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This is BS, google's advertising is predominantly bidding based. Google isn't exactly price setting. Now, one could argue that their FREE web search and the associated value derived from the auction system is artificially driving UP prices for business... except for the fact that ROI as measured by CPC and CPM is comparable to many other web outlets while being an order of magnitude cheaper than say print advertising, billboards and radio.
Will this prevent adblock from functioning?
What you're saying is that there will be a small benefit because the rendered frames will match the timing of the monitor more closely, correct?That is, the the typical time between frame output would be better.
Not unless you do a serious GPU upgrade. Your bus is faster than your current GPU.One thing to note, your CPU might be holding you back a bit, core i3s are generally faster than a c2q in gaming.
There aren't really any cutoffs per se. There just comes a point where the tradeoffs aren't really worth the benefit any more.For sane ranges, at a constant viewing distance, think utility as a function of DPI that's roughly logarithmic.benefit ~ log(ppi)log(100) ~= 4.6log(150) ~= 5 log(200) ~= 5.3log(300) ~= 5.7 log(400) ~= 6 log(500) ~= 6.2log(600) ~= 6.55...log(10000) ~= 9.21log(10100) ~= 9.22There comes a point where it doesn't really matter so much. Increasing the ppi...
I bought a small, passive NB heatsink a bit over 5 years ago and their clip on mic. They haven't been competitive for a while and getting drug into another company's accounting fraud certainly isn't helpful. It's hard to run a competitive business when your AR and AP are fubar and engineering/logistics isn't the focus.
Science - ruining every regulation out there since... forever.
They're both professional services companies.I'd argue it's less about revenue than influence. The strat/ops guys tend to exert more influence than someone doing an audit.Revenue also has flaws... compare Walmart(476BB revenue) to google(60BB), the latter arguably has more influence.
I'd say almost everywhere but Tax and Audit... which McKinsey doesn't do.
yeah... except in practice Linux tends to draw more power due to the phenomenon known as "cruddy drivers".
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