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worked well, 10/10  
I don't remember the name but the earliest game I recall playing involved some kind of a snake and a pyramid.   This was on a 13 Mhz computer.   Q'bert ?
Grats Mr. Mojo, will PM you the key     **** GIVEAWAY CLOSED *****   Already have the game.  This is for a steam key. Requirements: -Must be member before this thread was created -Must have at least 1 rep (wowzers!)   Winner will be chosen on the weekend sometime (probably Sunday).
3rd panel, I think I finally have a keeper, dear lord.
Question: if I upgrade from Win 7 key, is there a way for me to setup a dual boot? I want to make the switch, but keep my current install while any kinks are worked out and driver mature.
 Good luck, i'm going in for a 2nd exchange today. If my next one is a lemon I am going to ask them to open the 4th one for me in store.
Ugh I got a replacement panel and 2 of the buttons on the monitor don't work.... If I have to go replace this again I am going to go postal.
Ugh I think my monitor is a lemon.  I get red artifacts if I use ULMB (any refresh rate), or gync on 120hz or above.  Ugh gotta drive so far for the exchange, will see if the store does a quick exam for me onsite of the replacement.   Also I didn't question it at time of purchases, but the Acer sticker on the 3 boxes on the shelf was broken.  Do you think they are reselling returned and/or refurbished units?  Everything inside was in plastic and taped up, looked untouched.
   I have not yet tried a different cable.  Was going to dig through my boxes of cables to see if I have anymore DP cables. I did purchase a new video card, expect it to deliver this week.  I should be able to rule out those 2 items sometime this week.  However seeing that the issue dissappears with lowering the refresh rate, and changing color profile values, it makes me think it has something to do with the monitor.  Will be playing some more with other possibilities...
Anyone come across this issue?  I see random red dots/lines on pictures only it seems (browsing/video games did not see this behavior).   Wondering if this warrants a return.  See photo below (taken with phone), its a black and white photo and should show no red.   1)  If I lower refresh rate to 100Hz or below I do not see them.  2) If I move the photo to the right side of the monitor, the red lines are not visible, only seems to happen on the left hand side of the...
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