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Exactly, I'd rather developers leave in all the GPU punishing eye candy. It's like would you rather turn down settings now, or have developers reduce texture quality and max settings and charge you again for an HD version in two years?
I'm not, I'm just trying to understand this insanity. It's look like you quoted LawClerkz847 to me and then attacked IMI4tth3w. Which post should I be looking at?
It looks to me like SnakeBiteScares brought the relevant quote, only after TwoCables vague mention of it. And out of context it doesn't mean a whole lot.
TwoCables, I'm no moderator but if your gonna scold IMI4tth3w for his advice atleast do it in the thread in which IMI4tth3w gave it. All this cross-thread talk is impossible to follow.
3dMark is a little more telling because you can see how the scores breakdown in the different types of tests. It will be easier to pinpoint if it's your GPU under performing, or if there is a CPU issue. Also... where are you getting the 'Expected' scores.. is it a website review or your buddy with a similar rig?
He admitted exactly that 9 posts back.
Im confused, if Zen IPC = Sandy bridge then how 8C/16T Zen beating a 5960x at the same clock speeds? I'm guessing Zen's Turbo is more advanced, keeping it at 3.5ghz longer.
I'd wait. It would annoy me to be limited to 4gb vram at 3440x1440.
Unless you can really make use of 6 cores, doesnt seem worth it to me.
Yeah if only AMD would price it competitively.
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