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Darn Feb 24th, so far away still.   Game is a definite purchase for me.  Had way too much fun with this series, would be silly of me not to try it.
Panda found some cookies on my machine.  Guess I can go back to running antivirus free.
I stopped using Precision because its voltage processes were always eating up cpu cycles.  I went back to Afterburner, and reading this do not think I will go back to precision.
Here is my latest, moved to a new case.
I think the liquidation of the Auction House will once again make it fun to dungeon crawl with your buddies and look for loot. I started playing the game again last week but am on the fence on picking up Reaper of Souls. Will continue to play for a couple weeks to see if my hunger is back . I am a little puzzled by everything eventually becoming account bound. Hopefully this gets revisited, trading with your friends is half the fun.
Ive been killing people for years using DIY ghetto phone mounts.
Yes please, thank you.
In if no problem shipping to Canada.
In, hope I made the cutoff!
Does that include playing regular matches vs humans in customs games? If so I need to get some friends on the SC2 wagon ;D.
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