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Everyone's on the same page! This is rare
I got the reference I'll get right on it
*girly noises*
Because it's like 90 points higher duh!
Team Captains were actually talking about adding 970 into TC. I just sorta assumed 960 was already in somewhere (my bad)
Will you still have the 960 and could you still fold on it?
So, 960 isn't allowed in TC just yet, but when it is we'll just switch animal and Downshift in GPU-W and Nvidia categories.
Small update to anyone who missed it: There is talk about moving 670 to GPU-W, didn't look at the category list recently, but it's likely to move.That'd be pretty sweet, but I don't know anyone in the market for a graphics card just yet. You put it in the OCN market place?I'm not too worried about it just yet. Just haven't had time to tear the rig apart. I'm on spring break next week though, so hopefully then.
Sub'd Keep 'em folding
This seems like a reasonable move for the progression of hardware. Another thread for the 960?
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