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If you don't mind used/refurbished you can easily get 2012 Google Nexus 7's for 70-85 dollars shipped. There are tons of them on Amazon and Ebay and they still are very good tablets.
All gone
I have three copies of insurgency for steam Click the link below to get one of the copies:
Added you to the list . You don't need to post the games you play they are listed on the PSNProfiles thingDid a big update to the OP
Submitted mine
Updated OP, also added iARDAs's instructions on how to create a PSN badge
332 Steam 15 Origin 5 Battlenet 9 Uplay 20 NES 14 SNES 3 N64 1 Arcade Machine 41 Android So... Around 440 games at least. I am sure I have more around as well
OP Updated
In! My favorite color is Green Thanks
Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ Microphone, like new. Comes with box and all original accessories. $135 shipped US48 *or best offer*
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