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Couldnt Samsung acquire AMD in such a manner that the x86 license stays intact? Like AMD becomes a subsidiary of Samsung?
Oh EA, one step forward and two steps back. I guess to be fair this issue wont affect most people but it still a stupid restriction.
I wonder how difficult it will be to patch / recompile existing XB1 titles to use the DX12 api.
Yeah I got that. It still seems foolish for Nvidia not to support FreeSync Adaptive Vsync.
Actaully wouldnt Nvidia just support FreeSync? Since it's a specification and not an AMD specific technology.
I was wondering this too, and how many variables are actually being tweaked? I would think that if a FreeSync user was experiencing ghosting then they could just try switching among a few other profiles and test for an improvement.
Generally you would want to make sure you have the latest security patches. Many businesses block Windows Update because they like to test the patches first to unsure there is no incompatibility with business critical software, but businesses also generally have additional security and backups so they are also less vulnerable than individuals. IMO, the benefits outweigh the risk for individual PC users.
Obviously sometimes EU even gets the better deal, I just know that people seem to complain about prices everytime a new game is released. Some of the TOP RIPOFFS are funny tho.
I guess that's fair, Europe gets charged twice per game but has a 14day refund policy.
I can't wait to see how the 390X stacks up. I think I might have to stick with GTX970 SLI for a little while longer tho.
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