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Woa at the sexy modding skillz in this thread. Man do the freaks come out at night...
Are there any objections if we change the scoring based on placement? Ex: 10 points for 1st in a benchmark, 9 for 2nd etc. Then tally the three point.
Good stuff
Just an fyi, I'm waiting on official announcement from HWbot on final scores before the prizing process is started. Most likely things will not change.
You guys are awesome! 2nd place! Rasparthe has a leader board update coming soon.
Good stuff!! Love hoe the zombie is twice the size of the gpu robbo.
BassPlayer's 9800gx2
For this?
Prize Winner Division I: Gunslinger ($40), HobieCat ($20) Division II: KaRtA82 ($40), Yuhfhrh ($20)
I was just talking about you the other day. It was in context to a UD3 board too.
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