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Thanks for posting this. I've now balanced my voltages in SLI. I don't have a lot of time to stability test, but I'm hoping this means an extra +30mhz on one card atleast.
Wow didn't see posts with the error reports, I'm glad my EVO isnt my OS drive. I guess these things are bound to happen to some people, at least Samsung tried to issue a non-destructive fix. That said, I've scanned for errors and run HDTUNE + AS SSD Benchmark with no issues. As long as the original problem is fixed, I'm happy.
I worked fine for me, I had about 731 gb / 931 gb full. (All Steam data, non-OS drive). It took about 1.5 hours.
I think there is a specialized server version of Windows designed to do this called - Windows MultiPoint Server 2012. I've never heard of this working on a standard Windows OS without specialized hardware.
The 6870 does appear to be the weak spot but I would run a benchmark like 3dMark - something that tests CPU and Video both separately and combined so you can identify the weak spot.
I'm glad to see this thread bumped back up - but honestly I feel that both Microsoft and Ubisoft deserve a fair share of blame here. Both Companies have recently made statements about giving more focus to PC gaming, and yet both seem determined to give PC gamers crappy unoptimized 30fps-locked console ports. Is it really that hard to develop for PC as the primary platform and scale down? I guarantee their development systems are highend PC's and they only compile to...
If you want to plug it into the CPU header, make sure your CPU SMART FAN CONTROL is set to DISABLED in BIOS so it runs at full power, no throttling. But that should result in the same rpm's readout that the SYS FAN header shows. So it's likely you just have a loud pump.
I'm no developer but many people have described the XB1 OS as basically a stripped down Win8, that in fact it uses the same kernel. I would think this would make the process of porting to PC very minimal but I guess that must be an over simplification.It seems your right. I guess I was hoping developers would design games that can scale well with the available hardware instead they seem focused on supporting only the lowest common denominator.
I completely agree. I hated how DX9 held PC gaming back last generation, I thought for sure with both major consoles running x86 that PC gaming would get unprecedented support from console developers. I never would have guessed how even after the 1st year how much the PS4/XB1 would be holding PC gaming back again.
Well looks like I better get a 4k GSYNC monitor so those dips under 60fps wont bother me. Nice work.
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