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If I had to venture a guess,He got back to his computer late and got it folding, took a quick coma, but the rotation of the sun was too quick and he had to wake up. Stumbled out the door tripping over piles of cloths, text books and finally his computer; which disabled it from folding once more.Riding his bike with no handle bars, he left us a cryptic message with a mobile device on the way to class as to why he still not producing adequate points.But that's just a guess.
Harassment is how this team works
I was going with the new category names and GPU-O was the first I saw with 7970 HD.
Finally just reinstalled windows. Went with 8.1 this time around, hopefully will be on 10 soon And, no SSD yet *Pulls up big boy pants* I'm going to update the OP with our current team and get us sorted. Current status of our team is: 1.) We're short people 2.) We don't have a Vise Captain at the moment 3.) I'm getting moved out of the GPU-O position because I've been in two slots for quite some time and I'm apparently terrible at folding on my GPU
Ah, well at least that failed quickly Something to do with my video drivers I assume.
Huh, well that's not right. No errors tho I'm going to try and run it again and we'll see
Hopefully configured correctly (passkeys) and folding on MintI want to say that it is, but will definitely double check that.I just keep reading all sorts of stuff that can cause that, like the bios boot order and the way UEFI is set. I find error messages like these to be the bane of my existence and the source of so much frustration; they don't mean what they say and be completely misleading as to the actual problem.Ya see I could, but I am just so irked that my current...
Computer still wont boot and has been the most frustrating thing I've had to deal with in forever. I get "File: \efi\microsoft\boot\bcd 0xc00000f" error while trying to boot with just about every combination of UEFI and Secure boot settings I can possibly set and when inserting a windows 7 install usb I get “This version of System Recovery Options is not compatible with the version of windows you are trying to repair. Try using a recovery disc that is compatible with...
And it's dead. After a bit of travel the bios was all default settings and my overclocking profiles gone. Folding for about two days and things slowed down and it froze when I tried shutting down. Now it wont boot. Windows logo comes up and I get asked to insert a windows installation disk to repair. Anyone know if I unraid my drives will one work without the other? I have two 1TB drives in a raid 1.
Dat warranty
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