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Hello and welcome to OCN
Thanks I think I'll just stick to the XFX Pro Series 450w.
Any thoughts on the Integra M 450W? Can't seem to find a single review on that PSU. Thanks
Does the sound bar in the volume mixer under the flash player show audio is playing? Open up chrome with a YouTube video and post a screenshot of your volume mixer during audio playback. EDIT: By the way, since that latest chrome update, I've had quite a few issues with it mainly Java related. For example when I visit and click on anything like paste as plain text or templates etc the popup is doesn't register any mouse clicks whatsoever.
Sorry I have to ask but did you check the volume mixer?
Unless you NEED to upgrade, I would just wait. But if you was looking to purchase something, I would look at an SSD and a monitor. AFTER you purchase a monitor, if you see that your current GPU is not able to handle that games that YOU play, maybe then look at upgrading the GPU. Also from the the applications that you use, if you are doing some video / photo 3d modelling or editing etc and find that you are running out of memory, think about upgrading to 16GB. ...
What are you mainly using your rig for? What res monitor are you running?
Subbed to read later.
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