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64bit ubuntu/debian works well with R and Python for data analysis.I'd LOVE 512GB ram for doing bootstrapping and simulations in-memory
Cell is a PowerPC derivative FYI...
I see little reason at this point. The last half decent WebOS product was the HP Touchpad and that's only because it was $100 at a time tablets were $500.
Remember the 256 bit HD 3870s performing on par with the 256 bit 2900XTs? the core is at a constant speed, the memory bandwidth doesn't matter a ton.If core performance is upped by 50%, it might make sense to scale memory bandwidth appropriately - when it's a $700+, no compromises product.
Reducing redundant heads (finance, accounting, strategy, marketing)Increased scale for infrastructure roll outs (reduced purchasing costs, more optimal routing, etc.)SYNERGIES - I don't actually know what this means but the 22 year old Harvard philosophy major turned investment banker made this sound really important.
Ahh industry at work - people complain and a fix comes. I actually held off on a good deal on a drive because of this issue. I'll probably wait until 1TB SSDs hit $200 or so.
What's wrong with HDMI?Serious question.
I need more DVI cables. My 3 monitors only have 1x display port and that's how I connect my laptops(one is thunderbolt the other full-sized DP). I don't want to play a cable swapping game.
I was referring more to the person spending 13k on a computer overall.$500 for a board is steep but it's only 4% of the 13k amount...I can still understand spending that kind of money on a system, doing data analysis in memory is a lot better than on disk - it'd only be around $800-1200 to max out the memory on a board with 64GB DDR3 RAM though. Cases like that are often embarrassingly parallel and you'd probably end up better with 2-4 networked midrange computers with...
There's usually a difference in reliability in a 10k car and a 1k car(which is important for people who want to hold down a job) and cars operate as a status symbol moreso than computers.My 12 year old truck is closer to 1k than 10k though, hahaha.I also use my computer more than anything else. My tower is around 1k or so... my monitors were around 1500 for all 3. Mouse + KB 200. Diminishing returns kick in fast.My priorities: financial health , fun activities, health,...
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