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X-760 I've had this PSU for nearly ten years and it is still going strong.
A ThermalFake is the best "case" (really, that's not a case) they've ever reviewed? Something about this smells.
In that case... If Final Fantasy 15 does come to my PC, it'll be after a major discount.
The first one kinda turned into a pokeymans game...and you could really feel the ghost of the spell system they never quite finished. Other than those two issues though it was a decent all-ages JRPG. I hope their second offering brings it to another level.
My 7970 has been locking in at 65% after every restart. Guess that makes me one of the lucky ones since I noticed the abnormal sound of 65% right away. I can fix it temporarily with the use of MSI AB but it will revert to 65% within an hour or two of closing AB. Do we have a solution to this yet? When I installed these drivers I first uninstalled everything from the previous driver package, then ran DDU in safe-mode, then restarted and installed the Crimson drivers. ...
Yeah, it's definitely not a fifty dollar mousepad in my opinion. While my Hiro hasn't bubbled up like yours it has noticeably worn down within a surprisingly quick time-frame. It makes me want to dig out my old Steelseries SX but mice these days have wacky feet that would be difficult to tape up.
[[SPOILER]] Node 7 is []. I have no idea what 17-30 are, they always time out.My ping going from Maine to the Chicago servers is usually 40. However it has been frequently spiking to as high as 500 for the past month or two at least. Everyone using TimeWarner appears to be having the same problem regardless of relative location which is what led me to believe that it is dickery at play.
No upgrade here. However they are now actively throttling my video game connections; while simultaneously running commercials claiming to be the best ISP for video games no less. "Hate" can not even being to describe...
So my Seagate 7200.11 is finally hinting that it is going to be checking out soon; always knew it was going to fail just didn't know when. That means I am in need of a new general use, non-gaming, HDD. I've narrowed things down to four possibilities that I am currently mulling over and that's where I'd like your opinions. I would prefer experiences with these drives in particular but I'm game for whatever anyone has to say on the matter. Just don't suggest a Seagate...
Thermalfake at it again. Guess they really do have no shame.
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