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How is Windows 8 any harder to deploy? If you use WDS, you still use WDS... updating an answer file isn't hard. If you're on MDT, it's even easier. If you're on SCCM, the only excuse is laziness.Also, PolicyDefinitionsPolicyDefinitionsRaising FFL & DFL are fairly easy in terms of change management control. It's the Schema updates that can mess you up (never heard of it happening unless someone intentionally tried to mess with it), definitely a hard sell in a 25k+...
"Hey, Steve, yeah, Agent Smith here, need you to put in a little something for us."
Probably the same amount as if you were just listening to signals OTA trying to capture data.
Because you can't add it to an Active Directory domain. Whoever at M$ thought that'd be a good idea is an idiot.Forget power and apps, the simple fact that it can't be managed centrally and can't run x86 programs is death enough.
i don't understand how this is relevant considering data centers are SUPPOSED to use online UPS Power gets cleaned by the UPS first, then goes to the outlet; as opposed to straight to the outlet, then when failure is detected, the UPS turns on.
God forbid you use an external drive to hold all your data.
It'd definitely slow the throughput down, but if we're talking about using SSDs in an iSCSI array for a VMs, I think this would perform far better than 15k SAS drives.
Considering this is talking about enterprises, what enterprise doesn't encrypt their laptop hard drives?
You mean flat rate I hope
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