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It's all relative. Do you know someone who knows someone who this happened to?If your population is 1BN people it's bound to happen to at least a few people.Some of this has to do with the saliency of the event. Apple draws more fire. Windows Phone and BBY have small shares.
It depends. Imagine two laptops that are internally about the same other than the gpu. It's very possible to overclock the lower end version to a point where it dumps less heat than the higher end variant. Sometimes you can get a 50% increase in performance this way.I wouldn't oc the top end variant though.
Does it come with snake oil?
does that hold for 2x120MM rads as well?
Ouch... I was kind of excited about this. I even heard the COO of SpaceX talk about this earlier today (She gave a presentation at my workplace)
So what you're saying is that big companies and big government combine in such ways that it doesn't benefit the average person?Shocking.
I thought it was widely held that these AIO Water coolers generally outperformed air, especially as the heat rose... They're also pricier... Did Noctua put out something really good since I last checked?
'12 Quantitative EconomicsStatistics, Accounting minorsWorking in IT for past 2-3 years. Go figure hahaOur computers are also fairly similar as well.
Zot! Zot! Zot!What'd you study? Math/Econ here.
You could argue by similar logic that computer science is a humanities class. Geek culture has its own intricacies.
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