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I'd argue if it wasn't extremely true. *-*Need to make a cron dead man switch for the folding rig or something.
Nope, I'm like so dead.Upgraded our modem from a SB6120 to a SB6141 and saw absolutely no difference!This is clearly a productive use of my time.Had a similar thing happen with Comcast. They replace the ends of each coax cable and call it good. :/
Oh my! Heavy equipment coming to town! Assuming some consistent folding, why not reign supreme on OCN's only pink team?
You're right I'm long over due for another 3 hour drive for a cup of coffee. What are you doing next Saturday?
If I had looked up the model number I would have known, but I just saw a really cheap awesome UPS and had to jump on it. I'll make an adapter to use in average American socket and hope it never needs more than ~15amp It shouldn't since I'll only have my desktop and one monitor hooked to it at any given point. I only worry about initially charging the batteries. Bought it as-is and untested. Everything looks good inside, but the batteries could be toast. We'll see!
I've at least something of an update. I got a new (to me) UPS! It's a Tripp-Lite SMART3000RM2UIt's a bit of beast, but I've not been able to plug it in because it it has an L530P plug on it Thanks for that Bee Dub GeeLesser thanks. Maybe just a pat on the head.
A first for me to post that Welcome aboard What banner would you like for the OP? We more or less borrow them from Brony@Home
MLP Group | Official OCN:MLP Fan Club | Team Stats Page 2015 official start and end times have yet to be determined. If you already have a folding name and passkey, just use it and don't change a thing! If you don't have a folding name or a passkey, here is one with a bonus enabled passkey so you get the bonus points: Team Folding name: OCN_Ponies (Case Sensitive) Passkey: dbac2467c299e082df7fd7475735f585 Team Number: 37726 If you need a hand with anything, go...
I like it! With it's small size and available ports, there starts to become the problem I'd want it to do to many different yet specific jobs. I'd want one of those little guys to be my HTPC, router and possibly a guest or ultra mobile gaming rig (depending on processor).
Whoops, looked at the wrong rig in his sig Regardless, I'm sure it'll beat me wee little 4930k
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