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Hey guys. Is it worth it to unlock my 960t x4 to x6? Will I see improvements in csgo? Will switch to r9 280x gpu soon. Not sure if its worth it to use x6 because of extra heat and power usage.
So how is RS these days. Quit few months into when oldschool rs was released. Are there still many players?
This makes me wonder, how much performance is really possible to get from current AMD cards with driver optimisations? EDIT: And those who think that this one recruit will be coding new drivers solo or something liek that are wrong I think. AMD probably has already a development team and are just looking to expand it / replacing someone who left. This shouldn't count as news.
Can you post the link to the webpage? Can help you better like that. EDIT: You can try adding text-align:center; to the parent element since you display it as inline-block.
Might be the Intel GPU is randomly kicking in. Try setting Switchable Dynamic Graphics to high performance GPU.
Hmm.. Looks like ill wait till release of gtx960. If it performs same as 280x and uses less power, ill get that. Otherwise i'll hope for 280x price drop.. or just get 280x.
How much do you care about this system? You can always try some volt mods to even get to higher clocks
Been away from the whole gpu and cpu thing for few years now.. Thanks for info. Ill wait then. When is 960 gonna release? And how is the power draw? Don't feel like spending money on GPU AND PSU. Will probably do a complete rebuild next year, just wanna play some newer games at decent framerates. EDIT: Might drop some money on better cooler and unlock my 960t to 6 cores while I am upgrading my gpu
But can my Corsair VX550W run the 280x or gtx960? Im in no hurry to buy upgrade.
So Im thinking of upgrading my GPU and I have tough time deciding between GTX760 and r9 280x. I know that the 280x is a bit faster , but it also draws more power and is a little bit more expensive. I wanna put the new GPU in my sig rig and I really don't want to upgrade my PSU right now. Do you think that my PSU is good enough to run either GPU? What GPU should I pick? I am buying it used from my local computer forum. Thanks.
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