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This. Waiting on the day stores will have stock for longer than 15 mins. offtopic
Congrats everyone.
I couldn't find a video showing the Asus Transformer running horribly.. In fact it ran smooth as butter. Can't wait to get one.
I'm looking forward to the HTC Sensation. Dual core 1.2ghz. My HD2 was the first phone in the US to have the 1ghz Snapdragon. I have it at 1.52 now. Amazing stuff coming.
Seriously... The Media is hyping this up to be the most talked about thing. Everyone here is sick of hearing about it. I don't even know their names. Get over it.
Gonna be mine.
Batman Arkham Asylum had a game bug like this, that only affected pirated copies of the game.
I'll stick with my HD650s
I have dish, love it. Never had a probelm. Worlds better than Comcast TV. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Even though I haven't used a blockbuster in almost 7 years..
If T-mo gets bought out by AT&T I'll switch to Sprint and grab an EVO 3D. Looks like a phone that might replace my HD2....might.
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