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Someone already did a very in-depth (24 page) comparison.,3043.html Perhaps i could save you some time and money. Let me spoiling the ending,....the I-7 crushes it.
This translates to "will work, but your amp will lose alot of it's power" How many channels? This also translates to "if you turn the volume up really loud, you might blow the cone out of the speaker". You can try it. I would not recommend it. I did some more reading online. It won't hurt the amp. Your amp won't be able to go as loud as it use to, and you might blow up your speaker if you crank up the volume.
I am on vacation, so i only have my work laptop. My computer with the GTX 570 is 300 miles away right now, and i won't be home again for two weeks. Somewhere i bet there is a option in the software to enable over-volting, and you have to click a "I promise not to sue Asus if i blow my card up" agreement. Perhaps you could start a new thread, because i won't be able to help you solve this problem until i get home in 2 weeks. idk, title it something like "How to...
Okay, lets take two steps backwards and re-examine the situation......shall we? There are games that run better "using" a single core of a multi-core processor. Do not confuse this with "you need a single core processor". If you have a game that only works well with one core, buy a multi-core processor that runs at a very high clock speed. A P4 is useless for gaming. Seriously, please don't waste your time. Your be really disappointed with the final result. Please...
You need to make sure the speakers you are hooking up match the input impedance the amplifier is rated for. If the impedance doesn't match, your amplifier won't be able to output at full power. (This might damage it as well in extreme circumstances, not sure). If the impedance matches, go for it. Here
You ALWAYS want a current limiting resistor on a LED, unless you are using a constant current supply. The +5V on USB is a constant voltage supply, not a constant current supply. There is situations where it will work without a resistor, but this is a very bad design practice. Your LED's will be prone to burning out after extended periods of operation. I did research and development work at a LED sign factory, and i designed constant current driver for LED display...
First of all, "C# or C++" or "Which programming language to take" would make much better title for your thread. I took a C# programming class, then got hired at a job that required me to do C++. I was able to teach myself C++ in a week (since both languages are very similar). Go with what your heart desires. Personally, i would do C#, because that seems to be the "future" of C.
This is made of win. I just shared it on my facebook.
And your temps are?
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