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So how can i tight shell for less pretravel like in black version ? :C I unscrewed 2 screws a bit but not so good improvement
how to open this mouse ???? Its not like in normal ec2a screws are going from inside to outside *** ??? and no screws under top mousefeets
after creators update slow mouse movements are broken for every game without rawinput.
Same like g pro
please... everything on high performance
no i have g pro and same hands
Mine just arrived. A bit of pretravel on rmb comparing to lmb but i will adjust it in a second ^^ mousewheel is solid but there is a noise when shaking the mouse. edit: -noise was from cables (inside of the mouse) -pre-travel fixed with screws, actuation point is the same like g pro now o.0 -rmb feels more tactile and it's louder but actuation point and force is the same on lmb and rmb -very good sidebuttons -cord is very good, less flexible than revel one -mousefeets...
Maybe someone have amazon link for suitable screws ? :-D
Which screws will fit best to fix pretravel?
0.8 ms of butto lag ?????? :O
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