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I was just talking about you the other day. It was in context to a UD3 board too.
Did you probe around the new ICs for voltages by chance? Making sure they all are powered up.
17 out of 30 and not even August yet.
Less than a week left....
Not a problem. Good thing it was brought to attention. Maybe we'll get a fix soon.
So I've been working on this for an hour or so now and it appears HWbot has been having issues with their tags for a while. The only reason what you see in the OP still works is because of how Huddler migration ported them into HTML. I have a query posted and will follow up. Once they fix the issue we'll have to create some new stickies.
There appears to have been some kind of issue with HWbot tags when we ported over to Huddler. OP and tags where posted with BB code editor, but when I try to edit, it forces to Rich Text editor and shows no content. We may have to create new threads.
Necro bump. Please read before posting.     Thank you very much
Must cool the flux capacitor some how.
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