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Need more digital hats
 Yes, waiting day #5 for resolution from Rockstar.  Email / pass / username were changed on the account.  Cannot recover myself.
I got jacked :(.  I took this opportunity to take my online security a little overboard.  Put unique passwords on every website/online account I can think of.   Been lazy about it for years, knew one day a breach somewhere would lead to another account compomise.   I always kept unique passwords for more sensitive sites of mine, but was lazy about other accounts.
 Not sure, but my Rockstar account name / password / email were all changed.  The ticket was filed with Rockstar as I do not have a steam version.  Its the Rockstar account that was compromised.
My account was stolen by a Russian fellow.  It is now 3 days since submitting the info support requested.  *Sigh* this sucks, so much for playing on the weekend.
Looks like it should.  Not sure if its worth it though with exchange rate, S&H and potential customs.  Not sure have no experience buying there.
We need Frys in Canada :(.
Hrm, was a big fan of Syndicate Wars, never actually played the original.  Going to give this a whirl!   There is a steam game called Satellite Reign I am excited for that is inspired by these games.
Tempting but will wait and see.   Engine could use a modern rework.  Its its just a texture/sound update, not really interested.
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