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Quote: Originally Posted by Torched-Geek AMD as much as I love you you can't be given a pat on the back for me building a new computer and buying games, you're going to have to thank Valve for that. Quote: Originally Posted by hangemhi why didn't you go Nvidia then? It's not like you had to choose AMD/ATI, I can guess that they didn't pull your arm to buy their products. I believe he was referring to Valve being his...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sekigahara Top Gadgets as in most innovative, best ideas, etc. iPhone doesn't fit this in the least. Agreed. HTC Touch HD should be in a few lists. 3.8" 480x800 screen, 5mp camera It's going to be my HTC Kaiser replacement. That chair looks interesting though. My walmart special is looking a little raggedy now.
Quote: Originally Posted by JoshsPC Setup of the Month Every month we will have a setup of the month award where when ever someone posts some pics of there rig I will put there name in this section here and all you have to do is post a reply with your reason and who you are voting for. Thanks everyone JoshsPC. Here is The List so far: Marin: 2 Votes Ericoed: 1Vote JoshsPC: 0 Votes lol Quote: Originally Posted...
So far so good. A keeper.
One of the reasons why I don't install CCC. Installed fine for me. Increased FPS in most games. Far Cry 2 benchmark seen 10+ fps on avg.
Quote: Originally Posted by NuclearCrap I vote for gbrilliantq. Very clean. By the way, any chance this can be made as a ROG club instead of just limiting to just one specific model in the series? I'll be getting a Rampage myself very soon, but I won't be able to join this club. Thanks NuclearCrap sir. =)
Quote: Originally Posted by USFORCES Well if the 295 is what they claim it is, ATI will just have to open up the XSP sideport warp drive on the 4870x2 Quote: 4870x2 XSP Sideport feature poised to counter rumored 280gx2 Video Cards I guess we find out the truth soon or maybe ATI is saving it to spring on the 280gx2 like the rumor says. little ati. What if it really does amount to enough to counter the 295 and still be on top....
Quote: Originally Posted by Adrienspawn How does 500$ sound They must be a good amount $500 sounds better than $599, unless I'm selling it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Justken_4ever not to sound like a fanboi here but.... I think Nvidia made a game that took ahold of ati short comings. Boi = butch lesbian. So what would a fanboi be? A fan of butch lesbians?
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