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I want pics!
@snipekill2445 we still have an opening on the team! I have more questions than suggestions. Are you hosting that on your VPS?I'm with YAOP, background needs a bit of work. Layout is nice though. Also, there are a few errors on the page. on the tutThat would be kinda lame though to be folding by yourself. Where's the comradery?What more do you need in the world than folding? I mean. You don't need to drive anywhere. Speaking of car troubles,...
@CSCoder4ever you've been summoned I use Linux Mint 15. Generally, the kernel is similar on all distributions and if you kill GUI it'll fold pretty much max possible with such kernel.Code:sudo service mdm stopIf you use Ubuntu change mdm to gdm.
I'm subscribed to the team captains forum and do try to pop in and read up on some topics. Such as, thankfully, Titan-Z is not going to be in TC. And possibly the eventual phase-out of dual GPU folding in TC. I'll try to keep ya'll more up-to-date.
They're definitely a cause for concern when they're bulging. Considering you've found someone else with a similar issue, I'd bet it'll solve your problem as well.
BOINC got signature badges! Indeed, I was when renting a house with a few friends that I had got the UPSs I have a Cyber Power 1350VA (850 Watts) this little guy for the router and modem. is the brand to get from what I read on the subject. I'd have really liked to get one that actually "cleans" (line interactive/online/double conversion) the...
Hello!Thank you! I appreciate it I wouldn't rule it out, but can't say I've ever seen/heard of it. What brand/model monitor do you have? Do you have another monitor to hook up and check that the graphics card/energy saving settings aren't effecting it?
In-laws stink Power went out for me two days ago. UPS woke me up beeping as it does. I actually had to shut down for a little bit because the power was out for longer than 20 minutes.I'm sure you've made some webpage developer very happy.
@Buzzin92 So that estimate is a bit on the low side. You maxed out at 260k PPD
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