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I cheaply purchased a XFX 7950 Double D 3gb. Stock Photo: The reason I got it so cheap was because it had fan issues. I would like to remove both fans and 'ghetto rig' two 80mm fans onto the shroud. Here are some questions I have: 1) Will the videocard still function normally if there is nothing plugged into it's fan header? Would it panic and attempt to shutdown because it senses no speed feedback? 2) Ideally I would like to use the videocard's fan header to control...
I guess the older versions of 3dmark made the comparisons simpler, but those GPU and Physics scores seem consistent with what I would expect from an 8350 + GTX660.
Try running some benchmarks. Many version of 3dmark will automatically compare your scores to a database and tell you if your CPU or GPU are underperforming. It will also help narrow if it is primarily a CPU or GPU issue.
If I was Sony, I would just patch the game to run at 1920x1080 regardless of the impact on game play and post a message stating that Killzone Fan's can personally thank Douglas Ladore for the modification.
If Nvidia made a specialized dedicated PPU, I bet people would buy it. Since the PPU wouldnt require any of the display output circuity, Nivida should be able to produce them cheaper that traditional GPU's.
This would be why PhysX adoption rates never skyrocketed. Nvidia should have embraced the dedicated PPU working with any GPU.
I get that there is 'no friction in space' but it still seems to me that if the propulsion provided by these drives is on the same scale as the magnitude of possible error in these tests- are they really practical for space travel? I guess the thinking is you would still utilize conventional drives for emergencies or unexpected forces acting on the ship.
I like the idea of inventing something that defies the laws of physics (as we understand them).
You can't just say Xbox One is 'no better' that is an understatement. In most cases it's significantly worse - both in framerate and visual quality.Source: The Internet. All of it.
You talking about installing Linux? Because that's still legal, it's just not supported on some models and not with the latest firmware.
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