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Sorry for the late reply. Rasp is correct, one set of scores per person per class. You can use different hardware in each classes though.
Yes, update as much as you want.
 Added Don't forget to submit in the x1 class too.   Added
      Wallpaper added to the OP.  
As many are already aware,, is essentially a massive database housing overclocking records, first places and bragging rights for just about any CPU, GPU, RAM or motherboard you could imagine.  You can find records on old, new, modern, and obsolete hardware.  Thousands of pieces of hardware are ranked against each other in the greatest online database of overclocking achievements that can be found on the 'net.   Every year, begins its search for the...
Look at Marc, up at the top. Nicely done. Mike is even playing.
Probably the best suggestion Bass has made all year. ;p
GPUPi is time based. Faster scores equate to a smaller number. Using gpu scores from the benches is a possibility though....
There was much consideration in choosing benchmarks and these points were discussed.1. We wanted to limit resolution size so more members can participate. We also choose benchmarks that can also be ran on W8 and W10. This competition is of a different flavor focusing just as much on participation as shear gpu power. High performance systems will yield high scores for the overall tally, but a team with larger number of entires can shifts the ranks in their favor. Hense the...
  Can't use rich text editor either. Must be BB code.   Submit it. Requirement is socket based. 
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