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I hope that's not the case, since it's going to be a while before many DX12 games are available.
I'm the wrong guy to explain it but it comes down to IPC (Instructions per cycle). Frequency is a measure of the cycle speed. Even a single core can process more than 1 instruction per second, depending on the types of instructions. Generally Intel CPU's are better at executing multiple instructions per cycle. This might help:
I think some of the opinions here are a little extreme (omg on OCN, noo...). I'm not sure you can say the GTX980 is a midrange card, although I agree it will be shortly maybe in 6 months time. I'd rather Developers put in all the options that when maxed out can cripple current hardware rather than not put them in at all. That way in 2-3 years when I have new hardware and go back to playing an old favorite, the game looks and plays better than ever. As long as the game...
Are you required to register an email address with Google Fiber? I've never had to give any ISP I've ever used my email address before, I always assumed if there was a serious DMCA notice, copyright infringement or other legal issue with my internet usage that I would be notified via phone or mail. I would assume all of these emails were scams.
I have to think the best value would be the Athlon X4 860K.
In the PC Gaming, the majority of PCGamers run Nvidia GPU's. So the only reason I could see a developer choosing AMD 'ClosedWorks' over Nvidia Gameworks is if they were creating a console game and wanted to do a lazy PC port. Since in that case they already have to do performance tuning for AMD.
I still don't see this as collusion. It seems that Nvidia holds all the cards and AMD is forced to slot their products into whatever pricing gaps they can find.
So I'm guessing GTX980 Ti will undercut $850.
Yeah I don't get why F@H would be singled-out other than the numbers are easy to crunch. Couldn't the statistic just as easily be '1.8 people per year die so I can play GTA V'?
You convinced me. You are completely right. CDPR sold out. I wish I hadn't pre-ordered Witcher3. I'm totally going to boycott playing the game until the Fur/Hair FX perform as well on AMD cards as Nvidia cards.
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