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How about info on future tech such mememristors? Anything for us to yearn for or is that too far off(if ever)?
tempting.... must wait ~1 year for DDR4 prices to drop. I want 32GB at a reasonable cost.
That's expected at launch. The benefit of having more cores/threads comes a few years AFTER the chip is released... you know, like when other, better options are available at a lower cost.Happened throughout history.2004 A64 vs. P4 with HT, the Athlon was the better the chip at the time, but here and today the P4 performs better - applications run more threads and OSes are better at handling HT. Both are slow though. You'd have been better off with the A64.2008 Penryn vs....
Yeah... except when Conroe ES were OCing higher than Conroe retail.It depends. Different batches have different properties. I think at this point Intel is more concerned with yield and power draw than clock speed scaling.
roughly 2500 records per citizen(assuming this came from citizens) Awesome
These days - yes. In the past - no.Upgrade cycles in the past were quicker and more impactful at a rate of nearly 2x/year. These days I expect a 1.5x increase in performance every 2 years(up about 22%/year )5800 to 6800 2x increase in performance WITH visual improvements -,789.html6800 to 7800 2x increase in performance - to 8800 2x increase - GIve this a watch guys if you're interested in architecture. It's free and the course will be up for at least a few more weeks. You might need to register. Totally worth it, you can learn A LOT for free on sites like this.
I can't even run DOS games on modern systems. I'm impressed.
These days a lot of operations that took multiple cycles can now be done in one cycle. Classic RISC designs have also taken on more functions. In practice both philosophies see from the best the other and designs have converged.
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