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It official now i'm here ! Place your orders here!
Yeah i forget that im playing at 4k maxed, it just seems the norm now lol. I remember when i first got it i was just amazed that i could do 4k 60 not to mention having everything maxed. Its a good feeling just hitting the Ultra preset and forgetting about it.
But it does seem pretty hot considering the price, i have the cheapest 1080ti i could find and have never hit more than 75 with default fan curve and with custom curve and OC'd 73c. Undervolting really is the way to go though!
Unless your just benching 1900-2100 doesn't make that much difference. As i said i can run @2088 happily under 75c but honestly 1900 is ample for 4k@60 maxed in alot of games and slightly lowered for others but soo much cooler.
Your card seems to be racing along and getting sweaty lol
Your card seems to boost pretty high default compared to its default boost of 1632 considering my EXOC boost is 1645 and hits 186x something( from memory) . Is you 1974 with power and temp slider maxed or something?
Forgot to mention i play @4k aa close to maxed as possible to hold 60 vsync. But have a Rift arriving tomorrow so temps may change after that.
I haven't been following your posts but have you tried undervolting?Ive a Galax 1080Ti EXOC, a dual slot card with small cooler, max i get default is about 75 C in ROTTR but if i undervolt to 0.900 @ 1911MHz the highest it goes is 66 C and from default thats actually overclocked from around 186xMHz so not even loosing performance although if i push an OC i can maintain 2088MHz and need to run the fan at 75% to stay at about 73C but that 66C and 1911 is preferable for me.
Good to know it even happens to a pro Others get it working on the free version and it makes me not want to spend the $ if it's not working correctly .
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