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While I agree it's unacceptable to the degree that PC games are released with bugs, with FO4 you really had to expect it. There is a long history of Bethesda / Creation engine games being buggy, but you do get access to the console commands and it's likely the MOD community will fix many of the common issues.
Interesting story, did anything else change other than the drivers... like were you running Win7/8 and now your running Win10? Maybe PSU was borderline for 2x 7950's, or heat issues? I was running 2x 7950's in my sig rig before I upgraded to 2x GTX970's, I didnt really have any issues other than either it worked great or not at all (meaning game only used 1 card). Pretty much same with SLI.
It's been my experience that overclocking and stressing the card increases coil whine. You should probably RMA, but things that reduce the workload on the card will likely help with coil whine. Things like - Using Vsync or framerate caps so the GPU isnt needlessly working harder than it has to.
I'd keep it.
Wow AMD's CPU performance is awful. An the i3-4160 outperform's a 9590.
My apologies if this was answered already... I dont want to read 18 pages of text but: Anyone try running Fallout4 on less that 2gb vram? A buddy of mine still has a GTX590 (1.5gb per gpu). The GPU horsepower is definitely there, I just don't want him to waste $50 if it will refuse to run or crash all the time with 1.5gb vram.
Glad I haven't encountered anything significant yet. The only physics bugs I've seen is dogmeat looks a little odd when standing on slanted surfaces. Then again I am using Vsync and probably rarely dip under 60fps.
Thank god graphics aren't everything.
You should probably get a quad core. Some games are starting to require them.
At first I was super impressed with the Xbox ONE in that BF4 video until I remembered it's running at 720p and not 900p like the others. Also I expected better from the i7 + 860m.
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