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Wild salmon eat krill. It's what makes them pink. Farmed salmon are fed kibble made from chicken. Farmed salmon actually have grey flesh because of it and are dyed pink. Why are they dyed pink? Would you eat grey salmon? 950XL with the Continuum dock is my main PC at this point.
Update roll-ups aren't really a new thing for Microsoft. This is really more for business IT and OEM system builders than end users.
I concur, we should all switch back to dial up and rotary phones. You know what? Forget that, my next post will be sent by telegraph.
Agreed, but as I posted earlier, not only do you have to be shared contacts, but you also need an existing internet connection to get that password for the shared WiFi profile.I'm not saying there's no better way, but it's more convenient for the average joe. for any WiFi router that supports WPA2-Enterprise (RADIUS) can't be shared by WiFi sense and it's way more secure than any WPA2 Pre-Shared Key, problem solved.Let's not forget how Comcast was publishing no encryption public WiFi through all of their all-in-one router/WAP/modems to anyone who had a Comcast account.
Don't tell Apple that.
That is a great question!Per Senior Microsoft Premier Field Engineers: It doesn't.WiFi sense requires an internet connection to work.Edit: Just to clarify, WiFi sense is not supposed to replace your cellular connection in your phone, tablet, WWAN card etc, but to save on data usage whenever possible.You mean like a guest portal that requires on the fly authentication requests or personal username/password? Cisco/NetGear (not anything you can get from Best...
WiFi sense does NOT send the password to a shared WiFi network to all of your contacts automatically, it is stored within your user profile in hotmail/ You do NOT need to have a hotmail/ account to have a Microsoft profile, you can use yahoo or gmail email addresses for the Microsoft account. Your contacts DO receive a list of WiFi profiles you have shared. When one of your contacts is in range of one of your shared WiFi profiles, it will send a...
How is Windows 8 any harder to deploy? If you use WDS, you still use WDS... updating an answer file isn't hard. If you're on MDT, it's even easier. If you're on SCCM, the only excuse is laziness.Also, PolicyDefinitionsPolicyDefinitionsRaising FFL & DFL are fairly easy in terms of change management control. It's the Schema updates that can mess you up (never heard of it happening unless someone intentionally tried to mess with it), definitely a hard sell in a 25k+...
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