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VisionTek 7950 3GB model 79503GHK. Works, $95 Shipped US48
Dust filter, clean them off once a week or so depending on the dust levels
Already funded, so no wait. Ordered one for my quadcopter since it can record and output analog video at the same time. Link
Thanks!Made thread official
Can I be added to this group, my social club name is xLastShotx (who would have guessed)
You don't have to make a paid mod. You don't have to buy a paid mod. This gives the option for the modder who spends their own free time to make some money from their work. They pay a percentage of their asking price for their work to use the largest gaming platform that exists to sell their work. If the percentage is a problem, then they are free to sell it elsewhere (Origin, Uplay, GOG, Xbox live, PSN.. oh wait...). Ask for donations.
Delayed till tomorrow SourceLivestream
You could check this out for some more info
3.1 cables are backwards compatible with 3 and 2, but you will not see the speeds of 3.1 with anything lower. It is a new cable and chip, the cable and socket are the same size as previous, which is why 3.1 cables can work with previous ports but you need both to see the enhanced speeds. I don't think you will see the type C on regular desktops, likely just a regular sized usb 3.1 port... but we will have wait and see to be sure
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