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Well I don't see why no-.. Wait aren't you another captain? Rainbow tights guys or something like that?
Ah geez, leave for a weekend and look what happens! No errors in the log, just waiting for work!It'll be such a cute little ball of folding!
Err ahhhGreat stuff! Would you like to be Vice Captain!?
Wait, are we close to actually winning? I can bump a decent overclock onto my junk!
Look like everyone else's? It looks fine! What banner would you like in the original post? You can see the choices here:
Welcome fasttracker440!
I'd argue if it wasn't extremely true. *-*Need to make a cron dead man switch for the folding rig or something.
Nope, I'm like so dead.Upgraded our modem from a SB6120 to a SB6141 and saw absolutely no difference!This is clearly a productive use of my time.Had a similar thing happen with Comcast. They replace the ends of each coax cable and call it good. :/
Oh my! Heavy equipment coming to town! Assuming some consistent folding, why not reign supreme on OCN's only pink team?
You're right I'm long over due for another 3 hour drive for a cup of coffee. What are you doing next Saturday?
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