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I need some speakers to hookup to my xbox 360. Some 2.1 speakers would be perfect, but I'm not sure which ones have the right hookups. I am using a 22" computer monitor for the video and now only need a speaker recommendation. Somewhere around $50 would be great. Thanks.
Any more ideas? I'll give reps for any more ideas/input, thanks for the quick responses guys.
Need a laptop for college, and don't want to buy a macbook pro today if they will have a brand new operating system and new hardware in October. However, I would be willing to buy leopard for $129 if I knew they weren't upgrading the hardware. I know it is just rumors and predictions, but does anyone have an idea what will happen in October? Thanks.
Can I bring my z-5500's to the Dorm next year for college? Obviously I will have to keep the volume down, but will they take up too much space. I'd really like to bring them because they sound great and I could hook them up so easily with the optical out on the macbook pro.
But can my phone sync with outlook, can I install a pc office suite on linux and it will all work?
Okay, so I'm reading the "Get Started with Linux" article from maximumpc, and thinking maybe now's the time to switch: XP is getting old and I don't want to pay a ton of money for a new OS and new hardware. And, I use firefox,, skype, vlc, all stuff that should work on linux. These two are big questions: I have a windows mobile phone, I have microsoft office on XP, I have my calendar and contacts in outlook that's synced with my phone, how can this be...
At my school we only have powerpoint 1997, and none of my videos from the powerpoint I made in the 2003 version will work. So, is there a way to load a program (not install on computer) from a usb key that will be of a more recent version. I don't need the full powerpoint, just a powerpoint viewer to display my powerpoint in class. Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated. Thanks.
I have three 45 minute xvid files that I would love to get on my Onkyo DV-cp702 dvd player. What is the best way to do this? I have nero if that helps, any open source software that could help get the job done...? PS Sorry if this is the wrong forum.
Because when I'm on, say, a bus, I have to turn the ipod's volume up to 75% to hear anything and it is so loud it hurts my ears. This is why I want new headphones.
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