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Soon™ as well
Those "baby" images are seriously creepy.
If the pc booted with the video cable plugged into your motherboard then it is most likely the graphics card. Your ram, motherboard, and cpu are ok. The only thing it might be besides your GPU is your power supply, To test if it is the power supply, try using different 6/8 pin power connectors (or a different power supply if you have one available), or even using the dual molex (4 pin) to 6/8 pin adapter that came with your graphics cards. You can also try using one of the...
B2 can mean a lot of things unfortunately "Console Output/Input devices/Console initialization and Load Option ROM (VGA, RAID, parallel ports, serial ports……)" so it is not very helpful. I would start by trying to isolate the problem since we are not really sure which part is causing the problem. If you have a spare graphics card maybe try swapping, you can also try removing all but one stick of memory to see if maybe its a bad stick or memory slot etc.
Have you tried the other video ports on the card? Are you sure that the monitor is set to the correct input? Do the fans spin up at all on the GPU? Did you make any changes to your pc (hardware or software) before it stopped working?
Are you using a graphics card?
PNY GT 700 GeForce GT 730 1GB 64-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 (VCGGT7301D5LXPB). Excellent condition, no box just card. Used for a couple months. $35 shipped US50. Paypal or Chase quickpay. sold
One More Year to Go!
Maybe, at the price it would be nice to have a little oled screen or something. But I guess since everyone has a phone they opted for the app, which does work very well for me at least. I actually have a few spare phones laying around, so maybe a fun project would be to integrate one into the keyboard.
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