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I've never heard of that distribution before. May I ask what you like about it over Mint? Also, what troubles you with the install?Nice! Just got 20 mil myself You know where to request it correct?No I haven't!
Wonderful news all around! Got a build log anywhere?That 775 of yours just keeps on chugging! Probably the only one in TC with DDR2 as well
So, setting ram speeds to 1600mhz and everything else auto has also yielded good results Oooo, super secrete secrete
Nice, it's going to be close this year
So, running memory on auto is quite a bit better than XMP for me
I've been down for road trips for much less better reasons! Thanks for the generosity MacG32! Hope to see you soon and happy holidays if I don't
Updated the OP. Withheld putting Tom and Ray's appearance in the movie Car's I'm going to miss him
I liked the FOALding because of puns, but how about something relevant? Like in the name of Tom Magliozzi. For those of you who don't know, he was a talk show host for my favorite NPR show "Car Talk" and he died of complications from Alzheimer's., SWEET!
Assuming you have some points and the right number, you may just have to save it blank and save it again with the number again. I had gone through something similar
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