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I think your right, it's probably CPU and RAM. Is your GTX770 2gb or 4gb? You are playing at 1080p?
I don't blame women, especially after reading what Zoe Quinn had to do to get her game some positive reviews.
I guess the 4870x2 is going to Djmatrix32 now. Sorry SlackerITGuy, he was faster than you both times.
All gone guys! Congrats to those that got cards, sorry for those that didnt.
Hi, I'm giving away some older videocards. I can't see why anyone would pay for these anymore, there are simply better, more efficient options available. But maybe one of these could still be an option if there was no cost involved, I'm covering shipping fees. 1st come, 1st serve- provided you meet the following criteria. 1) You live in the Continental United States. 2) You have 10+ REP. 3) You have a use for this card. I want it to go to someone who can use it, not...
I was using the Fear3 SLI profile, not sure if this causes issues with the latest update or not.
I was thinking this too. Must not have been that good of a 'friend'.
While technically I agree he's right, I can't sympathize. When you purchase a console you are walking into the closed software ecosystem of Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, ect.
My guess would be: Yes, but your framerates would not be smooth. IMO, This seems like a bad plan. Why this setup? Do you already own the R7-250's or are you hoping for some sort of APU hybrid TRI-fire setup? You would be so much better off just buying a single more powerful card. is a section with 'Mistakenly attributed spinoffs' too.
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