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Bugs are hugs
With consoles you have 1 or 2 different specifications (PS and Xbox). With PC you have all these different setups, different archidectures etc. So its harder to optimize the game for PC.Also the COD series sells better on consoles. So the PC QA team is probably smaller and you have less resources going towards optimizations for PC version of the game.
lol at the dog casually walking away from explosion, burning. That dog looks like indestructible.
I have these cases to choose from: Zalman Z3 Plus Zalman R1 Cooler Master N400 BitFenix Shinobi Core and Corsair 200R I am currently swaying towards the Zalman the R1 , because it seems to have most space inside and the R1 looks pretty nice also. But from the reviews it seems that the N400 might provide better cooling solutions. I might switch to watercooling at some point. And the AMD 280x seems pretty crammed inside my old case right now. Thanks
Looks like I might get the Crossover 2795 actually. Looks the nicest and is pretty cheap. I just hope the sellers can write a lower price on the invoice because Estonia has pretty high customs taxes
Oh that crossover 2795 looks so tempting!
Are there any cheap Korean monitors that are freesync capable? Might aswell try to get all the bells and whistles lol.
Oh! I haven't been on OCN for a while.. Updated my rig.I currently have AMD 280x.I do game and I might also upgrade to some intel i5 and add another 280x or get a single faster card later in the future. But most of the time I just code / read / watch movies on my pc.But how will the monitors compare with my cheapo 23.6" AOC E2461FWH are they worth it or the cons that come with these monitors nullify all the benefits I get from 4k?From your responses, I seem to think that...
So I was looking at the korean monitors and found this thing: Has anyone tried the wasabi mango monitors? How is the quality? Is it real? 4k monitor for 380usd sounds too good to be true. EDIT: Also found this Crossover monitor,...
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