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So much hate and the game isn't even out yet. CDPR are decent enough people that I think they deserve the benefit of the doubt. How about we wait until we've played The Wild Hunt before commenting on its quality? Weird concept for OCN, I know.
At the steep asking price of 400EU, shouldn't this case have a filter up front?
I don't know...maybe because all these companies are owned and operated by HUMANS who should know right from wrong?
Yeah, that's nice 'n all, Nintendo, but how about adding Xenoblade to the Wii-U store before its sequel comes out?
Well, given that I've already paid for the game and all of its pre-scholar DLC, there's no way I'm paying more than the regular DLC price of 10USD for this...if at all. Charging extra for a graphical "upgrade" to levels that we saw in the pre-release version is just really, really shady. If I do end up getting this DLC it will be mainly due to the semi-OCD completionist in me because I think I'm swearing off FromSoftware for the foreseeable future.
Hmm, I wonder if this partly contributed to the decision to country-lock gifting? I mean if the refund policy changes mandated by the EU end up impacting their bottom line and they increase prices within the EU to compensate (or perhaps cut back on Steam-sales)...the restrictions imposed upon gifting would prevent a person in the EU from bypassing the increased prices via an outside-the-EU source.
Good on NewEgg and them. It shows good character that they stepped up when nVidia chose to be scum-lords. Unfortunately, though, for the people who need four functional gigs of VRAM this probably isn't going to make a difference.
rofl, that's great. That's going to be on my mind every time one of these NVidia vs AMD threads happen.
Pre-orders are for companies that I trust and, Rockstar, you aren't one of them. Also, there is no way I'm paying full price for a game after almost a year and a half has passed since the initial release. This game, if I even get around to it, will be a Steam-sale purchase. After all Rockstar, like most of the big-shots in gaming today, does not give a damn about what you have to say unless you say it with your money.
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