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Initial build of my new system. Need to figure a different video card to get, but its a work in progress. H110 JUST fits at the top. Need to get some adapter cables for the fans (only one pwm header) but forfills my goal all ok. Left the front fan unplugged, and will likely leave the rear one unplugged also. Want a near silent build. The video card is louder than the rear fan for the moment anyhow. Its so dark inside too, coming from my mega Lian Li v2010b with 5 White...
There is one on a local forum in Australia for $ tempting but I tend to inspect anything I buy over $300, and this is on the other side if the country :/70-200L II is my third most used lens unfortunately. 50mm Zeiss for landscapes, 17-40L for events, the 70-200L.My other lenses pretty much don't get used now, so selling them soon. 85 1.8 and tamron 28-75 2.8
Im selling my 85 1.8 atm, looking at the Sigma 35 1.4 to compliment my 50mm Zeiss for my landscape shots (stitched panos), and for party/walk-a-round lens.135L would be nice too, but my 70-200L II is too dam nice.....135L one day maybe
Look at the Asrock boards if your looking to do VT-D (device passthrough) - havent found an Asus/gigabyte board that has it working as yet.
so not a heap in the scheme of things......nice effort..... ps - get on FB
What are you doing on it ?
Ill have a look though those other models too, see what is available locally.Yup - shipping sucks ALOT!Indeed. $699 locally for the SB1000 new, not found anything for sale either. Review is glowing for it though that ive read. Might save up for a while and still get it....sub worth the same as the monitor pair - yippy.Any other brands/models to search for locally?Guessing there is nothing worth wild looking at in a cheaper range either? ~$300ish?
For the mean time, its in my room at home (4*3m), but will go with me when i move out whenever that happens..... Disturbance of others atm isnt much of an issue, but with the prices of housing near me atm, will be an issue soon. Sub would be more utilized for music, and occasional movies. My monitors are good to about 100hz ( if you turn them up loud enough to annoy anyone at home and they sound awesome), the speakers i have running atm are good to about 60hz and thats...
Hey all, Contemplating adding a sub to my 2.0 setup that i have just upgraded a few months ago. Mains: Swan t200b monitor pair Near field listening (Speaker | 24" | 27" | 24" | Speaker) Ive got my old speakers (Swan D1080 mk II 08) as a 'sub' atm via the Xonar D2x crossover - but looking for a proper sub to add to the setup. Like detailed bass, not "whump whump whump" etc Not sure when funds would be available for it - but looking around atm. Probably $500 max i think...
EDIT - got Ninja'd 8/10 - looks like a nice spot for a panorama Wombarra by scottath, on Flickr Another pano. Raining morning - made it into ice with a long exposure - again multi-images stitched.
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