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I'm gonna ask it here since it's the last usb mousepad thread. I had something crossing my mind when I saw that, can we imagine in a futur a wireless mouse with a very little battery (to save weight) that can be charge all the time the mouse is in contact with the mousepad with the induction process ?
I put MX-2 Skates from HyperGlide (G1 & MX300), it works perfectly. I also put a zowie cable (with rearranged pins) and I can now tell GPro is bae !!
I'll wait for the reviews and the stores disponibility (20€ shipping for France ..) but if this is close to the GS-R it will be my main pad. I keep dreaming about a 45x45 GS-R so i can put my arm on it.
Wait did u watch the movie and saw the mouse in ?
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