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Whats all the fuss about? This is a complete non-issue. This has been in the pipeline for the last five years and manufactures already switched to microusb in anticipation, besides Apple. Any problems with the micro-usb port on your phone can be engineered away.
Her LinkedIn is pretty impressive, especially for someone who has relatively little formal education! A masters in EE/CE/ECE is almost the standard working degree for chip design. Say what you want about her, but shes no simple code monkey.
Yep. Both the LCD and Powersupply light both light up for a second, then turn off. I'm just going to ask to scrutinize the next in store.
Exchanged my monitor. Took it home, and it won't turn on. I have a hunch its the powersupply but this is irritating. Even for an open box I'd expect this thing to work right? Anyway I could milk this? lol
Bought this open box from microcenter. This particular unit is terrible. I've counted like 40+ defective pixels or subpixels on this thing. Going to exchange it tomorrow. Hopefully, I get lucky.
What's the risk of buying one of these open box? Will microcenter rebox and resell them if someone returns one with a dead pixel?
Thanks for the input.
Christmas is here and I need something nice and expensive to burn my ( and my parents!) cash on. I want a second monitor for additional workspace for coding and other junk I may do here at college. I won't be doing any serious gaming for a couple years, but I plan on keeping the display for awhile.A brother in my frat had an Apple Thunderbolt display...and it was sexy. I want one, but $1000 is a bit excessive. So to Korea I go! One little snag. My laptop only has a...
As a current engineering student, I can why we are moving towards this, and I favor eventually taking the human element out of driving. (You can't patch humans...)
More often than not, especially for console games.Lets examine Minecraft. Technically ugly game compared to what we have now, but it pulls off the style well. Due to its market niche, I doubt many sales have been lost due to its graphics. However, take a look at the modding forum. A significant amount of work has been put in by the community to change the game graphically and improve it technically. The demand does exist and is significant. Do I think most would be content...
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