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I used whatever noctua supplies with their heatsinks, but I've got a tube of AS5 somewhere.I know it's a million times better because it used to just lock up with a black screen from folding/furmark. If it's any "good" I have no clue. Had a bit of a struggle getting it back on, so I could have messed the paste up a bit. No harm in checking at this point, I have plenty more paste.It's folding just fine for now at 67C. One guess I have is the fans and pump are just sorta...
Is that what the red bracket thing is? Kind of a pain in the butt to mount, but it works better than zip ties
The arch is a lot more graceful when folding, but does appear to still be rising.
Here is where I'm at. The graphics card is getting up to 84C and then it looks like thermal throttling. Any suggestions? Only thing I've come up with is buying another 140mm fan to put on the radiator.
I fixed my graphics card today! One of the nut things was missing that hold the H90 on and the thermal grease was completely out of control. I fixed it by using a standard 3.5mm screw (or whatever it is) and a standoff to hold it down. With smaller amount of grease. Not pictured - I put the bracket back on the graphics card that keeps it straight. I've no clue why the previous owner was running it without the bracket in the first place. Now the memory is being...
Everyone's on the same page! This is rare
I got the reference I'll get right on it
*girly noises*
Because it's like 90 points higher duh!
Team Captains were actually talking about adding 970 into TC. I just sorta assumed 960 was already in somewhere (my bad)
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