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This seems like a reasonable move for the progression of hardware. Another thread for the 960?
Terrible news, got the 14.11 installed and started folding again on it. Temperature rose a bit, then spiked up to 102 C I'm going to try and reseat the cooler and lay down some new thermal paste. Until then, I'm still folding for i7
Took a page from the book of @animal0307 and used a bit of paracord to hold my gpu straightCouldn't get my little ram sinks to stick onto the card. Not even with the pencil eraser trick But did get one to work on the raspberry pi, so I got that going for me.Downloading and downgrading
Looks like I'm running Core: 1050mhz and Memory: 1375mhzWhat's the software you kids are running these days to change those? I've not overclocked a graphics card since my 8800 GS
Good news is it doesn't seem like my new card is overheating in the least, although I do want to get some little heatsinks stuck to the ram on the card and get it held up somehow like @animal0307 said.Couldn't have TL:DR'ed that for us? Really though, good luck with the car and all. I'm looking to switch over to GPU folding once I get my folding on it figured out.
I couldn't hear either of you from up here. Speaking of which, hey @Renegadesl1 I'm one @Talynn67 away from your DDR4 using butt!
I say Slammers since they don't have anyone where we at least have the potential for our folder to come back More posts loaded since, ignore this post
I've actually not tried folding it under Linux. It's a fresh install of windows 7 after a long and painful experience trying to get windows server 2012 installed.It's only in windows so far with the crashes; using the latest and greatest AMD drivers. I want to get some temperature monitoring going to see if that's the issue, but I'm off to work for now. Will post back when I can.Would be nice if I can get my 7970 to a point where it could be useful for this team.
Folding under Windows for the time being while I set it up and get everything working correctly. Kept crashing last night and I couldn't figure out why until I stopped it from folding the GPU. I did finally get a new graphics card BTW, MSI 7970 With G10 and H90 Too bad it just isn't stable folding
As a previous jeep owner, long straight valve cover gets my attention! AMC Straight six is all about running forever and leaking oil, but Ford is good too I guess Really though, sounds like a neat project Oh I know it's a big deal to get ahead of me. You should get a medal
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