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Hopefully it will let me overclock my monitor to 120hz also.
I hope there is a 8gb Rx480 with DVI-D connector
Dipped under 5 already. Tempted to buy if they drop more
Some card better have DVI-D. Other than that the card seems like a good upgrade from 280X.
Looks like my new build will get 1 or 2 of these 480s
I know that feel.And I only feel the need to upgrade because I got the Korean monitor.That brings me to another topic: Will 1080 and Polaris cards have DVI-D?
Count me in !
Looks like its time to upgrade then DDR4, GTX1080 / Polaris and empty wallet, here I come.
I would search for the BLB fix post and then open up my monitor. Thats pretty bad blb
Its 2016. It won't have any of these features. These are the things of the past.
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