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Hello members of's video games section I would like to know what you are looking forward to on Black Friday/Cyber Monday! Games, televisions, toasters... It doesn't matter ! If you are excited about it then just post a link to the thing you are excited about for the upcoming sales weekend, as well as why you are excited about that thing! I would love to hear about what you are looking forward to, and I would also really like to compile some of the stuff that...
Really cool stuff. Thoroughly enjoyed this
1.43v 2700k @ 4.9Ghz for almost three years now. Still fine
We have Mod of the Month every month which pertains to case mods, as well as keyboard of the month.Mod of the MonthKeyboard of the Month to estimate. for accuracy
You could use this program to get around that problem It should work in safe mode
It could either be a bad video driver like you said or the resolution may be to high or incompatible with your monitor. Try to uninstall your video driver in safe mode then boot back into regular mode and see if that fixes it
If you don't mind used/refurbished you can easily get 2012 Google Nexus 7's for 70-85 dollars shipped. There are tons of them on Amazon and Ebay and they still are very good tablets.
All gone
I have three copies of insurgency for steam Click the link below to get one of the copies:
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