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If Microsoft bought AMD, I would be worried MS would pursue a more 'Apple-like' approach. MS could build a system where they control the software and hardware, I'd be worried they would lock it down. For example maybe Windows 11 (I really don't believe Windows 10 is the last OS...) would not run on Intel/Nvidia. Hopefully that wouldn't happen, that MS wouldnt forget that it was the openness of early PC hardware that made them a successful company. I guess I'd rather see a...
Poor AMD. At least they have the console market.
It's tough to complain too much about something you are getting for free, but modding is what makes Minecraft great. Oh well, maybe the free Win10 version will actually result in increased sales for the Java version.
Because when you spend $650, you want to know how the card is going to perform in the future as well as the present. 4K is the future.. ok some people are running 4k now, but most people aren't maxing out smoothly at 4k yet.
I guess people shouldnt feel obligated to use the latest drivers. I wish Nvidia would comment on this information, I wonder if it might have less to do with 'intentional gimping' and more to do with fixes that improve quality/stability over performance. Similar to when I install a fresh version of Windows, it never feels as peppy after I download 150 security patches.
Damn it's tough for me to watch that... what did he say about 4gb? I think I heard the rest- 4way crossfire, DP->HDMI adapters due out soon.
It's nice to look at the DX12 API Overhead Draw Call tests and say "Wow the DX12 improvements are amazing!" but at a certain point the bottleneck isnt Draw Calls anymore. The game has to wait for the CPU to finish up another task like Physics, AI, Networking, Input ect. I would bet most of the DX12 FPS improvements will be a result of improved cpu scheduling/multitasking. Mantle was basically a preview for DX12 features and it didnt turn the R9 290x into the most...
I'd say... are you happy how Skyrim performs right now? Since FO4 seems to be using a suped up version of the Creation engine, I would expect similar performance as heavily modded Skyrim.
It's all relative but sure a GT610 could be quiet an improvement for an old system. Maybe the old videocard was the type that shared system memory and now the system has more available memory and/or it's able to offload more of the video decoding onto the GPU than it could previously.
Speaking of dual GPU cards... is there going to be a rebranded upgraded 295x2? I don't see why they couldn't have a R9 395x2 16gb (8gb per GPU) available next week, since it would still be GDDR5 based. Or will all development focus go to the Fury X2?
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