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I'm curious as to which law is being violated by Adblock.
I'm not sure why Comcast doesnt offer a discount to customers as an incentive for letting them use the router as a hotspot. Comcast took a situation that could have been win-win and turned it to lose-lose.
While this 'article' raises many valid points, it's basically an advertisement for Emsisoft Anti-Malware.
IMO, I wouldn't consider moving to any currently released card. The R290 is still a great card. The performance difference is going to be pretty minimal. Wait for something new.
$250 is going to be a tough price point for this card, considering the R290 hangs out around there and isnt that far off GTX970 performance.
Read the patch notes for the BIOS revision that you are considering upgrading. Most likely it wont make a difference, but sometimes there are voltage tweaks or new features added.
I would stick with what you have for a little while, personally I'm going to be looking at reviews of the GTX980 8gb's and GTX980TI (that's what they are calling Big Maxwell?) before I do anything.
I think the best comparison you will be able to make in reviews will be GTX590 vs GTX970. Overall performance of GTX570 SLI vs GTX590 would be pretty similar, it's still not a perfect comparison but it's a place to start:
Pffff Jackie Chan... They really should have used the pattern from a Chuck Norris movie.
I would say no, plus your getting more benefit going to a single current generation card - more vram, less power consumption, no SLI issues. You need to decide if that is worth it to you, since it's a $100 upgrade vs a $330 upgrade.
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