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Yes, the GTX970 is much better than a 5870. Even with your older CPU, I would expect FPS @ 1080p to be nearly twice as fast. Not to mention 3.5gb vram vs 1gb?
Of course Intel will support Adaptive-Sync, it's an open standard. I'm betting ARM SoC's and whatever CPU/GPU vendor powers the next-generation of consoles will support it as well.
I think HBM supply is preventing them from selling a ton of cards. I was really hoping AMD had some version of Fiji that could utilize GDDR5 as a stop gap measure, like a mobile Fury designed for laptops but retrofitted for desktop use.
Not a complete surprise, the Fury X's launch did not impress most people because it was handled poorly. Performance was muddled by driver version confusion, and it was almost essentially a paper launch due to low HBM supply. Even now the Fury X is still not an easy part to find in stock.
I think overclocking will be extremely limited because it doesnt have the power connector. If I remember right, at stock speeds those 'GREEN edition' cards were nearly using all the power the PCIe slot could provide.
It's a fake GTX680. It's really something like a GTX650ti, with a modified bios to mis-represent itself. (SOURCE) That cooler couldnt even keep a GTX680 cool, and there is a reason you don't see the power connectors.
To me it just looks like the Fury X is massively under-performing on DX11.
The GTX750 Ti is what many would consider the minimum card for 1920x1080 gaming.
I agree, but he seems intent on buying new from a local store.
Regardless if it's true or not, *publicly* dismissing your customers complaints as 'nonsense' is bad business.
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