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Read the review before you criticize it. They were going for max playable settings and ultra was just not playable on the 780's while on the 290x's it was.
Wow, they even copy-pasted the EULA. At this point there's no question that EVGA's software team stole from Unwinder. Whether or not the guy is a douchebag is irrelevant; EVGA has done wrong here. If they don't scrap the current version of PrecisionX after these findings then they have no integrity whatsoever.
Wow. Guess I won't be installing Origin...ever.
The only thing surprising here is that it took this long for something like this to happen.
Given that hackers have sapped the fun out of a number of games I used to like, I'm hoping for a scorched-earth result from this suit. The more damage Blizzard can do to these clowns the more twisted pleasure I'm going to get out of it. It probably won't go that far but it's nice to hope.
The 4K Ultra HD logo on the box was good for a laugh.
First the Chrome facelift and now forced advertising...are they trying to make all of their users switch to Chrome? Makes me hate the Opera team even more. Their browser was damn near perfect before they decided to sabotage it. Now I'm basically stuck with Chrome. Thanks, Opera devs.
Maybe...just maybe...this will mean good things for the FF franchise. SE might have go back to making good games now that they don't have Sony as their sugar-daddy anymore.
Crush them, Google. CRUSH THE LIFE RIGHT OUT OF TWC. Also -- come to Maine. Thanks.
I think they're a great match for each other. Both are known to make cheap crap.
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