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This is about right. My copy of Windows 8.1 Pro from Dreamspark comes out to 3.63GB
Looks like its a basic motherboard. It only has one x16 PCIe slot so it can't do dual video cards
I've had trouble running a 4850 and a 6870 together at the same time. Mainly because of a driver conflict because AMD stopped supporting the generations before 5000 series so the drivers aren't compatible with each other. I would just picked up a cheap 5450/6450 or use the integrated graphics
Everything running smoothly on my ultrabook (Win8->Win8.1) and my desktop (Win7 -> Win8.1).
I've had Seagate hard drives fail on me. Ever since I switch to using Hitachi/WD I haven't had any problems. I still have backups just in case, you never know.
For a software solution you could try using SpeedFan. The fans need to be hooked up to the motherboard though
Heres a guide: Easy enough
I currently use this Asus RT-n16 running tomato-usb. Its been perfect and I'm liking it much more than DD-WRT. The router itself is great: the wifi is a little on the weaker side though and it doesn't support dual bands. But other than that it has great specs for a router.
I turned a spare 120mm case fan into a usb fan for my hand. So far been keeping my hand dry
You'll most likely need a usb nic
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