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The huge shame here is how many layers of plastic and shielding it took to get through to that point. Truly a mountain of terrible monitor serviceability. 2/10 would not attempt repair again.
Finally got around to checking out a screen (HP w2338h) that had an issue with a vertical white bar. I didn't take a before picture, so here is an example from The source of the issue is moisture (oxidation) possibly from being in the previous owners storage shed. Here is the outside of the screen before disassembly: And the havoc inside the RF shielding. You can see that the hundreds of traces are torn and I really don't know of a good way to...
Could it really be? Do I have to plug a monitor into my desktop? I've not looked at that machine in so long I don't know if I remember where it is!
SeaSonic SS-300TGW When getting smaller form factor power supplies it gets more difficult to find a reliable name. In the usual style and grace of SeaSonic this little guy picks up it's weight and doesn't bother anyone.
I love it!animal still has a few months before he can get back to his rig :sad-smile @mirzet1976 can pull something off!
What happens in 2025?
Okay, I think I got the OP all squared away.
Alright I'll get you in there tonight. Err, I didn't include the link, but here is a more complete list of available stats banners. The icon is broke for some reason - they're in a spoiler tag here:
Say hello to our newest member! @mbmumford What banner would you like in the OP to track points?
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