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Finally got a hold of Eiko. He's not dead just busy with that whole life thing Hopefully he'll be able to return to the team in the future, but for now we've got another gap that I hope wont be too difficult to fill. CPU Wildcard i7 Bloomfield i5's - Sandy, Ivy, Haswell, DC AMD FX
Appreciated. My 650 ti does me just fine thank you very much Bash got an update on my laptop and I made sure to do it on my server that's in the DMZ. Desktop is too much work for right now and isn't of too much concern since it's behind the router and basically just folds constantly. More importantly I need to get the new CPU in Mint 17 is likely my next move. If I make a move before the next release Quick google search on the 970 and, yep, I'm likin' it too. Too bad it's...
I was a bad boy with my money this weekend.But why would she do that? Well, technically you only have to fold 20/7, so losing a day or two isn't too bad as long as your doing 24/7 when you come back up.
I like the big acrylic lighting bit on the bottom now. =D
I'd like to take this time to mention that Buzzin is a balla. And I think we need a "Group photo" of us I'll try to doodle something, but when I fail anyone have a artist I could commission?
So who do we have to bug to get sayaman back on the team?BWG is the one who broke it to begin with! I don't trust 'em. Sabotage! I call sabotage! Hope the new drivers work out. I'm so far out of the loop when it comes to GPU folding. I think my desktop is still Linux Mint 14 Why'd they make you go home? Not enough work for the day?Steel toes suck until a pallet lands on your foot. Hopefully you don't have to walk as much in the coming weeks.
Isn't the folding stats page created by axipher? Would he be able to help us have all our categories back?You mean your 1.4 million point lead? Those are just the points in that category from Buzzin ballin' up.
What's more strange is that there isn't even a spot for AMD on our team via the page.Thanks for bringing my attention. But I was just going to PM you why he's gone. We moved Buzzin over to GPU-E and put animal in Nvidia, so where did our AMD category run off to?Working in a hospital has taught me one thing. Invest in a good pair of shoes And If you also invest in a good mattress you'll be comfy, like, 80% of the day!Better than a blank spot, I'm sure you can roll with the...
DidoBuzzin is now a brick
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