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Fully understand mate, not a problem. Just thought I would state the maximum I can afford at the moment.
Hi Buzzin! Me again sorry for the delay in getting back to you mate - Life has been a bit hectic these last couple of weeks. I have been speaking with the finance controller (the other half) and I'm afraid the most I can offer is £80 all in. I understand that this is below the price you are seeking but just in case you have no other takers and are needing to sell. All the best, Dan
So I have just got confirmation from the supplier that I will be ordering from that there is no clearance issue with these Goodbye Abit and hellooo Asus Sabertooth!
Hi all, I am looking to purchase the z77 sabertooth tomorrow as an upgrade from my 2007 abit quadgt ab9 (been a while since an upgrade ) I have a i7 2600 which I will be using (can't overclock) and was curious on a CPU cooler which will fit / work we'll and be reasonably quiet?? For some reason I am drawn to the Thermalright Silver Arrow SB-E SE with black and white fans - will this fit / is it a major overkill? Appreciate all your thoughts.
Waiting for my next 2 daily pm allowance to pm you my address.
Thanks for the welcome! I notice it is for collection only - what area of the uk?
Hi, Is this case still for sale? Kind Regards, Dan
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