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Count me in !
Looks like its time to upgrade then DDR4, GTX1080 / Polaris and empty wallet, here I come.
I would search for the BLB fix post and then open up my monitor. Thats pretty bad blb
Its 2016. It won't have any of these features. These are the things of the past.
Buying this monitor is a lottery. Some won't be so lucky with the monitors.But If there is no risk, there is no reward.
Looks like a fun game. I don't see anything wrong here....
Open the monitor and check all internal connections. Or maybe its driver problem?
Since MX4 contains large ammounts of mercury then contact doctors immedeately. If you don't have money for proper healthcare, then enema is the fastest way to get the toxins out of your body. Good luck and hopefully it all works out fine.
In the first post he is talking about the CLC cooler on the GPU.Why not just buy cheap watercooling stuff from aliexpress or ebay?Cheap radiator and blocks from china with your aquarium pump should get you a good setup that is later on upgradable. Also it should be more effective than the heatpipe thing.
I finally found the sources:
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