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Posts by Straszy Optic sensor: PMW 3325 - Lighting: RGB Maximum DPI: 7200 DPI levels: 7 Built in memory Switches: OMRON Polling rate: 1000 Hz Weight: 98 g (109g with cable) Macro saving: Yes Profile saving: Yes
xhci hand-off enabled feels a lot of better than disabled. I think the main issue is input lag on win10...
For me there is no problem like that when i just turn off rinput. Like i said i have demos from LAN. And it's happening after hitbox fix update (that one with famous olof being csgo'd)
Anyone have issues using rinput like delayed kills, enemys aren't moving smooth, its very hard to kill them when they're peeking it's like mouse movement isn't synchronised with game, i have even demos from lan when i have clear shots and enemys are just immortal.
mm ? pls... PLACEBO, maybe just fps gain after last update.
Maybe they did read my or someone else email :d i will try it in home because i was switching between rawinput 1/0 /rinput very often last time. Can someone record difference between inputs in slowmo camera ? Reddit will upvote it straight away.
1. Bios is recent...2. No.
bsod after installing drivers on windows 7 Asus Prime z270-A i7 7700k Usb mouse performance isn't consistent, random frequency spikes. Bios is freezing after clicking on cpu's temperature in monitor tab
So have that mouse now and it have less issues than dm1 pro s, very very good rmb nut lmb had pre-travel... I just removed side buttons and the problen with pretravel distance was gone... I think to avoid this problem is just to make top part of the shell more solid and change side buttons, its even hard to put 'en back on right place and easy to damage them... And in device manager when i plug revel there's second "mouse"
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