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1. Bios is recent...2. No.
bsod after installing drivers on windows 7 Asus Prime z270-A i7 7700k Usb mouse performance isn't consistent, random frequency spikes. Bios is freezing after clicking on cpu's temperature in monitor tab
So have that mouse now and it have less issues than dm1 pro s, very very good rmb nut lmb had pre-travel... I just removed side buttons and the problen with pretravel distance was gone... I think to avoid this problem is just to make top part of the shell more solid and change side buttons, its even hard to put 'en back on right place and easy to damage them... And in device manager when i plug revel there's second "mouse"
what about mini wmo / mini rival 300 ? ;/ something with size of ec2a is not working. Any updates in the future ? Because in windows 10 it feels less responsive (even with better fps) than win7.;Ywcxcb7Dskx~_mbLLcikWDxho4AVCGSHUFLvBU1QDpnDDftMDrB~_RhhfY.bps.a.1317337648322950.1073741830.453629991360391/1317338994989482/?type=3&theater BEAUTY but this part of the shell need to be perfectly rounded
this one is still better than logitech's cable, is njot that cable and you can twist it.
Cable is horrible (i used to paracord's cable but i can feel it's worse one than in ss rival), there's no rattle. Main buttons are more clicky than my g pro BUT THIS TRAVEL DISTANCE IS AWFUL, buttons hard to press (comparing to g pro). Feeling of the mouse is the same like in pmw3360 (technically it's the same sensor, only lower ips). This mouse have very thin mousefeets ! Need to change them. Side buttons are feeling cheap af, high travel distance. Scroll is feels very...
Idle in game (spikes on temperatures) and stress test (stable) Voltage in CPU-Z is always correct (like in bios). But in every other program voltage is 1.280 ??? My cooler is SilentiumPC Fera 2 HE1224 tomorrow i want to change cooler to Corsair H80i V2 it will fix spikes ? Case: Corsair Carbide Series 100R Power Supply: EVGA SuperNOVA 550W GS 80+ GOLD OS: Windows 10 Professional 64bit Motherboard: Asus Prime Z270-A CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K Memory: Corsair...
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