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In for the 16th
What resolution do you want to max it at?
In for the 15th or whatever the next one is
SourceTheir Source
In for this one
Congrats tictoc! : I look forward to seeing what you can do
Try right clicking on your sound icon in windows and clicking "Playback Devices" then right click the device you want the sound to output from and click "Set as Default Device".I don't know of a way to have it automatically switch (although I am not saying that that is not possible)
If you mean to replace the led with another then it would definitely be possible, although maybe not easy depending on the size and workable area around it. If you mean to use those points for other things it would also be possible as long as you didn't exceed the available current of the circuit or change the impedance
Yeah it is a stand-alone game
SourceI am really looking forward to this
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