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With the videocard installed, I would try to boot the computer using the onboard video and just see if the OS can detect the pci-e videocard at all. Does it show up in Device Manager at all?
Just because some of Carmack's recent game's weren't commercially successful I wouldn't disrespect or disregard his opinions as a programmer.
I still don't think VR is ready for mainstream, too many compromises. So GPU upgrades for a few more years.
I would imagine if you had a system with a SSD and minimal memory ( ex: 1gb or less ) there might be some significant advantage to disabling superfetch/prefetch. Otherwise like others have pointed out... Ram is still faster than SSD so Superfetch atleast improves system responsiveness slightly. I doubt prefetch is doing much for SSD's but if your system is a mix of SSD's and HDD's then it's probably wise to leave both services enabled.
AMD is probably right... but here's my opinion: SYSmark is an awful benchmark and this topic isn't even worth the amount of debate it has already garnered. If I am having a conversation with another person, debating the performance differences between two processors, and the other person quotes a SYSmark number then they just lost credibility in my eyes. Sorta like when anyone comparing GPU's starts using PassMark numbers. I going to stop short of saying that some...
I really havent looked at GTX260 prices in a while, but most of these estimates seem high to me. If it were one of the double memory versions (1796mb) then maybe I could see it fetching $50+.
CCleaner is great, in addition to file cleanup it makes other tasks simpler (like managing which applications run at startup). The free version is likely good enough for your needs, but if you wish to support CCleaner and purchase the full version go for it.
If you are willing to consider the locked i7-6700, you might want to look at the Xeon E3-1230 v5. It's a little cheaper.
Obviously the Oculus Rift clearly isnt the perfect VR device, but this is still a major step on the way to mainstream VR. It's even possible that it might take a Console to mainstream VR, but I doubt it will be the PS4 (or anything current GEN) because it's VR device seems to suffer from all the limitations of the Oculus Rift (price, wired) and the fact that it's using frame reprojection to achieve decent framerates.
I dislike the fact that the laptop model is named 'Titan' when it does not feature a Titan GPU. Maybe MSI will release a Fury model next, featuring dual R9 390M's?
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