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FreeSync is royalty-free and free to use, there is no reason why Nvidia couldnt support it. There was news a while back that Intel plans to support FreeSync in with future iGPU's. If it does become popular in TV's then I would guess every SoC manufacturer would end up supporting FreeSync.
I hope so, it needs to start happening quickly if my prediction is going to come true!-BinaryDemon 04/05/2014
From all the tests that I've seen SSD's rarely wear evenly and predictably so I doubt anyone could give you a reliable estimate.
Honestly, it looks like a Quake Mod... and that's about how much I'd be willing to pay for it.
Well it's gonna be a cut down Titan XP, but I still think they would wait to make the GDDR5 vs GDDR5x decision or wait to see what type of clock speeds are needed to be competitive.
Yeah I'm surprised Nvidia would finalize the specs without seeing some initial Vega 10 performance numbers.
I'd probably pick the 480 4gb, given the price difference between that the gtx1060. At 1080p, 4gb isnt much of a limitation.
I was going to say that I would STILL get the f3-2400c10d-16gtx just to match your existing ram... but honestly when I attempted to see the price difference I cant find the f3-2400c10d-16gtx available in-stock anywhere. You might have to get the f3-2133 or look at other options.
Not sure what the OP's ultimate plan is... but given a difference of 100mhz, I'm guessing most people would just leave HT enabled.
I would think the i7-6900k would win easy, the real question is would disabling the HT really give you significantly more overclocking headroom?
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