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DidoBuzzin is now a brick
I've never been able to find a fan controller of very good quality. Regardless, It's starting to look like a computer. Second reservoir looks empty, have you done an initial boot yet?
Captains can't actually add folders to the stats page. I've PMed a few editors and all we can do at this point is wait. :/Last we spoke he was in a bit in a rough patch. I'll try to reach out.
Give a hardy welcome to our newest member! @animal0307
I can't handle that build.[heavy breathing]
May I direct you to someone's signature repair tutorial?
Already PMed anubis, which is the more important one than the OP. I'll update it tomorrow at work or when I have some free time.
I'm waiting to see my pay check for the last two weeks. Hopefully going to be buying an upgrade The 4930K is likely, but this is just so tempting....If DDR4 didn't cost so much I could more easily justify it.My H100 (non-i) quazi died months ago, but is still chugging along. None of the fan ports on the thing work and the LEDs are off, but it still pumps water. I wanted to possibly go Xeon, but they're really expensive...(says the guy who wants to go to DDR4 memory)So,...
What are you doing with that Xeon?!
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