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Will have to see how this and Zen compete. I'm done with having only 4 threads in my system... it's time to go to 8+.
The charts I've seen indicate it's abysmal.QLC could work for flash drives.It could also work for Hadoop and Hadoop-like systems which are write-once.
If it's at that level for 1/2 thread tasks and price competitive my next system will have a Zen in it.
Remember when Google asked for a user-entered N-word to use for their phone? I laughed.
Let's say that the practical benefits of node shrinks stop at 5nm. Realistically we can only up die density by 5x.Within the next 20 years, for neural nets and similar we might be able to get a 5x improvement in silicon capacity and a 1000x improvement in inefficiencies by using the right architecture(that is architectural improvements double the performance every year).... this is pretty optimistic in my opinion. This'll allow a lot of interesting problems to be tackled...
If they held timings constant, this is not at all surprising. You're literally cutting performance in half If timings were tightened at lower frequencies, then this is surprising, I'd have thought that the delta would be much smaller - it usually is.
Consumer Cards:.. works for 8 hours, then goes to restProfessional Cards:.. works for 8 years, then goes to rest
If you don't enforce your copyright you lose it... setting a CND after it's on the internet is about as lax as it gets.... since once it's online it's OUT there.
I'll just leave it at this... now that I have a solid income and relatively little time... I don't see the time and effort of cracking a game as being worthwhile relative to going the legit route.I think that's their goal though... not to keep out the poor who have time on their hands, but the inconvenience the otherwise affluent.
They would've had to have redesigned the card significantly to leave it off completely.Now, if they MARKETED it differently, that's another story.
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