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I'd say SLI GTX780's. IMO the performance difference between that and SLI GTX970's isn't worth the extra £110.
Nvidia would be foolish not to support the open standard adaptive sync. Nvidia should focus on making Gsync 2.0 a better experience than the open standard offers.
I'd recommend another 4gb memory, assuming your on Win7 x64. Some new games are recommending >4gb ram.
Source: the information behind this rumor is coming from this Digitimes article: don't normally submit News / Rumors, If I messed something up... be gentle.
Passmark, ok you win.Altar summed it up best here:His post: aggregate results: just find it hard to accept that someone wouldn't view the GTX970 as atleast an equal to the GTX780.
About the same, is what I'd expect. Also the EVGA 780 Classified isnt one of the generic GT780 cards marked down to $310, it hasn't been discounted at all yet.
Link me, I'd like to see that review.
No the GTX780 does not kick the GTX970's butt. Go read some reviews. In the best case scenario the GTX780 manages to tie the GTX970. The GTX970 has an extra 1gb ram, uses less power, and will overclock better.
Pretty much. Unless you really can't wait - since I think GTX970/980 stock is pretty low right now.It's funny that Nvidia responded with price cuts before AMD. Nvidia is it's own best competition.
To be fair, that pipe could be sealed further inside. I've seen similar situations on cheap CPU coolers, where the end doesnt appear properly sealed but if you shine a light into it you can see its sealed shortly before the end of pipe.You guys could be completely right, maybe it is functionally useless. I'm just saying you really cant tell from this picture. More investigation is required.
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