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ViDock has been doing this for years with thunderbolt, expresscard slots etc. I find it weird it hasn't been mentioned yet...
It's a pre production model. Will probably move the molex further down.
I see it says DDR4, does that mean it ONLY supports DDR4, or can we use older boards with DDR3 instead?
Have you tried different/same color SATA ports?
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Hello all, Reformatted my computer this evening, and when I was setting up mail on Outlook 2010 it created a set of two inboxes. How do i merge both into one? I cannot close the empty one (selected) and it doesn't contain any files except sent items (the other "" can take inbound emails) I tried recreating my account, deleting PST files, but I still get two copies. Both "inboxes" seem to be in the same PST. Any help appeciated. Thanks.
Hi there,This guide is very outdated, and there is no need for the tweaks in my guide.I also have to apologize for not seeing this thread sooner.However, your system specs do not really match the horsepower required to run this game, as your GPU is severely outdated. I advise a new computer or stronger graphics card.
Howdy! I've been trying to find ways to make my cable clutter, well, less cluttured, and as an result I'm looking for a new SAS cable for my raid card. Basically, I want and SFF-8484 cable with angled SATA connectors. Like this; Problem is, my google skills are not sufficient to find anyone shipping intl. with an reasonable prive:p. I'd also like a white or black version instead of the generic red, although I don't think thats possible . Anyone know anywhere they...
My Samsung drivers make click noises aswell, and they have from the second I bougt them 2 years ago. Clicking can be a sign of a very bad error, but when it starts clicking its either OK or completly dead.
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