work and I forgot to email the list of keys to myself. My apologies for being unable to update the list or send keys during this time. I'll fill them as best as possible later tonight.
Sorry, you dont meet the requirement of >25 posts.
Sorry you only have 1 post, you don't meet the requirements.
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