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Should just give yourself those bonus points for finding him for us!
Hey @Tex1954 you might be getting a break here on some of your folding! @Duality92 will hopefully soon be joining our ranks
Signed up
Umm, does one of the folding editors have control of the OP? It doesn't look like I'm able to edit it.
My favorite Aussie bloke posted another great LCD video that I thought was awesome and wanted to share.@Semerkant - I don't think your problem is in the power board, but after watching the video above there is also checking the panel for little burnt components!Thanks for all the praise! Quite literally the only reason I've done this
Oh my, I haven't had much luck with controller board diagnostics. Start with with the simple stuff are any solder joints broken or weak? Does it pass the sniff test?How is anyone supposed to work with only three monitors? Your going to have to give me one of those two for further experimentation.
Nope, bad team! Err, I'll check the rig when I get home. Gotta put a deadman switch on that bad boy. Emails me if the rig stops responding.
Oh yeah the reason I came here, we're looking to add some newer cards into the competition. Add R9 Fury, Fury X and NANO to AMD also/or just Add GTX 1060 to GPU-L
Oh, the memories we've made together! Two jeeps out back, motorcycle in the living room, ethernet run through the cooling vents and a roof caving in overhead... Some day you'll graduate and we'll do it again! Hopefully with less ceiling on the floor!
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