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Your leadership skills are in need of some work my friend Yeah, I can do it. Ya'll should help me promulgate this time around.
Momaddy is best Dadamom
Excuse me while I reinstall one million applications now. At least will @CSCoder4ever be happy with me @BWG So, do I call you Daddy or Momma?
Subscribing and will post pictures in a bit! I don't have a build just yet, but I do have two broken NES's!
As it's already come up in discussion, I hope everyone's seen that hardware eligibility has changed Changes are thusly:If you've not received the PM I highly recommend signing up for the Folding group to receive them.I forgot how hardcore DDR2 was, That voltage would murder most DDR3!dman811 is best editor
Came home to find my computer off No idea why, I'm trying to pick apart the log file as to why, but can't really see anything. Only thing I've done since installing the new CPU is set the ram to it's XMP. I changed some more settings from auto to pretty much the manual equivalent.
Rig is called Neckpain and it's graphics card is not quite up to snuff compared to the rest of the rig Not that it matters, but I would likely use this for VT-d vga passthrew so that I can run a full windows gaming virtual machine on linux. It is also possible that I would fold with it since GPU categories I've found more difficult to fill than CPU. Favorite color is orange.
So, 12 threads is a bit better than 8.
So, the only immediate thing I can think of to make this month go better for us is get animal0307 a waterblock for his 670 so he can overclock it and stay quiet. Anyone have one for cheap?
Nailed it. I didn't get all of it off, but wanted to be up and running before I went to bed so I just threw some thermal paste on it. I'm going to use scoring pad on it to get the rest off in a bit. buzzin ^_^
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