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c++ is a good start, although I recommend starting your own project with a goal and learning that way. Classes help, but learning by doing is best
Every time I see your avatar I lol.
7/10 Her face is a little bit dark, I really like the background
Submitted mine
Made thread official
I believe it is tied to t-mobile
Compare the percentage of difference between a AAA game compared to a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread in a rich country and poorer country. You will find that that percentage is actually really similar, or mostly higher for the poor countries. Which would mean that they are paying more for a game than most other countries based on the average livable wage.
Yeah, I am working on a weather station and I think the screen would be cool to add for a on station type display
T-Mobile 4G HotSpot Z64, excellent condition. Does not come with charger, but it takes a normal micro usb cable. $40 shipped us48
Looks like it is working now
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