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Watch out for LP/SFF cases, BTX motherboards (usually limit which videocards will fit) and non-standard PSU's (although you can usually get adapter cables).I like to get old workstations, Dell Precision T3500 for example, because Xeons are cheap, DDR3 ECC is cheap, and workstations usually come with beefier PSUs. Do a lot of reseach before buying.
Honestly the best bang for your buck would probably be to purchase some cheap OEM system off ebay and upgrade the videocard. Rather than try to build a rig with used parts individually.
I agree that $70 is cheaper than any x99 motherboard, but I hope AMD enforces certain quality standards for AM4. Overall I've always been disappointed with AMD's lowend boards, while they function according to spec it's a risk exceeding that spec at all. With AM3 the lowend boards usually have a caveat like 'Only for 95W CPU's', and if you overclock or exceed that you get vrm throttling or failure. Hopefully since AMD cpu's are using less power this will be less of an...
I'm guessing AMD will have Ryzen APU's that will address that market. Just not yet.
Is anyone doing real work on Tablets? Personally, I still see either a laptop or desktop in every home.
I'd say Ryzen looks to be performance competitive in many markets. Gaming, High-end Workstation, Typical Home Desktop use (although AMD may need a few more low end models, I see nothing price competitive with a G4650). Honestly I think the CPU would be great in a server space as well, but that really depends on motherboard support and it's really hard to make inroads in the server market.Intel may not lower prices to match Ryzen prices, but I'm betting we will see some...
Everyone should be excited for this launch. Even just based off the information AMD released at CES2017, its obvious that Ryzen will force Intel to be competitive again. For nearly 10 years, Intel has been raking in the cash and give us only incremental performance upgrades. That looks like it's about to change, at the least Intel is going to be forced to lower prices.
Again seems to be in-line with the other released scores. My 5960x @ 4.2ghz gets 166 cb on single core.
Ryzen score seems to be in-line with the other leaked benchmarks. Not sure what the CPU-z benchmark is actaully testing but OP's 6700k@4ghz score does seem a little low. My 5960x @ 4.2 ghz.
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