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Yeah, I kinda wanna see that now lol.
It DOES wear after a little bit, and becomes the 2nd fastest pad I've used. Might take a week or two of regular use, though.
I want. ;0
So uh...
Lol, imagine that with an even lighter mouse, like the G303 or G Pro. It's unplayable.
Lol, this is what I say when trying to find mice from companies other than Logitech that have good main buttons and prioritize their quality.Apparently, I'm the only one that cares...
Could somebody maybe help me with my RAM OC? At the time when I was buying parts for my new PC, I didn't know that I would have any compatibility problems with the RAM I picked and the CPU/mobo. At least it was on sale lol. Mobo: AB350 Pro4 CPU: Ryzen 1600 RAM: - Two 8GB sticks Never OC'd RAM before, so I wouldn't know the first thing. Also the only time I ever OC'd the CPU too, which was pretty basic, so I don't...
You mean to say the glide didn't change whatsoever? After only an hour of use, I could have sworn there was a subtle difference between the left and right side of the pad on mine.
The site was back up just yesterday, last time I checked. Now it's down again.
Yeah, I figure I should email someone near me first.
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