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Orkut was big in India and Brazil. That's all i know bout it... Oh and that it sounds kind if dirty in Finnish...
But this program is not going against this principle... Why is everyone assuming so ?I see lots of comments here where people are suggesting this program is about simply "wanting to hire more women".This program is about trying to increase the amount of women that are "best suited for the job".This is one of the things i'm sure they are trying to tackle with this program. Even girls that are interested in tech might end up in other fields because of cultural reasons -...
Something I always wanted to add to my CV as programmer. "Boob-physics programmer on multiple AAA titles from 2006-2014".
I get your point but this is not entirely true. There are unbelieveable differences in USB charging cables. My friend went through a bunch of under 5€ bulk cables from china when trying to find the cheapest usable for our product. Many of them were so crappy they wouldn't charge the device fast enough when it was powered on. The battery would run out when charging.
A reservoir of water three times the volume of all the oceans has been discovered deep beneath the Earth's surface. The finding could help explain where Earth's seas came from.
IF you live in a household that can afford a PC or a console, and have the free time to play instead of working double shift and trying to survive, sure you might BE more optimistic about this stuff
I'd like a stable bf4 Mantle with my 7970 but i doubt the drivers fix that.
Yes. That exactly is the main benefit of Mantle.
If a restaurant serves you uncooked rice, you expect them to make it up by offering you another portion of umcooked rice on a different plate for a reduced price?
And here i was thinking the Intel rep would say 'we havwe just developed something almos as good as Siri"
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