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I went with the new 6C. Thanks for help.
Amazon would not ship Microlab products to ireland for some reason, any other items don't have the issue. So if I'm getting the 6C, it has to be from the OcUK. Their reviews are such overwhelmingly positive, which is really encouraging. But again, most of these Creative and Logitech stuffs also have good rating somehow..... That's I'm looking for someone actually has experience with the speakers I'm interested in to help me make the call.
Was about to pull the trigger on BX5, then I read a little about these speakers, and the others two (Edifier R1600T, and solo6C)seem to have received a lot positive feedbacks. They all look great and I probably will be happy picking any of them....Could someone help to make the decision.
Solved then. Thanks a lot for the input.
So i grab the 3.5mm to XLR Y adapter and plug its 3.5mm into the front front speaker out on the Xense?
The DVI adapter is still here. But it splits into 4 3.5mm cables. Can I use a S/Pdif to 2 XLR instead?
this one?
I'm about to order the speakers to replace my aged Logitech crap. Do I need to buy certain cables or a mixer along?
The card is back for sale.
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