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Ya'll should welcome @mirzet1976 our newest member!
I got this! I'm all over everything! Like a well old machine I am!
Better to leave and be sure than stay and regret. Best of luck stick
Huh, I think we're actually running full throttle this month! Go us! all the hardware is correct on that page:Me - 4930kfasttrack - 980 tiDuality - 970Downshift - 960Tex - R2 280Xanimal - 670Oh geez, that kinda fun Huh? Was it spirited driving?Took my FRS offroading for a little bit with animal a few months ago. Turns out traction control is an amazing feature that shouldn't be disabled in an attempt to be...
Should just give yourself those bonus points for finding him for us!
Hey @Tex1954 you might be getting a break here on some of your folding! @Duality92 will hopefully soon be joining our ranks
Signed up
Umm, does one of the folding editors have control of the OP? It doesn't look like I'm able to edit it.
My favorite Aussie bloke posted another great LCD video that I thought was awesome and wanted to share.@Semerkant - I don't think your problem is in the power board, but after watching the video above there is also checking the panel for little burnt components!Thanks for all the praise! Quite literally the only reason I've done this
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