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Darn it, found my computer with a black screen after getting back from school. I've no clue how long it's been like that, but my 65 day streak has ended. In worse news, I took the opportunity to clean out dust and tweak my overclock a bit. The later didn't go so well as I messed up the grub boot menu. Got pushed to the side for about 3 or 4 hours while I finished editing a paper that was due tonight. Should have it going again before I go to bed. And you're leaving me far...
Dude wat
I am so glad you managed to think of us today ^_^Ivy-E would just go under i7 likely, just need to update the manual. GPU slot should be listed with the CPU and if it isn't you could add a GPU slot which should find your GPU and make use of it.Our i7 slot is full and off the top of my head I'm not sure if any of the other teams have an opening for CPU folders. Our team could really use one of your 670s though.
Quasi-exclusive Teams are basically locked in when all spots are filled, but we have quite a few openings and so do a few other teams! Team spots are based on the hardware being folded and given the hardware you have, you could fit in quite a few positions! [[SPOILER]] Are you looking to join MLP: Folding is Magic?
My God @Paul17041993 you're about to surpass me after I had a hellova head start! Also, do I hold the uptime record yet?
Like I said in private, just glad to know you didn't run away. ^_^Keep us up to date as best you can, I know that's kinda hard when your internet goes down though. Before we had an official team thread we kept each other up to date through twitter, here is mine if you have one:! dman be raising the dead! I usually go with a really conservative overclocking in conjunction with folding. Raise GPU clock, fold for about a week, raise it...
I was just noticing that his spot was saying zero points and the vacant space had 25k
NSFW that man! My goodness Looks really clean though
I think I found our new Nvidia folder! @ellessessSad day How are we keeping track of these shenanigans then?
So much computing Is the stats page borked up?
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