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Given the state of the building in that photo- I hope construction of the venue doesnt hold up the Vega launch!
Hi, I'm a late joining member. The EVGA Refurb's GTX980Ti's for $300 + shipping proved too tempting to pass up. I'm coming from SLI GTX970's. I can see I've taken a small hit in most benchmarks, but I'm happy to leave hit-or-miss SLI support + 3.5gb vram far behind me. Still trying to find my sweet spot overclock, currently at a safe +200mhz GPU / +300mhz Mem.
I applaud AMD for pushing up the price/performance standard on the low end for the masses.
I assume you know that the H110i GT is a closed loop and wasnt designed to be drained and used with other components. I've seen examples where people have done what your talking about but I have to think your better off with another solution.
My guess is that Titan X (Pascal) owners will have much stronger feelings when the 1080Ti drops. Atleast people really can't claim to be surprised anymore.
That's the best part. WB wasted their money and tarnished the reputation of themselves and various 'youtubers' needlessly.
I would be interested to hear if anyone has this RX480 mobo killing experience on an Intel board.
I find it amusing that due to his actions Raul Murillo Diaz will be watched more closely than ever via closed circuit cameras at whatever mental institution or prison he is assigned to.
Yep, reminds me of the meme 'First World Problems'. To be fair I guess not everyone has 30 adapters video adapters laying around like me. Still as far as problem/issues go, this is pretty minor.
AMD and Intel provide product specifications to manufacturers. True, manufacturers can choose to violate or ignore these guidelines.
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