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I'll be watching this for tips too, I havent had much luck getting > 4.2ghz with 1.3v. I'm using an AsRock Extreme3 x99 and the largest LLC it seems to support is 5.
Oh Grant Rodiek how wrong you are. EA will simply fire you, hire a developer than cares less than you, and continue to crank out increasingly crappier versions of Sims until there isnt a single penny more to be squeezed from the franchise. Oh but it's the consumers fault. /sarcasm.
I didnt say performance. Although Intel probably would have stagnated even more without any competition.
I like that AMD is constantly pushing the evolution of the CPU. That said, not sure how much this CPU will excite OCN users. Look at the computing applications the x86+ARM core is being targeted for. Unless I can do something totally unique like ALT-TAB between simultaneous OSes (Android & Windows perhaps?), what benefit will the ARM cores be to the typical PC user. AMD does need some big business wins tho. Good luck to them.
I tested a 7950 on a Q6600, a few weeks ago, and the results were surprisingly good. Obviously benchmark scores wont compare well to anything modern, but most games will be very playable. Your son will be very happy.
In a few days? I've only heard vague stuff like Autumn eta, I was assuming Oct-Nov at the earliest.
Not a classy move Nvidia. These patents seem way too broad, you are initiating the lawsuit rather than using the patents to defend yourself, and you only appear interested in suing the final device manufacturer and not the companies actually producing the SoCs. Are times that rough or your lawyers that bored?
And from my perspective, I'd rather have the extra 1gb of ram. Lots of varying opinions in this thread.
That's great in those certain situations, but its easy to find a lot of examples from these various reviews where the R280 is outperforming the R285 at 1080p too.
I havent finished building mine, but it seems to be a standard option in all the x99 motherboard manuals I've looked at.
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