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Tempting but will wait and see.   Engine could use a modern rework.  Its its just a texture/sound update, not really interested.
Unless I find a really cheap Win 10 key, looks like I will be on WIndows 7 until 2020
In please, feeling lucky today!
Dang it only game I have been looking forward to :(.  Just take my money please.
 So far so good.  Zotac ocd ok, core +225, mem +500.  Temps are inline.  No issues thus far.  Only time will tell if any issue crop up, but surprisingly beefy for such a little bugger!
 Ya....I hope I do not regret my decision to buy it, came in today. Will be testing it over the next week. Hopefully some people just got stuck with lemons.
Swapping out my SLI 760s for a 970 today. My Zotac 970 came in today, hopefully I do not regret this decision . I haven't had issues with the SLI setup really, and can't say I have been bothered by micro stutter, but have always preferred single card solutions. A night of testing (hopefully no bsods!) awaits.
I suspect going from SLI 760s to a 970 would not be worth it even if I could still manage to get good coin for them?
Darn Feb 24th, so far away still.   Game is a definite purchase for me.  Had way too much fun with this series, would be silly of me not to try it.
Panda found some cookies on my machine.  Guess I can go back to running antivirus free.
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