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The amount of nuclear power plants seems alittle much for the size of that island... I hope everything will be alright. Great thread btw.
Surprised to not see the resident Apple name protectors not coming in to save the day yet. I'm really not surprised by this though. Security experts have been saying for years how unsecured the mac os really is.
HTC HD2, running Android MIUI and WP7
I was running a WM6.6 nrg rom, dual boot with a MIUI Android rom. Now I'm running WP7 on nand and my 1.5ghz OC MIUI rom dual booting with magldr.
My HD2
Sweet, my HD2 with Android hacked on to it is faster than an iPhone4...
Higher res screen, more memory, not Apple
Sweet, they got Honeycomb running on my HD2 now. So thats Honeycomb/Android, linux, meego, WP7, WM 6.5. Running on the same phone. =) Oh and the iPad seems to of been rushed, maybe scared of all the better tablets that are out now? /don't really care.
Well I was planning on my selling my pc, but now this game has me wanting to upgrade it now!!! Beautiful.
pulse is a great news reader Root it, change the kernal. Get setcpu and OVERCLOCK it! tapatalk pro mp3 music dropbox barcode scanner speed view chrome to phone Sherpa terminal emulator vevo zedge angry birds
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