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What happens in 2025?
Okay, I think I got the OP all squared away.
Alright I'll get you in there tonight. Err, I didn't include the link, but here is a more complete list of available stats banners. The icon is broke for some reason - they're in a spoiler tag here:
Say hello to our newest member! @mbmumford What banner would you like in the OP to track points?
Wanna help me rip out the interior of the FRS?It got full of water and there is still water trapped somewhere.Well damn, now how am I supposed to get that bike off you if it's stuck in Florida?
Well shoot maybe that's why I've been in second place in my catagory! My older stuff hasn't done that well in years it feels like
I would like to point out that this month so far @animal0307 and myself are doing awesome!
Sounds great to me. PM me and possibly lanofsong (I'm not sure which folding editor atm to be honest) the new passkey.
We have a rabble rouser! I probably can't stop you with that PPD, but I can update my junk and spin up my other garbage to keep you off a few more days!
Yep, I've lost internet at the house. I've not been there for a few days, but should have it back up tonight.
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