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Buying a brand new CPU, motherboard and RAM uses resources. That's consuming more.
People have always said "you can't see past 60Hz" and I called them full of it. I'm going to say that you can see past 120Hz but that it doesn't matter.
Ehh...Digging up the earth, transporting raw materials all over the world, bathing them in a slew of exotic chemicals and then delivering the result to your doorstep also harms the environment.Most of the time, for most things NOT consuming more comes out ahead.
You'll never make up the cost of buying all new parts [CPU, Motherboard and RAM] after you factor in the opportunity cost.
So here's the thing... 5-10% higher clocks. ~20% higher per clock performance.... so overall around 30% faster in single threaded multi threaded tasks, assuming HT gives a 30% boost... 1.3*1.3/2 ~= .85 you're down by around 15% vs the 2500kRough numbers and it'll vary by the task of course. Overall it'd be a sidegrade. No compelling reason to swap vs the 2500k.
Same die.It's deeply built into the design. Each core requires around ~10% more silicon for the ability to improve multithreaded performance by around ~30% by virtualizing 2 cores. This requires 2 different data streams to be fed into the CPU though.
Number of times suspended during k-12: 0 Number of "not satisfactory" citizenship marks attained in HS: 0 Number of criminal offenses: 0 Number of bachelors degrees from a top university: 1 Number of masters degrees from a top university: 1, possibly 2 Number of fortune 100 employers on my resume: 3 Time wasted on videogames: ∞ AMD systems being reviewed by Linus. AMD sponsored. No hard numbers but it looks like AMD's chips are hanging in there fairly well. Infinity Fabric technology is mentioned - this tech allows cores to communicate more efficiently. "This is shaping up to be a very, very interesting fight"
1) AMD measures tdp differently from Intel2) we don't really know much about the clock scaling yet. I mean heck, have ARM chips at 2Ghz which sip power but it'd be crazy to try to get them to 4Ghz.3) the rumors of Zen at 5ghz are rumors4) those saying Ivy Bridge per clock performance forget that Intel's latest chips aren't that much faster per clock... Also 2x the cores is nice.
This is a good start assuming they weren't pushing the chip's limits. Realistically I want 4Ghz base and 4.6ish GHz turbo (1 core) running 24/7 under water and around Ivy Bridge performance per clock.
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