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An i5-6600k, budget z170 board, budget cooler, 8gbb ddr4-3000 will probably put you right around the $400 mark. There are additional compromises you could consider (locked i5, non-overclocking motherboard, cheaper ddr4-2133 ram) but I would probably try to avoid doing that.
I've just never heard of using gum, might be fine. Google: 'Toothpaste as thermal compound' you can see plenty of examples.
I've heard of people using toothpaste as a temporary thermal compound, but never gum. I'd be worried that it would be impossible to remove. Honestly the 6570 isn't a very hot chip, I would probably do a test without using any thermal compound (bare heatsink to bare GPU) and carefully check the temperatures. Then order yourself some thermal paste.
The support website seems to be working, You don't actually have to login to your account to send a support ticket. Any chance this hack is a result of malware on your PC?
Agreed. That other 95w heatsink option looks much better.
That stock cooler looks cheap and ugly. It would have been nice if they shipped it with a Wraith cooler. I guess since it is a budget part that would have been expecting too much tho.
Shame that Crysis 3 is the exception and not the rule, but the future looks good for 6+ cores. Also the i7-6700k does finally seem to be coming down in price, when you could only find it for $400+ that's what was really driving gamers to build systems with i7-4790k's or i7-5820k's instead.
Other than simplicity and security, what are the advantages for distributing as a UWA app? Seems to me that the only developers interested in UWA would be mobile/tablet game designers...
I had some issues with this driver... As it installs the driver, the screen goes black and does not recover. I hear the Device Manager disabling and enabling the videocard but then it gets stuck. Rebooting results in: I restored my system, System File Checker doesnt show any issues. I thought it might be a corrupt download so I re-downloaded and tried again. Same result. Previous version of drivers work fine.
You should probably run a bunch more benchmarks, including some non-synthetic tests. I'm not saying that will change your opinion, I just think it's a mistake to make a judgement about CPU performance based on 3Dmark alone.
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