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pls ROCCAT make dpi steps 50 this time,that sensor should allow you to do so.
is there any difference between 102 and 203?
i have a g100s and the shape is not bad but i had for the first time pains to hand and fingers so g pro is a big no for me ;)i didn't know g102 was so small so i must check it better.thx for the help
im using an evga x5 atm,i love it but due my small hands and claw-finger grip its a little too big especially on the sides.does anyone know if the revel feel smaller on the sides,or better grip and will better fit my small hand?
but 16k dpi is not enough in 2016,ppl playing on 800x600 need at least 25k,maybe not but 25k is better
insomnia wuttt?
i have the same polling bug but after all it work
or a vintage version with this
anyone knows if the software of this black version allow 50 dpi steps?
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