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I'm expecting this means that it's the same chip with the functional units doubled. NOT SLI in a box.
I'm sure Daimler and Volkswagen are excited about this...
If I find myself with a lot of money further along my career I'll likely use a unit like this one for an amazing "dream build."
I'm predicting the 5000 series will be underwhelming, loud and power-inefficient and the 8000 series will be amazing.
They might want a better graphics card than that though.
Great article. I think some points made REALLY shed light on how whiney some PC gamers are. I think the ideal approach to this complaint should be limiting certain options on first release... wait until game reviews are out... then unlock the sliders in a patch later on... maybe leak a patch that unlocks certain things on day 1.... People will think the company cares AND they won't rant about a lack of optimization.
In game AIs are in the game and have game info fed to them. They're made specifically for one game.This is basically being told - look this is what we have on the screen, here are few things to strive for and a few to avoid, go practice until you're good.The latter approach could in theory be ported to ANY game... imagine your next game's being driven by this... each enemy AI is fed a 100x130 field of pixels at 30FPS(steady) plus info on its own kills/deaths/items and told...
Comcast pretty much needs to do this. Their terrestrial networks are already in place. That's often the hard part. Beyond that, their pay TV service is going to dry up. They need to squeeze use out of what they have.
YES, YES, YES LET'S DO THIS. Make the XB1 and PS4 compatible with it too.
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