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There might be some sort current/power protection on the motherboard you're using causing it to shutdown. Had a similar experience on my z97 motherboard
Many manufacturers allow overclocking on h97 motherboards now. It depends on the BIOS of the board though
The splitter will only allow you to mirror the input. If the monitors can use DVI or VGA then you can still do dual monitor (one DVI or VGA and one on HDMI)
Still using 2.2.1 I completely forgot that uTorrent is at version 3!
It's not too bad running raspbmc though navigating the UI is pretty slow but once its up and running it streams 1080p fine. For how much power it uses its good at what it does
This is about right. My copy of Windows 8.1 Pro from Dreamspark comes out to 3.63GB
Looks like its a basic motherboard. It only has one x16 PCIe slot so it can't do dual video cards
I've had trouble running a 4850 and a 6870 together at the same time. Mainly because of a driver conflict because AMD stopped supporting the generations before 5000 series so the drivers aren't compatible with each other. I would just picked up a cheap 5450/6450 or use the integrated graphics
Everything running smoothly on my ultrabook (Win8->Win8.1) and my desktop (Win7 -> Win8.1).
I've had Seagate hard drives fail on me. Ever since I switch to using Hitachi/WD I haven't had any problems. I still have backups just in case, you never know.
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