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So much faith in the 900's here. I seriously doubt that you're going to be seeing any kind of bargain on those.
It's ugly and it uses up more space than it needs to. Also, if they're going to slap the ROG price tag on this, and they no-doubt will, then it should probably have RGB backlighting. Not a good first outing from ASUS here.
Decades, I hope. Bunked with Bubba.
Wow, he even looks like a troll. How fitting.
Hah, I hope ComCast's karma bites them right in the rear and this "free upgrade" campaign just ends up making more customers switch to Google. I hear they're an even worse ISP than TimeWarner and TimeWarner has been throttling all my game connections for about three months now; While still running their "no lag" "get TimeWarner for gaming" commercials. No amount of bandwidth increases are going to prevent me from dumping them the very second an alternative comes into...
While the report on hologram tech being able to fit into a smartphone by next year may be correct, the image they used is from an after-effects youtube tutorial.
Because Sony has their integrity to protect. I wouldn't allow a service from EA on a product I owned either.
Read the review before you criticize it. They were going for max playable settings and ultra was just not playable on the 780's while on the 290x's it was.
Wow, they even copy-pasted the EULA. At this point there's no question that EVGA's software team stole from Unwinder. Whether or not the guy is a douchebag is irrelevant; EVGA has done wrong here. If they don't scrap the current version of PrecisionX after these findings then they have no integrity whatsoever.
Wow. Guess I won't be installing Origin...ever.
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