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The issue with this would be the pins wouldn't match on the reverse side of the board. I would suggest using an extension cable and solder the wires correctly on the back.
Looks like APW7165 for vGPU to me. vGPU in red and vMEM in yellow.
Looks to me like this one is place in front of the caps and inductor. Could you provide a pic of the front of the card as well?
Yes you can
Come on green team! Hats off to the hard work of the editors for keeping it updated.
They look sleek. Performing the mod is the icing on the cake. Gives you the opportunity for artistic expression.
Yes, take the cool off and look.
Thought maybe you might be using something like this. Use them in lab all the time now.
#1, does the image match your card?#2, there are not any instructions with the A, B and C for the picture.#3, the wire is likely a ground point or might be a vcore measurement. don't have the datasheet handy at the moment.
I was viewing from my tiny 4" display on my phone Yes, "D" generally means diode on the PCB print. Probe the SOT23 three leg package and verify that. Should have resistance one direction and no resistance with probes switched. If you can't get one of the legs to show any resistance it might be a jfet, but likely your assumption is correct and it's a diode.Yes, you can have both C and L components and still be low pass. Need to full map the configuration to know for show...
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