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The firmware worked for me as well! You should make it a tad easier to find .
Does this (old) thread count as my submission? My friend and I gave it a lot of volts, specifically 230v of it.
3000 in queue, woop!
No, there is none. I don't even think they have a thermal sensor. Most of these cards are designed with forced airflow (e.g servers) where airflow is no problem.
Nice work. Photo of the internals please? And how did you overcome the RAM limit?
Any more information regarding HTTPS launch window? It's 2015, you would think HTTPS is standard now .
Something is definitively happening, when I give wrong log-in details(username and pw) it complains like no tomorrow. I'm not really sure how to check that, I tried looking at the log it made when it fails to connect but it didn't make any sense. I'm just going to kill the VM and setup a new ubuntu VM and setup OpenVPN .
No, I still can't connect to the VPN, but the port is open still (I'm guessing router derped momentarily?).
Re-ran the PPTP query... with new results! PORT STATE SERVICE VERSION 1723/tcp open pptp Microsoft Seems the control port is open after all?
Seems it's more hassle than it's worth it to change the port to something else, while something like iptables -t nat -I PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 31723 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 1723 might work... But I will try OpenVPN when I get home next time . I also tried nmap on my RDP ports and that works splendid (port 25561 for example). Thanks for the help, REP++!
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