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Neat. Looking through their thread...seems like they think they're a week away from a release. I have no interest in playing DA:I (DA2 killed my interest) but I'd love to see this obnoxious DRM put down before it can spread further. Can't wait to see what happens.
Does this new Corsair mouse have a tilt-wheel? I've gotten so used to using one (G9 to Kone XTD) that not having one would be a deal-breaker.
I have one that is not on your list and may not have been mentioned already (not reading through sixteen pages right now). Hybrid - ROCCAT Hiro (vulcanized silicone)
Looks really nice. Hopefully they put as much attention into further developing the rather sad combat AI of M&B:Warband. It would be a real let-down if the new game was all sparkle and no substance.
Nope. No, Creative Assembly, no. I don't trust you anymore; too many lemons in a row. Good luck selling the new game.
I'm also using the eBay rings. They're probably the exact same product from the exact same Chinese manufacturer...only without the ridiculous 15USD markup.
Man, FFXIII was a dud, why not bring FFXII to the PC instead?
Not a big fan of the custom keycaps; but as long as that weird arm-rest can be removed/replaced, the board could be acceptable. Though it looks like that even if it were removable there would still be an annoying protrusion below the space bar.
So much faith in the 900's here. I seriously doubt that you're going to be seeing any kind of bargain on those.
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