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 There could be.  There are some amazon listings with no stock for ~$930 CAD.  Will have to wait and see.  Will still be 1k+ with taxes.
Ya, I was considering upgrading my 980ti, but that is a hard sell.  Add another $50-$100 for AIB, talking around $1150-$1200 for AIB :(.
Hi guys.  I flashed this bios, and replaced TIM on my card (Gigabyte 980 TI G1).  I am assuming warranty is voided?  Just wondering for resale purposes if I decide to upgrade to 1080ti.  I would be flashing card back to stock.
Dang, wish I could try this on gear vr
Although I prefer gaming on my sharp monitors, I do occasionally like to kick back in another part of my house and enjoy some gaming.  Lugging my machine around is not an option hah.
There is no guarantee with overclocking., every chip is different.   All you can do is keep temps in check and see what the chip lets you get. Your setup should be sufficient but will depend on the chip.   My chip can do 4.4 quite easily, but to go another 100mhz requires a lot more vcore to the point where temps rise significantly.
My current humble setup.  Looking for a new desk for some more real estate.  Have thoughts of adding a 3rd monitor to the setup, but feel like it would be too much (would definitely require a desk change, unless was above the other 2)   I have also been thinking maybe I should find some stand/platform for the speakers to get them out of the way and put them behind the monitors.  Thoughts?   The place I put this desk is kind of the limiting factor.  I may have to...
Thanks Lathan.    I have always been afraid to mod my gpu bios in fear of bricking and instability.  This thread was a great resource and had everything I needed to make a custom bios for my card.
 It could be throttling due to perfcap, which would explain why you do not crash without the modded bios.  Removing the perfcap could eliminate the throttling.  That would indicate the oc you are applying is not stable. Hard to say without more information.
 Are your oc clocks actually always applied?  The perf caps could cause to downclock during usage and you think you are stable, but not at your max clocks.  Removing the perfcap should allow for card to run at max ocs at all times, which would reveal whether those clocks are actually stable or not.
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