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I just had a variety of similar issues using the MSI x370 Gaming Pro Carbon, not sure if what I learned applies to the non-Carbon version but here it is. Every time I set the BIOS vcore to >1.3v , I experienced the same issue you describe (except it was 1550mhz - 15.5 multi) on the Ryzen 1700. Not even changing the multiplier in MSI Command Center would bring up the clockspeed. This bug seemed to be present in every BIOS > v1.00, I tested 1.3, 1.41 (beta), 1.5, 1.52...
I'm building an Ryzen 1700 system for a buddy, and the MSI X370 PRO GAMING CARBON is being really stubborn. Only the last two beta bios (1.52 and 1.63) will let me run the Gskill Ripjaws V DDR4-3600 (F4-3600-C16D-16VK) at 3466mhz but then any bios after 1.00 seems to have an annoying bug where if I raise the vcore >1.3v then it drops the multiplier to 15.5. At 1.3v, I'm not even sure 3.75ghz is stable. So unless MSI releases a new bios in the next day or two I think I'm...
Thanks a lot!
Where are the beta bios for this board at? I'm on the latest official (150) but I only see options for 2933 and 3200 and so far I've only had luck with 2933. I'm working with Gskill Ripjaws V DDR4-3600 (F4-3600-C16D-16VK).
Yeah, that's not promising at all.
I'd be willing to bet 90% of OCN users would sacrifice iGP for a better overclock or less heat/power consumption.
I never said it was in Intel's best interest to do so, apparently my personal finances dont align well with Intel's.
I think Intel could easily duplicate the price range of Ryzen (and still make money, just less profit), Intel runs it's own fabs it's not like it pays a third party to fab their CPUs. Intel just doesn't want to sacrifice profit unnecessarily so they will play the long game where prices drop slowly only when marketshare begins to slip substantially. Anyway it's not really Ryzen that Skylake-X needs to compete with, Coffee Lake should cover Ryzen.
Can't wait to see some ThreadRipper vs Skylake-X benchmarks. I just wish Intel would compete on prices as well as performance.
Interesting but not impressive when compared to intel's current HD 630: I wonder if it's driver issues or a very low end Kaby Lake cpu.
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