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1 week later, it's the second fastest system out there.
People upgrade what they use. They use their phones the most. There was also a culture of bi-yearly upgrades due to carrier subsidies. Both phones and tablets are slowing in their user turnover rate and there are fewer new users. It's only a matter before the same happens to cells. people will continue to use all of these devices, just not replace them. The benefits of upgrading are diminishing.
I'll laugh if it's just the presence of a strapping and your choices are 100 or 133 with little in between.
Caselabs's legal team apologizes to ThermalTake's legal team.
Some of it is certainly that.Other bits are just incompetence and a lack of resources on AMD's end. They were caught off guard by Conroe (even though the OCing community knew Intel had a winner in their Pentium Ms) overextended when they bought ATi, they came up with an overly ambitious architecture with k10, then there's the shift to mobile... AMD's executive team should've seen most or all of this coming and executed better.
your biggest cost will be with doing the actual routing of the cable. Go with 10GB/s cable and don't look back.
buying AMD could save MS 1.2BN a year? NO NO NO NO NO. There are international transfer pricing laws which would prevent internal pricing from being too far out of line with market prices. Also profits/losses would ultimately flow through to MS so there IS no savings. any benefit would be from closer hardware/software integration.
I'm still waiting on patch 1.10 for CNC3 and 1.03 for CNC3-KQ by 1.09 and 1.02 respectively the games became bugfests and the AIs were crippled... this included the AI for harvesters. You should not have to mico your harvesters into doing their job.
My roommate, a relatively new SpaceX employee, and two or three of his friends(coworkers?) made an awfully saddened grunting noise earlier yesterday. It woke me up.
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