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I'm still getting crashes folding my gpu. Any recommendations? Looking at it now, I may have accidentally updated the GPU driver.
*cough* *cough*Yes, I may have some partial responsibility for this. We can't all be Twilight after all!My summer course is starting up soon, so time is fading really fast. I'm going to try again for this weekend if you're up for it again, but you might have better luck asking our other Linux pony @CSCoder4ever for help.
You're always welcome around these parts. Passkey still the same?
I think what liquidzoo is getting at by saying talk to the ISP is that a replacement isn't likely to work without contacting them.I've only experience with cable and DSL modems, which can be replaced with better ones, but I've always had to call the ISP to get it "activated" before returning their piece of junk. With Comcast, I found that if you replace the cable modem without calling them they'll redirect all web traffic to an ancient page about activating it.Best of luck...
Started working full time desktop support for north western Indiana hospitals. I don't like how much I'm driving, but the money has really taken some of the financial strain I've been under from being a student for so long. Still working on Master's of Applied Computer science, but out for the summer making dat moneh.
Needs more glamour shots Regardless of the pony theme, the color scheme and build turned out beautifully in it's own right.
Now when the NSA knocks down your door they'll have a heck of a time taking your computer!
Any wired connection is going to beat a wireless one. As an example, the phone company left a box of cat 3 (untwisted and thin guage - think just enough conductor to actually accomplish the task) cable at our place that I stick RJ-45s on and made for great xbox LAN party experience. (your mileage may vary of course )CAT6 is what we use in our hospitals, but I assume that's mostly because it's more durable than cat5e and cheaper than cat7 . I highly doubt you're really...
You sound like me back in my Halo gaming days. I was trying all sorts of stuff to get that one extra millisecond on my side. (Don't quite me on this, I've not passed the CCNA) A router provides you with a layer of protection from the outside against random haxorz skimming for open ports. Of which you can test for with this tool: assume it's a DSL all-in-one modem/router/switch, but can you post a picture of it and we can all join in...
Speaking of HFM, I'm going to get mine going again.Whats 8T?Also, I've had my computer reset itself three times since started folding GPU. The older drivers maybe? I think my clock settings are all stock and they're certainly below what was posted earlier.
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