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I think it's the ps/2's slower polling rate that makes USB a better option for mice."However, USB mice have lower latencies than PS/2 mice because standard USB mice are polled at a default rate of 125 hertz while standard PS/2 mice send interrupts at a default rate of 100 hertz when they have data to send to the computer.[6][7] Also, USB mice do not cause the USB controller to interrupt the system when they have no status change to report according to the USB HID...
NVM, found it.
To be fair, one of them is a review sample.
I have no idea what marketshare numbers John Taylor is looking at but AMD has almost never been farther. Steam hardware survey shows Intel has been gaining marketshare for the past 2 years.Actually now that I re-read it, I'm pretty sure John Taylor meant fabrication. AMD (16/14nm) vs Intel (14nm). He means their fabrication technology is on par with Intel's.
Based on nearly every example of advertising that I can think of, I don't think this is a reasonable expectation.
I don't think it has to do with 'fear' it's simply smart business. Comparable Vega models should beat the GTX1070 and GTX1080, if they don't then that's a huge failure since they are launching 3+ months after the fact. So it's likely AMD will take back performance crown for a short period before Nvidia launches GTX1080Ti's and Titan class cards. Yes it is the same pattern we saw with the previous generation (GTX970/GTX980), and it seemed to work out really well for Nvidia.
What do you mean by official? I see a ton of reviews using the AoS benchmark.
Relax people, the GTX980Ti is still a great card even if it's value is about to drop significantly.
This was my first thought as well... What about when AMD actually had a superior design? John Taylor might want to brush up on AMD's history.
I agree, the cunning-ness of this plan is dependent on it being successful. Current gen prices with no doubt fall and Polaris might find itself competing with price cut GTX980's or even 390/390x/Fury for a few months.
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