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Why not release the old game sources and let the community do the work? Also getting tired of all those remasters and sequels - prequels, its time to move forward and create new exiting games and IP-s, games that will get same kind of articles 20 years later.
Use distilled water but instead of food coloring use some anti bacterial chemical. The dye might clog up the tubing and pump.
This either decreases the time making certain computations or if unstable causes it make mistakes.Double edged sword.
Are you sure that the LG LM270QQ1-SDA2 is used in the UP2715K? I have searched around but havent found any info on the panel used in UP2715K.
Well the problem is that the panel is from a iMac where everything is integrated into a single logic board. Looks like the DIY is only way to go. Or maybe when Koreans or the Chinese start making controllers for these monitors cheaper lower quality panels.
Just ignore it.
Apparently you can't play if you are on a rooted phone..
Can't seem to find any korean 5k monitors. So what is the other option? Go DIY and design my own lcd controller board?
Oh yes agreed. Also its a 60hz panel , already got my Qnix up to 120hz, so it would be a downgrade in that sense.But still, getting a cheapish 5k monitor would be fun.So far I figured out that I need an eDP LCD controller. Found some of those on the ebay and chinese sites but I feel like any random eDP controller is not going to work with this since Apple uses a modified version of Parade DP663 chip...
Yes, thats the one. Should be still good for coding, movies, picture editing and creative work right?
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