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\I could have sworn I looked at the stat sheet and the stages were 60A at 25c and 35A at 70C. correct me if I'm wrong.
Conversely the asrock ITX has 5x 35amp phases good for 260 watts at 1.5v, and a heat pipe vrm cooler. Just a better ITX board for OCing.
Looks like 6 for the cpu and 3 for the gpu. 20 amps x 6 phases x 1.5 volts = 180watts maximum theoretical if you can keep them cold. But 5ghz at 1.5v is a lot more than 180watts I can tell you that. For me, 5ghz at 1.4v is 200w in P95, 175w in realbench, 155w in cinebench. I think you will be dancing with the limit on that board with a 5ghz cpu, unless you get a really good bin and can run it at or under 1.3v.
Clearly. This should be the $150 Z370-A product and ROG should start with the Hero. I think a not-insignificant part of the cost of this board is this sweet m.2 cooler. It's a giant, heavy piece of aluminum.
Oh yea this board also runs b-dies at 4ghz 1.4v 18-19-19-39 which is good I suppose. I think my issue with the board is more philosophical than practical. The bios is great, everything works really well except that one issue. And that one issue is unlikely to ever present itself in real world use. My philosophical objection would be that I can "overload" a $200 ROG product with a mainstream CPU and a water cooler, that probably shouldn't happen.
I could but I really don't want to deal with the hassle of that. Again it only happens with 8k max FFTs. It plows through everything else. Just posted as a bit of a warning for the people looking at this thread if they weren't already turned off from the strix E/F.
Hey guys, here is a video of my Z370-F experiencing what I believe is a VRM temp shut down. Happens only during 8k max size FFT. 16k max size FFT is actually fine. 8700k/5.0ghz/1.4v/LLC 7 The build: Should have spent the extra $50 on a proper board.
My Z370-F shuts off as well. 8700k 5ghz 1.4v. Can handle any other stress test for 8+ hours like a champ. But after about a minute of P95 smallFFT, it shuts off. It will complete one pass (successfully) and then will shut off when the next pass begins. Over current protection is on "auto". Not sure I even want to mess with it since this load is so artificial.
Thank you guys very much, I'll get the 6 then.More questions:Regarding the included "flat heads", do you recommend using them? They look like they'd be ok for ambient temp, but probably not water temp.Also, do I need to have the aquaero plugged in via USB and the software running at all times, or am I good to disconnect it once I get everything set up?Basically I'm sick of never having a fan curve that I'm happy with and I will only be using aquaero for a water/ambient...
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