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I have a box for it, but it is for another brand r9. It is pretty much just the card, unless you need a specific accessory (I am sure I have a few of everything in my parts box).
MSI R9 290, works great. $170 shipped US48 OBO
Sony NEX 6, excellent condition. Recently serviced by Sony. Comes with 2 batteries, charger, car adapter for charger, Sony screen protector, IR remote, and Canon FD mount converter. $290 plus shipping (pm me your address and I will let you know the cost), or $290 and pickup if you are around Chino, California.
I used it quite a bit, whenever friends were over we would usually play a bit. Usually have a pacman contest or something (used to have an actual pacman table machine). I actually sold it a few months ago, moved to a new place and didn't have space for it anymore .I don't know for sure, I would say most likely. Although even if it can't you could always use a different emulator for those.
^ ^
Thanks! Sorry for the very late response, forgot to sub to my own thread.I chose 6 buttons on the top to cover pretty much any arcade game, I like to play fighting games with friends (street fighter) and most games in that genre use 6 buttons.The buttons connect to a little controller board which has an USB output, the computer just thinks recognizes it as a gamepad. You can bind each button in MAME to an action, there is also a bunch of other freeware that can do similar...
10/10 very cool image, lots to look at Here is a Hamamatsu C12666MA MEMS Micro Spectrometer that I shot today
That's a clean motor 9/10 ^ That is a Nichia NVSU233A U365 High Power UV-LED. Shot with a NEX-6, Canon FD 50 1.4, on a Canon FD Bellows at maximum extension
9/10 Very nice image!
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