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I may have to sell my Rocketfish and start a new build with one of these. Looks like a modder's dream.
From what remember about that setup, the speakers are driven from the sub? If I remember correctly, you ran the line out of your sound card to the sub and the speakers connected to the sub? Is that how yours is connected? If so, you will need something similar, or just swap out for a new 2.1 system.
Looks good. And no I never thought about the junkie's dad was Q, but you are indeed correct.
Sweet build. Makes me want to get a project started.
Faceplate for 2RU res?
Check ebay. Might find one that has the proper i/o for your board.
You will not see much of a difference in performance. There are so many variables in any given WC loop that it may even be better for your specific situation. The tests you see on these rads vary a lot if you take the time to wade through them. I suspect the other variables in your loop will have as much or more effect on performance than choosing a CF rad or not. If it makes your life easier, I say go for it.
Nice card. Not a bad price either...
Congrats on both fronts.
My Sony rep showed us one of these before the holiday. Very impressive.
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