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They're getting REALLY close to what I want in a case. I desire ventilation on the top AND bottom, and the graphics card should be next to a meshy area so it can draw in fresh air directly. If possible, an adjustable shroud should be included for cards. I wonder what the options are for WCed mini systems... I also wonder about audio quality and options there... Ideally the GPU and sound card would be combined, well in the future. I'd need to make a lot more/wait to...
pressure comes from there being a lot of stuff(think molecules) in the immediate area the push down on you or some object.In space there's practically nothing - no air.Under water, there's a lot of water. The deeper you go, the more water there is above. Consequently there gets to be more and more pressure as you descend.
you might be able to avoid remodeling your house to fit it in the door/through a hall...
Any reason not to get 4x 55" TVs with slim Bezels instead?
Remember the unlocked Conroe ES chips? Drool... I wish I had the money back in the day. By that I mean I wish I had so much cash I wouldn't even have to think about it(7 figure income).
It's entertainment. Loosely speaking it can substitute for a lot of other types of entertainment.Know anyone under the age of 20? They're watching a lot of stuff online, often on their phones. Cable companies and media corporations are well aware of this trend and they know that their historical bread and butter, Baby boomers and Gen Xers, will one day die.
it only takes Quad SLI GTX 980, 64GB RAM and a hex core i7 @ 5GHz.
This sounds like some sort of gumbel distribution....I'd almost argue that you'd want a greater quantity, then use a kaplan meier estimator coupled with logistic regression to generate some sort of curve and estimate the mean from there.I might be a bit off, I'm NOT a reliability engineer by trade though I've dealt with a few problems within the realm.
depends on1) PHYSICAL drive platter size2) Platter Capacity3) RPMeach time a drive rotates, the heads over over so much data. More data being moved over roughly translates to more speed. If disc density is doubled, you'd expect read speed to go up by roughly 40% all else equal. This might not always be the case because sometimes there might be proportionately more "tracks" which the drive would have as opposed to simply more dense tracks. Seeking is more complex.if you...
Depends... if you're bandwidth bound it's likely a lot cheaper and more reliable than a raid array of SSDs over fiberchannel, coupled with a multisystem processing set up.
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