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What's your primary usage? gaming? video editing? encoding? graphics design?There's Haswell-E and the Haswell refresh on the Intel side. AMD hasn't changed much since BD.
Ohhhh Congratz guys!!!
Props to you mate!! I've replied to the PM so hopefully I can set the permissions for you. Apologies to all about not being able to update the spreadsheet, been every so busy with new job. Hope everyone is doing well!!!!
Hey guys, how would the Be Quiet! BN220 Pure Power L8 Power Supply (300 Watts) 80 Plus Bronze compare to the Antec VP350P? Which would be a better investment considering both are of similar price?
Was only looking at the Be Quiet range and thanks for the review info. Hopefully the internals of the 350w is the same on the 300w.Thanks everyone!!
Unfortunately with being on a budget, the SFX gold is out of the question.
As title says, I've been looking for reliable SFX or small factor PSU's and need some suggestions. I've come across the Be Quiet BN133 SFX 300W PSU but couldn't find any reviews on it. Anyone has any idea of the OEM of that particular PSU and it's quality? Thanks Edit: Also the Be Quiet SFX BN134 350W.
Thank you for the information, much appreciated!! +rep
Thanks for all the suggestions +rep all around!
Currently working on a few HTPC builds, can you guys recommend a few low profile coolers that will work better than the stock cooler. I would appreciate it if you would consider a couple from low, medium and high budget as well. List as many as you like Thanks. EDIT: here are a few that I have come across: Thermalright AXP-100 Scythe Shuriken Big 2 Rev.B Arctic Freezer 11 LP Low Profile Intel CPU Cooler
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