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system restore..
Awesome! Great job so far! subbed
High horses
I reformat my wifes laptop like 2 times a month it seems.... My pc's? Never.
Quote: Originally Posted by GAMERIG HD7 & HD2 comparison: Same phone, alittle different look with a kickstand. I really do not like that home screen for WP7. Thanks for the thread OP
There was a Humvee in front of one of the game stops close to my house. It had a bigscreen in it playing the 360 version, for people to play while they wait. Had a camera crew out there too.. I went to walmart instead and bought some green beans. They were good too.
Quote: Originally Posted by E_man December? Don't think it'll be that early. And the Ink has some epic hardware, the software scares me. Have yet to see a truly functional demo. It past the FCC last week, said on their blog that they are going to start taking pre-orders in Dec and ship before Christmas. But this is coming from Notion Ink... They have had a history of delaying.
Yup, I've had my Hanns-G 28" (same as OP)for something like 3 years now. Love it, still going strong and never had a problem with gaming. I did have to adjust the settings though, eye burningly bright at default.
I'm glad I have a wall clock... desk clock, wrist piece... and I can change the time on my smartphone, but I don't have to, it already did it for me at 2am. Sorry, I just thought the title was funny.. Like the end of the world or something.
Notion Ink Adam. I've researched them all and nothing out there comes close. It's what I'm waiting for in Dec.
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