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Looks like a great deal, Thanks for posting!
Just either be in the OCN guild channel or be on the OCN TS link for TS
Less than 24 hours to go!
Official DotA 2 livestream event 2 thread is up Link
Hello! We are happy to present our second DotA 2 live stream event The live stream will be featured on the front page of starting at 7pm GMT Saturday August 30th LIVE NOW Come join us on or the Teamspeak This event is for fun and you may have a chance to play on our live stream featured on the OCN front page - We may have some small prizes for some of the players as well as OCN members viewing our live...
It will carry a sound signal as DVI and HDMI are functionally the same just different connectors. Although I am unsure if your monitor will play it through the speakers or not
8 Dollars on amazon prime HDMI to DVI, should do the trick with no problems Or for $2.44 (no prime, not shipped from amazon) this would do the same as above minus the cable part I think the first link would be better for your intended use as...
Thanks everyone for your suggestions , I picked up a mic today Found it for $90 new in store so I decided to pick up the last one they had. Been using it for most of the day and I really like it, super clear and loud. More than $40, but for $90 dollars I could pass it up as it is the mic I have been really wanting
After searching around for a few hours and no suggestions it seems that most mics under $40 are not very good. I am going to wait a couple weeks and get the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB
Thanks for your write up, as you had recommended before I really like the Audio-Technica ATR-3350 the only issue with that mic is that it uses a small battery which I would have to constantly replace.I am still looking around for other ones that might work without the need of audio boards/cards to boost or convert the signal (unless I could get a mic and a board for under 40, which seems unlikely).I used to have a Blue Yeti which sounded great, I really liked it until it...
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