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I'd be more impressed with AMD's performance, watt/performance, or price/performance ratios if they were a little more successful against their competition. It seems they really excel in some niche areas but that makes them tough to recommend overall.
Ug, what a let down. Hopefully this is the last time AMD creates a teaser and tries to build hype over re-bundling an existing product.
Wouldn't it be funny if this was THE feature that determined what game engine developers choose when beginning their projects? I can see the debate... "Hmmm guys do we want to use CryEngine, Unreal Engine 4, or REDengine 3? CryEngine and Unreal Engine look great, are simply to code for, and have a ton of developer support BUT... REDengine 3 has boob physics."
If you were planing on rebuilding then and really arent going to use it until then - you might as well sell it. It will only depreciate in value further if you wait 6 months and then go to sell it.
I wouldnt be worried about Intel. Even if x86 dies out, Intel is still in a great position to compete with other ARM manufacturers. Intel has licensed the rights to create ARM cpu's, owns all their own Fabs, and Intel's fabrication processes are arguably the best. Intel is fabricating 64bit ARM CPU's on 14nm lines right now for clients like Altera.
"Processors will be built on a 64-bit kernel Cortex A-57"Looks like the future is ARM & LINUX, atleast in Russia.
Seems like it would be easy enough to black bar everything except the largest internal display rectangle if you wanted to use a custom shaped display for traditional applications. Not the best use of the space maybe, but a quick fix.
That man is serious about his NAS.
When Ubisoft imagines a high-end PC, I think they are counting iGPU's. "Our game will run just as well on an i7 with HD4000 graphics as it does on the Xbox One" -Some Clueless Ubisoft Executive
Other than making it convenient for developers already using Mantle on Windows platforms, is there any performance benefit to Mantle on Linux? Linux OpenGL driver implementations should be fairly low-level already.
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