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You do realize Samsung supplies parts for the iPhone right?
I'm willing to bet that it's the difference in the processor. The review didn't go into specifics on the variant of the Core processor other than being ULVIB. The lowest model probably won't ship with Turbo enabled or something like that - just like the current gen. Zenbooks variants.
Can someone point me to an article or something that confirms the lack of GFWL and Required Steamworks? I mean, I don't mind Steamworks but I own MP1 and 2 on discs and I'd like to complete my collection. I'd rather buy the disc version but only if I don't HAVE to install Rockstar Social Club, GFWL and Steam activation.
After plopping my older Vertex 2 256GB SSD into my laptop, I can't use any laptop not equipped with a SSD. I just can't. If the prices drop further (and I'm sure they will), I'm going to snatch more up for my main system. More drops please!
Steam is a developer and publisher. So is EA. They should mutually allow their products to be activated on both platform (the user would have to perma-choose). Otherwise, this stalemate is going to do nothing but garner both sides negative publicity. I'd choose Steam simply due to the overwhelming number of games I own via Steam compared to Origin. I'm sick this crap. I want to be able to choose.
Going to check out that Lumia 900 event at Bryant Park in Manhattan. I just hope that Kardashian girl is no longer there. THat entire family is insufferable.
Hi Guys, I'm looking to offload a gaming laptop. It's in pretty damn good shape - no visible physical flaws and such. I can post pictures later but based on the specs, how much shall I ask? CPU: P8700 GPU: GTX 260M HDD: WD 640GB OS: Vista Retail 32 and 64bit disc RAM: 4GB Screen Resolution: 1680x1050 Card Reader DVI OUT 4USB ports with one being a eSATA hybrid Super Multi DVD I can't remember but I believe the laptop is 15.6" and it weighs a little over 7lbs. - makes a...
1800 mAh battery? This thing has a quad core processor but has the same battery capacity as the Galaxy S II? I don't know...the battery life may just suck.
That is a sad story. Unfortunately, it's all too common in countries that depend heavily on manufatcuring. China doesn't exactly have OSHA or civil rights for that matter. As long as the labor's cheap and the product turns a profit, companies INCLUDING APPLE will do little to change that. Maybe I'm just a touch too cynical but that's what experience dictates.
2012 is going to be the "make it or break it" year for Microsoft and the Windows phone. They have to keep this up, get some real marketing behind the devices and some real hardware to support the platform on the major carriers. I really like the windows phones but the lackluster hardware alone was enough to keep me away.
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