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break component into n pieces(usually naively such that each piece has an equal number of items to process), calculate over n cores, recombine and process information, repeat.Then there are memory coherency and load balancing issues, at times the computer time might scale with the integer being used within some loop, this results in a need to break up loops by estimated(e.g. for each item in a loop, calculate i^i^i^i).if one of the n pieces takes too long to process then...
Rule 34 shall gain increased prominence.
Define bigtime corporation. I'm at an F100...
Does that have any expected impact?
Wait until your blues wear out.
and my 660Ti is still doing just fine and it's about half as powerful as the 780Ti at a third the price... Reminds me of the GeForce 6600 vs. 6800 performance difference... except I got my card earlier at less than half the cost and if I sacrifice on AA or res the actual real world impact isn't as significant.
read the post above. person asks why anyone would complain about 16:9.
Unless you have 3...then you'll be wishing for 4:3... three of those effectively creating 36:9|Ultimately wall sized, ultra high res screens will eliminate the debate.. You can't go bigger than your living space and if the DPI is sufficiently high then apps can simply scale/adjust as the user desires, black bars be damned(or large portions are ignored)
Less vertical space.21:9 >16:9 > 16:10 imoI have 48:9, by means of three monitors.That's a bit too wide.
if latency is reduced overall, then CL should be within a factor of 2 of DDR3remember CL2 DD1-400 has the same effective latency as CL4 DDR2-800, CL8 DDR3-1600 and CL16 DDR4-3200
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