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  Correct, no current ES. Since Broadwell's release, Devil Canyon ES will likely be allowed in upcoming competitions, but not this month. Well follow HWbot lead in this manner.
You can change hardware and divisions, but only compete in one division.
Additional clarification added to the OP. Courtesy of Rasparthe.  [[SPOILER]]
As this one finished, the next one starts. big thank you goes out to our team Captain Rasparthe for kicking off the first OCN benchmarking competition of 2015. He single handedly managed and give us daily score updates. I owe you a beer!
I sorry, I forgot to put "PM" next to the time.
It was a 3 month long competition with a point system resembling Nascar. The comp was inspired after my dear friend Slashdwn took me to a racing school in Homestead FL. Splashdwn pasted away a few weeks ago. We will definitely hold another event in his honor.
 Jiggawats was my masterpiece to the community. When participation get back up, we'll likely try something a little more complicated along those lines.
  Rules updated. We're following Hwbot rules.
 Answer awaiting clarification.  Just your highest score (XTU score / # of cores) counts.
XTU results list only Max CPU temp. It must be higher than 20C. As it is currently written, yes.
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