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I know that overclocking GPU memory for folding has little/no effect. It just adds instability.Hopefully someone else can chime in for overclock speeds and folding.
I had two ideas on this topic, one people are moving two a folding/crypto currency so they could continue the furthering of science and maybe get some money back: Placed 46th team: and just passed us for third place overal: Source: The other idea is that people are getting deterred by the lack of any eventual cure for various diseases that folding was supposed to...
Well crud.I was just thinking about how you two were doing! Should update your location to the sweaty armpit of Louisiana.
In case any of ya'll missed it, don't upgrade your Nvidia drivers just yet. far so good Mirzet! We're all doing pretty closely to one another on this team
Ya'll should welcome @mirzet1976 our newest member!
I got this! I'm all over everything! Like a well old machine I am!
Better to leave and be sure than stay and regret. Best of luck stick
Huh, I think we're actually running full throttle this month! Go us! all the hardware is correct on that page:Me - 4930kfasttrack - 980 tiDuality - 970Downshift - 960Tex - R2 280Xanimal - 670Oh geez, that kinda fun Huh? Was it spirited driving?Took my FRS offroading for a little bit with animal a few months ago. Turns out traction control is an amazing feature that shouldn't be disabled in an attempt to be...
Should just give yourself those bonus points for finding him for us!
Hey @Tex1954 you might be getting a break here on some of your folding! @Duality92 will hopefully soon be joining our ranks
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