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Depends on the data center. If you're looking at AWS/Google/facebook, sure. However they have a very different architecture to most other data centers. If you look at VMware's cloud, Azure, or any number of CoLo's, private business clouds, etc, you will find that everything is built off of x86 virtualization, where you can get massive returns on standard hardware approaching what the former group is doing. x86 still has far better flexibility even when you take into...
So what your'e saying is Microsoft should probably just roll all of EMET into Windows 10's security features >_>
EMET is for businesses, not for consumers. Also, it is not a real AV solution. What do businesses typically purchase to protect their endpoints? Oh yeah, AV. And that's not even taking into account white list based anti-execution software like Microsoft's AppLocker or Palo Alto's Traps.
Wild salmon eat krill. It's what makes them pink. Farmed salmon are fed kibble made from chicken. Farmed salmon actually have grey flesh because of it and are dyed pink. Why are they dyed pink? Would you eat grey salmon? 950XL with the Continuum dock is my main PC at this point.
Update roll-ups aren't really a new thing for Microsoft. This is really more for business IT and OEM system builders than end users.
I concur, we should all switch back to dial up and rotary phones. You know what? Forget that, my next post will be sent by telegraph.
Agreed, but as I posted earlier, not only do you have to be shared contacts, but you also need an existing internet connection to get that password for the shared WiFi profile.I'm not saying there's no better way, but it's more convenient for the average joe. for any WiFi router that supports WPA2-Enterprise (RADIUS) can't be shared by WiFi sense and it's way more secure than any WPA2 Pre-Shared Key, problem solved.Let's not forget how Comcast was publishing no encryption public WiFi through all of their all-in-one router/WAP/modems to anyone who had a Comcast account.
Don't tell Apple that.
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