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Well that's my goal, but if I want it for free I have to go thru Win7 first.
I have to think that going to an i7 (Ivy Bridge or Skylake) would be more beneficial for Virtualization than DDR3 -> DDR4 and three generations of incremental IPC improvements.
Yeah that's a good idea. I should really create a custom slipstream'd version too.
I was sorta hoping it was more than an XP skin for Linux, something along the lines of a Chinese version of ReactOS (compatible with Win32 executeables).
Well this is still an issue, I have 3 PC's all fresh Win7 SP1 Install's and they have been searching for the initial updates for ~8hrs now. My guess would be the Windows Update Servers are maxed out delivering Win10. I REALLY wish MS had released an official SP2 for Win7.
I'm curious what happens when you run with just the 2 x 2gb sticks. I saw this thread about a similar issue - The conclusion to that thread seemed to be that the two 8gb sticks were not on the supported vendor list, and it was an issue with the memory and not the motherboard.
I ran 2 x 7950's on my current sig rig for a short while before upgrading. My Corsair TX750 had no issues, so as long as it's a quality 750w unit you will be fine.
Does the same thing happen if you run with just 16 gb? The two 8gb sticks.
What combination are you using to get 20gb - 8gb / 8gb / 2gb / 2gb ? If you were using an odd setup like 8gb / 4gb / 4gb / 4gb maybe the motherboard is simply ignoring some of the dimms due to an unsupported combination.
That's a bit of a bummer. You would think with all of AMD's Hybrid Crossfire experience they could do a little bit better than simply match clockspeeds with the weaker card.
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