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What? Cell phones don't work by magic? The cell phone / cell phone network has to know my approximate location for two way communication? Google uses this information! That's crazy, it's time to unplug and shun technology.
This thread is a perfect example of why game designers shouldnt showcase products before they are completely finished. "Beta build can't maintain 60fps and has visible clip in? CD Projekt RED has completely sold out and lost their edge. " - Generic PC gamer
Yeah I have doubts R9 270 can handle Ultra 1080p on most games. If thats the best card you can afford, you dont have much other option. Maybe crossfire in future...
I think it is probably a quad slot card now, but the system I'm using it in had plenty of room, I really wasnt trying to keep it thin. I've seen examples where people removed the shroud and cable tied fans directly to the heatsink and/or I could have used thinner fans but I picked those 80mm fans because they were a) cheap and b) had a good balance of CFM / Noise. These are the ones I used - (there was a...
I didnt use the GPU header. The fans plug into the PSU using those 4pin molex connections. They never change speed which does make them much quieter. I'm happy with my results but I'm sure there are better ways to do it, I would only recommend this if you are looking to fix broken fans on a budget.
Thanks guys. I completed my ghetto mod and so far things are looking good without any fan control after an hour of GPU stress testing. Here's some pictures: Total cost including the case fans was $66, and tempatures seem stay around 50C. Kinda makes me wonder why GPU manufacturers use fancy shrouds with flimsy fans at all. Also I like not hearing the sound of them constantly changing speed.
Is the issue only with CS:GO or is that the only game you play? If you run a benchmarks like 3dmark vantage or 3dmark11 does it report that your scores are low or typical for your hardware configuration? I'd run some benchmarks on both CPU / GPU and look for comparisons to help pinpoint the issue. Also CS:GO is still a DX9 game right? I'd try to install the DirectX9 runtimes again -
True, but that was mostly to fix their cooling issues and later supporting die shrunk versions of the chips which cost less and put out less heat. MS did not attempt to increase the GPU/CPU performance.It's entirely possible that MS could release a revised XBO with an improved APU, but then developers have to add support both versions of the console.
I don't see it happening, but assuming it was true then you should definitely wait for the revised version.
That would be cool if Microsoft should pitched the XBO as a complete PC experience, allowing any Apps/Programs currently available on the Microsoft Store to run on the XBO. Maybe in a virtual machine environment to prevent malware issues from affecting the console.
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