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I wouldn't recommend using Clorox as it usually contains bleach which may discolor your stuff. Usually the way I clean my mouse is to get a semi rough towel put a bit of isoproyl alcohol on it and scrub down my mouse. For my keyboard if I really want to clean it I pop off the key caps put them in a bowl of warm water and dish soap and scrub them down, then rinse, and dry off with a towel and re-insert.
I wouldn't ever really worry about usb stuff, its the cpu and graphics cards that really up the wattage
Although I don't know the exact amounts that those keyboards use, the maximum amount of watts that a USB 2.0 device can pull is 2.625 watts
Reset you bios settings so you everything is stock and see if you still have the same problem.
None of your components or overclocked at all correct?
Hey if anyone would like to take over this thread, I am looking for someone that uses this feature and is knowledgeable about this. PM me if interested
I think a white camera (or cell phone, etc) would probably show dirtiness easier (unless you are a baker or something along those lines).Modern plastics don't really fade like the old stuff used to.Even if your camera did get dirty it should be easy to clean it off.
Yeah. Look for used, probably less expensive than refurbished even. Using a couple very old lenses now on my Sony NEX-6 (Canon FD 50mm f1.4 and Vivitar Series One 35-85 f2.8), lenses work great and picture quality is excellent
I wouldn't worry about it, I never buy new lenses anymore. Only used or refurb, as long as it works and the glass is clean
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