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Great to hear you solved it. No reward needed.
I think it's an issue with Secure Boot. Go into BIOS and disable secure boot, it's preventing your computer from loading with any hardware changes. Also the GT730 probably is better than all the other cards you have mentioned.
Sooo tempting.
It's the same one from before... UGGGG. -> Hopefully not a representative sample of what Zen is capable of.
Generally I'm surprised at all the negativity in this thread, these are important steps we are taking as a species. Sure, we may fail at the our few attempts but I'm sure we will learn from our mistakes. Our long term survival depends on spreading beyond our planet and beyond our solar system.
Even if Nvidia says $800, I'd bet you wont see them for less than $900 until AMD has something equal or better.
I would definitely look for something with an SSD. Edit: Solidworks requires a workstation class GPU? Seems like it. What version of Solidworks are you using? Amusingly a gaming PC will probably cost less. Refurbished: $610 New: $1830
Edit: Oh I misread your post, I thought you were looking for a GAMING laptop. Disregard all my wasted text. I was browsing Newegg and I noticed one of their daily deals is a $700 laptop that seemed pretty decent... 128gb SSD + 1tb HDD, GTX960m - 8gb DDR4, i5-6300HQ (true quad core, not one of those mobile i5's that are really dual cores + HT) of course if...
Where are you getting this 50% number from? When I look at the Forza Horizon 3 benchmarks I'm seeing like 5-10 fps difference between comparable cards across @4k - 1070 gets 55avg/49min while the 980Ti gets 49avg/44min
Any speculation that there might be 8gb or 12gb versions later? I'd hate to see AMD find themselves in the same situation as they did with Fury... meaning they have a competitive part performance-wise but make significantly less profit (than Nvidia) due to higher production costs.
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