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1) Facebook is currently making a diagnosis, not telling anyone, and exploiting that information. FDA could regulate their diagnosis algorithm for good.2) Any of the government mental health organizations. Wouldnt you rather receive a private call from a government mental health agency explaining that your online profile suggests a mental health problem and offer you helpful resources, rather than the current reality where your account is labelled with a mental health...
Well hopefully it wouldnt be cops, just someone reaching out and asking if you need any help or want to talk.But your right, it would never happen.
There should probably be a law that if Facebook (or similar corporation) can identify teens with psychological problems or potential problems with a high degree of accuracy then they should be obligated to report that information to some government medical authority, rather than simply profit off that information. Legally I'm sure it would be tough to enforce, but it would be easy for corporations to indemnify themselves simply by not collecting that type of data.
Don probably got an email from the head of AMD Graphics Processor Marketing team shortly after this interview, reminding him to stick to his area of expertise.
4x vram and considerably less power consumption. But yes less powerful: 11.45 TFLOPs vs 16.38 TFLOPs.
Better late than never I guess. If I was AMD, I would start the QA cycle for next gen Radeon Pro Duo at the same time it starts for your next gen card- meaning RX 680 hardware finalized and testing begins that same day RX 680x2 hardware is finalized and starts it's quality testing. This card has arrived so late, I'd be worried about Workstation Vega being released in a few months which would likely outperform this and use less power, and that's not even taking Nvidia's...
I heard Roach embraced the touchscreen and stopped using mice altogether.
I vote R5 1600k, I believe it will be relevant for longer. Quad core is quickly becoming the minimum for gaming.
While it is disappointing that x299 will lack ECC support, Ryzen's ECC support is currently barely implemented...Source:
In Windows Control Panel -> Power Settings -> Are you using the High Performance power profile? (You can specify min/max processor utilization in advanced settings). I know that even with speedstep and C states enabled in BIOS, that when I use the High Performance Profile it tends to either run at the minimum speed with zero load or max speed with ANY amount of load.
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