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Well that was some poor planning. My guess is that with driver improvements that the GTX1070 will end up out pacing the GTX980Ti after a few months. Hopefully you can re-buy a used GTX980Ti for less than you sold yours for... or just get a GTX1070 like you originally planned.
I would try one of those older NICs you have laying around, you just might be surprised.
All this GTX1070 vs GTX980Ti reminds me of the GTX970 vs GTX780Ti from last generation. Technology marches forward and that tech you bought last night, will never be worth more than that. It's begins to devalue immediately. It's just something you have to accept especially if you love PC hardware.
Nice. I still want to see a real Polaris 10 review but this is a strong contender to be my next videocard.
I think Win7/Win8 have nearly the same privacy issues unless you are very selective with what updates you apply.
I feel bad for anyone who wasted 32 hours of their lives performing or watching this.
I imagine that would cost you more than the CPU is worth.
Hype is a dangerous thing... it can backfire.
Excellent. AMD should totally use that as promotional material.
He should probably photoshop an i7-6700k result in there as well.
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