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Seems like a good price, but I would be hesitant about getting one as a primary gaming card. Especially if the game doesn't support crossfire, a 6970 wont get you far on modern games. If you had a secondary use like were going to run some GPU compute project like F@H, then it might be a more appealing purchase. I guess realistically your not going to find a better card at the $65 price point, although I would probably be considering something like a used 7850, 7870, 7950...
I take it your Uncle is just looking for a basic Office, Websurfing, watching videos machine? SSD is the most noticable speed boost you can give any machine, for instance I would take an i3 w/ SSD over an i5 w/HDD for general purpose computing.
Has there been any information about other possible SKU's than the 32c/64t model? I'm assuming they will eventually fillout the lineup to compete with many of Intel's Xeons. I'd be interested to see how much it would cost to put together a workstation based on something closer to the 1800x. That octo-channel memory support looks sweet.
Windows 7 update has been taking forever on every platform for probably well over a year now. I don't think MS dedicates many server resources to it anymore. Usually I leave the system checking for updates overnight, then shutdown and poof as if by magic a bunch of updates are ready to install.
Well, I'm not sure they have the entire
I cant see it being significantly better, i bet most people keep their R7's.
I'm surprised Intel or AMD hasnt designed a better way. No need risk the cpu or motherboard with bent pins. I guess costwise it's not worth it.
Those may have been the max overclocks for his particular chips. 3.9 seems pretty typical fro Ryzen, not sure if 5.0ghz is typical for i7-7700k but I've heard of higher clocks on air.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a R7 1700 to a PC gamer, and the upcoming R5's should be an even better value at similar gaming performance.
If the G4560 is an option, you should get that... Pentium price but the 2c/4t performance of an i3.
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