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I think the developers statements basically only apply to an advanced open-world game using the AnvilNext engine. We've already seen other developers create games with high visual fidelity and hit the 1080p/60fps standard we all desperately want. Obviously there will always be compromises but I think they should continue to strive for 1080p and/or 60fps and not just set the bar at 720p/30fps and crank out quick un-optimized crap.
I see no people here, only many different billion dollar corporations fighting for their own interests.
The GTX970 only real strength is power consumption and overclocking. At stock speeds any performance difference between the two is negligible. But in your specific case at $335 vs $588, the GTX970 is a MUCH better value.
I agree with Xoriam, especially I've seen usb devices cause big delays booting. Also 12gb of ram is an odd configuration for anything other than a triple channel setup, does it run dual channel or is it defaulting to single channel? I might try booting with 8gb and see if that changes anything.
I just came from 7950's crossfire'd and was pretty impressed with the drivers and performance.
On the bright side if your looking to Crossfire, that 2nd R290 will cost you much less.
I'm sure that's a great PSU, but it seems like massive overkill.
I think at $300, these cards are a good deal. Nice find. It really doesn't matter who made the call to cut prices, this is price they will sell at as determined by consumers. If AMD is still being pigheaded then manufacturers will simply sellout their existing supplies and then AMD won't sell much of anything until they release next-gen chips or lower prices to match competition.
Great deal.
Even mobile computing seems to moving to 64-bit, so I wonder how long it would take to update their prototype to 64-bit. I'm not sure the required changes to their "converter layer" would be a simple thing or require a few more years development.
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