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Crush them, Google. CRUSH THE LIFE RIGHT OUT OF TWC. Also -- come to Maine. Thanks.
I think they're a great match for each other. Both are known to make cheap crap.
An eight-hundred dollar TN? I'll wait and see what the other manufacturers do with the g-sync module.
The Logitech G710+ and the Roccat Ryos MK Pro also seem to fit your criteria. I don't own any of these so what I can say is minimal. I have been looking into buying a keyboard with pretty much the same things you're looking for though. Anyway, here are my thoughts on your choices. **Both the Logitech G710+ and the Corsair K70 have issues with the back-lighting partially breaking according to my research. (Really a downer for me since these were the top boards on my...
I'm going to be purchasing my first mechanical keyboard sometime before the end of the month. My main problem here is that there isn't a place nearby where I can try the various MX switch types. I've read up on mech boards/switches off and on over the past year so I already have a good handle on a lot of areas. The only thing I'm not sure on is what actuation force would be ideal for me. It would help greatly if I knew the force required to type on my current keyboard...
About time the non-reference coolers started to show themselves.
I'm calling shenanigans. The blonde in the art is hot...Lindsay is not. Also, as dysfunctional as GTAV ancillary characters are they still aren't as bad as Lohan; so again I fail to see the resemblance.
Computer Hardware/Things Overclockers Would Love EVGA GTX780Ti Superclocked ACX -- R9 290X doesn't have non-reference coolers yet / Best NVidia has to offer. BenQ XL2420TE -- My current monitor is old, failing and 1080p has since become the standard. I trust BenQ and this model is highly rated. Creative Labs SoundBlaster Z -- Using on-board audio at the moment. The CL SoundBlaster Z is supposed to be really good for its price-point. Gaming Roccat Kone XTD -- I've had a...
If you're using the dynamic v-sync option then v-sync is turned off when your FPS drops below 60.
I thought AMD was abandoning the super enthusiast segment? This article smells of BS to me. If it is true though...that is a hilarious name.
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