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In case anyone hasn't seen it yet, 970's are going to be added to the Nividia category, but not until the rest of the lineup is released.
It's finals week for me! Give me a day or two and I'll do random winners for comic books!
Good enough for me!
Awesome of course to hear about the graphics card Recently was biopsied for cancer myself, I hope her tests come back as they did for me; a big fat o'l negative. She makes a darn good bacon sandwich
How about our own team drawing? Post proof of your folding in this thread and I'll randomly select winners to send comics once FFW ends. Mostly pony comics but there are also six Halo comics and one random Deadpool. There are about 18 comics in total and I was thinking three comics to each randomly chosen individual folding for our team.
I've never heard of that distribution before. May I ask what you like about it over Mint? Also, what troubles you with the install?Nice! Just got 20 mil myself You know where to request it correct?No I haven't!
Wonderful news all around! Got a build log anywhere?That 775 of yours just keeps on chugging! Probably the only one in TC with DDR2 as well
So, setting ram speeds to 1600mhz and everything else auto has also yielded good results Oooo, super secrete secrete
Nice, it's going to be close this year
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