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Quote: Originally Posted by UnAimed So it is the latest generation? Yeah, I just got it a week ago from today from the Apple store.
Okay, I have a brand new iPod Touch 8GB in my possession. Brand new in box. I don't know its exact version but I got it at the Apple store very recently. What's a good price for it?
Quote: Originally Posted by jemping Apt Quadruped Amneamnius [-Snake-] me we are in for 4 pack borderlands.. Who wants to buy it? I'm game, but I won't be able to be the purchaser.
Quote: Originally Posted by jemping Borderlands 4 pack... Who has not had Borderlands yet?? Hahaha, that would be me. I've heard mixed feelings about the game, but I think I might buy it since it's so cheap.
Quote: Originally Posted by Synec Sweet! Killing Floor $5! How is trine? Trine is well worth $4. It is a very enjoyable sidescrolling 3d game. Download the demo if you really need to check it out.
The A700/AD700 headphones are superior. The AD700s arguably have the better quality when compared to the A700s. However, the AD700s are open (leak sound and don't cancel noise from the outside) so they may not be ideal if there is a lot of background noise or you are in an environment meant to be quiet. The A700s are closed (don't leak much if at all and are noise canceling) and they should also have more bass than the AD700s. It's safe to assume that... closed headphones...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cryraxz Im only 1 of 5.6% that uses DX11? really? i would expect alot more, i mean come on AVP!!! I don't think so. Granted, I'm a student but I can't fathom purchasing a graphics card for more than $200. The most I have spent on one graphics card is $130. DX11 cards are overkill (at the moment) and money gobblers. Interesting to see the Mac statistics...
Quote: Originally Posted by Deluded Doesn't the above area look IDENTICAL to Kasumi's loyalty mission? :O Yes it does!
Quote: Originally Posted by srsparky32 true words. every time i attempt to make my own version of maleshep it just dosent turn out right. the facial features are dumb, you have a choice of 1. a babyface 2. old geezer with a lot of scars 3. some dude with too many bags under his eyes and a pinkish purplish face 4. Obama Shepard!
I'm in, I have never gotten around to trying it out.
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