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Installing, uninstalling, installing, uninstalling my mcw60 on the gpu not trying to achieve better temps but to try and isolate why the card crashes the computer with that and unisink installed. As of now running it on stock cooler and is stable in furmark. if off topic here i had a case of with my setup; surprised how much driver problems can cause. All is stable now and back on water
Quote: Originally Posted by Sethy666 If your off to the phamacy, ask for a box of Alco wipes... the things you use to prep the skin before an injection. Make sure you get the non-lint ones.. I use them all the time. No mess, no fuss,, paste be gone Good idea, if i ever decide to change my method i might give that a try. For me cleaning TIM dry/ water damp paper towel for the bulk of it and final cleaning Q-tip and rubbing alcohol.
EDIT: had some instability in the cpu/NB/ram and is stable now for 1hr 30 min linpack in OCCT. New issue i have isolated fur mark crashes locks up comp during stress test after 60sec -100sec look for new topic tonight or tomorrow in nvidia section
Quote: Originally Posted by iandroo888 get reinforced cutting discs with the dremel and ur golden for cutting almost anything... dont add weight to the tool while cutting. will kill ur motor the discs might seem expensive for just like 5.. but they last a long time if u use em correctly.. much better than those brown cheap ones this The cheap brown ones are flimsy and break easily in you hand. Not ideal for case modding. Definitely find...
For raiding drives the only things you really shouldn't mix is RPM, cache size, and all are sata. You can use different GB sized drives just all drives will be reduced to the smallest GB drive in the array. I have 3 different brands and 2 different sata standards on my array and works fine brand ab 7200 8mb 80gb reads 74.72 sata 1.5 brand ab 7200 8mb 80gb reads 74.72 sata 1.5 brand ce 7200 8mb 80gb reads 74.84 sata 1.5 brand bc 7200 8mb 80gb reads 76.32 sata 3.0
In would like to use it for blowing on either my ram, NB, or gfx uni sink.
In, would like to get on the SSD bandwagon
If he is working on HD video files i would highly recommend a i7 (8 threads counting HT) and a raid 0 array
Today and past 2 days. Re routed tubing to accommodate a mcw60 gpu block and swiftec micro res ver2. Filled loop with bottled water (was no distilled or de-ionized water at walmart completely sold out ). Bleed the loop of air very fast compared to "T" line previously. Still checking to be sure no dips and none yet.
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