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Yeah I was surprised that it was able to walk away from some of the crashes. Yeah FPV gear is next on my list, it looks really fun.
That one would be in the mini class, although there are a range of sizes considered to be mini. Here are a couple pictures of the one I havePS4 controller for size reference:The zmr above was actually my first quadcopter, I have crashed it many times and gone through quite a few props but surprisingly I haven't done any worse damage to it. I think playing flight sims all of my life gave me an advantage . The Hubsan from what I hear is a good starter quad, I almost bought...
I thought so to at first, but I was not able to find anything like it for the same price range. lol, I suppose it could be used for anything.. although I believe that the rules should be followed
Have one myself, really fun to fly example video of what people do with these:
If anyone is down for a heist add me on rockstar, xLastShotx
VisionTek 7950 3GB model 79503GHK. Works, $95 Shipped US48
Dust filter, clean them off once a week or so depending on the dust levels
Already funded, so no wait. Ordered one for my quadcopter since it can record and output analog video at the same time. Link
Thanks!Made thread official
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