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Can we get ln2 OCing on a phone?
getting a satellite into geosynchronous orbit was deemed nearly impossible. Hard to stabilize it.Interesting fact, two weeks ago I met this guy - - he worked at the predecessor of my current company while he was doing that work.
Glad I have a system with admin rights.
Most civilizations believed the Earth orbited the Sun. It was mainly just the vatican.
Similar latency to ddr1-400.16/6 ~= 2.6Remember, timings are measured in cycles. At the same time, RAM bandwidth is up 6x at same number channels and cpu cache sizes are much larger.A few years from now, clocks will be up and timings will stay similar, thus cutting latency overall.
Making a learning algorithm for chess isn't that hard.The algorithm used to make Watson in Jeopardy is far more advanced than that... Just the language recognition component alone is leagues more complex than a simple game of chess.
I'm also in the area... are you sure it isn't the Brentwood in northern California though?
I wonder if something like this would work well for a Hadoop system where edits aren't done too often to the data. Humm...
I'll settle for 27" at that price.
The economy part might be a bit off. If it takes 100 years for it to pay for itself, we're better off paying down the national debt. I can see some uses for this but MOST of them would be limited. These would need to be in or around cities and would probably work best in malls where they can be designed around having less weight on them. This might work in Phoenix Arizona, it won't work in Alaska.
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