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Wait, hertz is a folding editor now?! Congrats mate
@DownshiftArtist are you folding with your new 660ti? I need to change the OP and PM anubis if you are
Sweet card I've not tested it, but I assume running in a VM would be lower PPD than running bare metal. My ultimate goal is to get windows working in a VM with VT-d support so I can windows game on Linux.
@animal0307 is taking a road trip. He'll take our last open spot when he gets back. I was down for a whole day a few days ago because I rebooted to windows and then forgot to boot back into linux
So, I'm surprised no one recommended waiting till Haswell-E. I'm having a hard time justifying the cost of a new board. I also want new toys, so if there is some justification. I'd like to hear it.
Servers keep going down and so many bugs! Definitely still in Alpha. Having never played an MMO before, I like it. sayaman is second best pone. We're actually competitive! We just need to fill the last spot....
Game servers are live and I'm trying to get a party going before I have to go do stuff today! My character name is Tinker Thinker
Finished my two weeks of training! Job has been pretty good so far. I'm excited to get my first pay check I'm thinking 4930K. Lower power consumption than current chip and the 3930K. I also like how 4930k supports 1866mhz memory.Compared to current chip to 3930K other input is encouraged for this topic. That fluffy butt is a tough...
What a completely overkill and simply beautiful project. Subed.
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