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I think the liquidation of the Auction House will once again make it fun to dungeon crawl with your buddies and look for loot. I started playing the game again last week but am on the fence on picking up Reaper of Souls. Will continue to play for a couple weeks to see if my hunger is back . I am a little puzzled by everything eventually becoming account bound. Hopefully this gets revisited, trading with your friends is half the fun.
Ive been killing people for years using DIY ghetto phone mounts.
Yes please, thank you.
In if no problem shipping to Canada.
In, hope I made the cutoff!
Does that include playing regular matches vs humans in customs games? If so I need to get some friends on the SC2 wagon ;D.
Yaaaaaa buddy!
I am guessing shipping for something so large would probably be ~$50 if not more. If you are willing to pay I would think about it, but honestly I don't think its worth the time and effort.
Hi folks.    Would like to give away my old HAF 932 to someone.  Please only post if interested in using it for a build.  Have not decided how I will choose (so feel free to share what you intend to use for).   This will be local only (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) as I don't want to bother with shipping, and prefer pickup.  Live in Etobicoke, work in Scarborough.   Wanted to see if there was any interest.  Have not decided when this will end.   Case comes with...
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