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I like it! With it's small size and available ports, there starts to become the problem I'd want it to do to many different yet specific jobs. I'd want one of those little guys to be my HTPC, router and possibly a guest or ultra mobile gaming rig (depending on processor).
Whoops, looked at the wrong rig in his sig Regardless, I'm sure it'll beat me wee little 4930k
Oh man, since when was I in first place?! And when did ocn change so much? I've been in a work-school cycle for too long Something tells me if you don't game too much that 4790k is going to smoke me
Probably because those of us still folding don't visit the thread much and the rest have fallen off the face of the earth. I'm going to have my hours reduced at work and school will will be done soon, so I'll be more active hopefully.
But who!?How about Power Ranger's? Are they still a team? "Fighting for the proper children's show of OCN!"
November 25-29. Remind me when that date gets closerI'm in a private school now! So we say things like, Thanksgiving and Christmas break! Did you like working for them? They have quite a markup on stuff, like the BBS RGR wheels I want are MSRP $550 and Helix is selling them for $650 sense! Just drive across Ohio and Indiana in you're right in our backyard! I see a garage...
Avoiding homework super hard right now, I've exhausted Facebook and Twitter (for now) and came to troll around here. Have a all stainless exhaust and four new struts w/ camber plates sitting in my living room waiting to go into the Mini, but I've not the time for it. Probably have to wait for winter break. Getting burnt out of balancing work-school-social-sleep, told my manager I might put in my two-week next week, but he's asked I take some PTO and think about it....
If I had to venture a guess,He got back to his computer late and got it folding, took a quick coma, but the rotation of the sun was too quick and he had to wake up. Stumbled out the door tripping over piles of cloths, text books and finally his computer; which disabled it from folding once more.Riding his bike with no handle bars, he left us a cryptic message with a mobile device on the way to class as to why he still not producing adequate points.But that's just a guess.
Harassment is how this team works
I was going with the new category names and GPU-O was the first I saw with 7970 HD.
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