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Good on NewEgg and them. It shows good character that they stepped up when nVidia chose to be scum-lords. Unfortunately, though, for the people who need four functional gigs of VRAM this probably isn't going to make a difference.
rofl, that's great. That's going to be on my mind every time one of these NVidia vs AMD threads happen.
Pre-orders are for companies that I trust and, Rockstar, you aren't one of them. Also, there is no way I'm paying full price for a game after almost a year and a half has passed since the initial release. This game, if I even get around to it, will be a Steam-sale purchase. After all Rockstar, like most of the big-shots in gaming today, does not give a damn about what you have to say unless you say it with your money.
It would be nice to see GameStop slammed with a class-action over this. Probably won't happen though.
Neat. Looking through their thread...seems like they think they're a week away from a release. I have no interest in playing DA:I (DA2 killed my interest) but I'd love to see this obnoxious DRM put down before it can spread further. Can't wait to see what happens.
Does this new Corsair mouse have a tilt-wheel? I've gotten so used to using one (G9 to Kone XTD) that not having one would be a deal-breaker.
I have one that is not on your list and may not have been mentioned already (not reading through sixteen pages right now). Hybrid - ROCCAT Hiro (vulcanized silicone)
Looks really nice. Hopefully they put as much attention into further developing the rather sad combat AI of M&B:Warband. It would be a real let-down if the new game was all sparkle and no substance.
Nope. No, Creative Assembly, no. I don't trust you anymore; too many lemons in a row. Good luck selling the new game.
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