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My motherboard has a single clip for the PCIe slot and it is tiny, similar to the ones on the DIMM slots. I have tried using a chopstick, but the force direction needs to be slightly sideways, not just straight down.The chopstick kept slipping off the clip.I did eventually manage to succeed with the chopstick, but after inspecting the clip, I had definitely damaged it. It felt a lot "looser".It still functions fine and holds the GPU in place, but I'm not willing to take...
NH-D15. Bought it after seeing an open box deal on PC Case Gear for $99 AUD (down from $119). The 6 year warranty and the Australian Consumer Law still applied and Noctua products are rarely discounted, so I jumped on it. Package was badly scratched, but the contents were undamaged. If I want to swap out the GPU, I'll need to take off the entire heatsink. Maybe I should have gone for the D15S. It also costs $99.
Are there any plans for the Revel to be resupplied in Australia or on Massdrop? It used to be on Mwave, but the listing has disappeared, and it isn't available in any other Australian retailer. It's been a few months now. It's been awhile since the last Massdrop as well. I got mine for $39 AUD from Mwave during a sale they had late last year, but it is hard to recommend it to others when the only listings are from American retailers for $90+.
Yes, I've been having this issue for awhile as well. Sometimes it double clicks, sometimes the click fails to register at all, but the physical click is clearly audible. Only happens for the middle click.I am using the firmware that is written to the mouse with the Nixeus software. Supposedly it is newer than the 2nd beta one?
Cue the "3310 in 2017" memes. Is this an unreleased mousepad? Dimensions? Thickness? What sort of rubber backing does it have? Surface material/weave?
It has been a few months since I purchased my Revel. Less than a week after purchase, the scroll wheel started to squeak intermittently. It seems to squeak louder and occurs more often when scrolling up, than down. Not that big of an issue, but recently I have started to have issues with the middle click. Sometimes I will click it and nothing happens. Sometimes it registers as a double click. I mostly encounter this when closing tabs in a browser. Sometimes I middle...
Platinum 520w fanless. If the Prime 600w fanless is any good, that one would probably become my new favourite.
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