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Yes, I've been having this issue for awhile as well. Sometimes it double clicks, sometimes the click fails to register at all, but the physical click is clearly audible. Only happens for the middle click.I am using the firmware that is written to the mouse with the Nixeus software. Supposedly it is newer than the 2nd beta one?
Cue the "3310 in 2017" memes. Is this an unreleased mousepad? Dimensions? Thickness? What sort of rubber backing does it have? Surface material/weave?
It has been a few months since I purchased my Revel. Less than a week after purchase, the scroll wheel started to squeak intermittently. It seems to squeak louder and occurs more often when scrolling up, than down. Not that big of an issue, but recently I have started to have issues with the middle click. Sometimes I will click it and nothing happens. Sometimes it registers as a double click. I mostly encounter this when closing tabs in a browser. Sometimes I middle...
Platinum 520w fanless. If the Prime 600w fanless is any good, that one would probably become my new favourite.
Isn't the 3360's native CPI in steps of 100, and the 3366 has native steps of 50?
What?If your password is a common password, you can't call it 2FA anymore. More like 1.000000001FA.One of the most basic attacks against any account is to brute force a database of common passwords like password, 1234, qwerty, etc. There is absolutely merit in a user choosing a proper password and one that is unique for every account, even if the company is irresponsible and uses weak/reversible or no encryption.Same goes for only using whole words in your password. That...
You can opt to not download the software. You can just plug and play, as it was originally intended.Giving other people options to customise their CPI steps and lighting doesn't hurt.In the case of Nixeus, there isn't even anything in the box to suggest a software package. You have to dig around on the Internet to find the software posted on forums like OCN.
Even after a cheat is detected, VAC likes to wait longer, sometimes for extended periods of time, before going in for the ban. The idea is to bait in more people, if it is a cheat package that a lot of different people are using.If you do not play CS:GO, then it does not matter for your other games. CS:GO VAC bans are confined to CS:GO.Your trustworthiness in the eyes of your Steam friends might go down. Other people cannot see which games you were VAC banned for.Older...
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