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Other than making it convenient for developers already using Mantle on Windows platforms, is there any performance benefit to Mantle on Linux? Linux OpenGL driver implementations should be fairly low-level already.
Possibly, although I don't think 1080p was the standard back in 2007 either. Most people were happy just playing it at 1280x1024.
Hope this doesnt apply to PC. I couldnt care less if the console versions are 30fps locked, but there is no excuse for a 30fps lock on the PC. That's just poor coding / poor port. Even if your game was so complex that highend PC's couldnt maintain 60fps, fast forward a year or two and capable hardware will exist.
Hah I saw that too and thought it was odd. Maybe there will be an update with Ms. Paulie.
I know you do a lot of cell phone posting, so I completely forgive you- but when I saw the title I thought this was concerning some sort of Max Payne 4 pre-order and got a little excited. Maybe get a Mod/Admin to make it say something like: Max Payne 3 - 4 Pack : $17
Nice, since the price of a Z series chipset was the main barrier to people who wanted a low cost G3258 system.
OP, Add this review - and maybe -
I guess I'd rather have a crappy 30fps port, than no-port at all BUT When are companies going to get smart, design for PC first and then scale down for consoles. Even if PC isnt your target gaming demographic - it's always easier to port from higher quality to lower quality. Just because the console cant handle 60fps or maximum texture quality right now, lets look a little forward and imagine how much easier it will be to create a HD/Ultimate version for the XB2 or PS5...
Microsoft needs to change their thinking. There shouldnt be this huge division between PC games and Console games. Console versions should just be optimized for a particular hardware configuration and a simplified UI.
I would assume all the console demo's run on PC unless it's implicitly stated. PC's are the development hardware and the game is still in development at that point.
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