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Tape MIGHT work for Distributed Big Data systems (think Hadoop or GFS). They're write/read only and tend to deal with large blocks and almost no seeking. I still see solid state as the future.
80% AUC is pretty good - 50% AUC is random guessing. If you80% AUC is pretty good - 50% AUC is random guessing. If you get 100%, you have PERFECT prediction.If you dial up the selectiveness, you could probably get the algorithm to ban the 30% worst trolls and flag the next 30% for human review with very minimal false positives.
in the last 10 years MS no longer looks so evil, Google is the borg and Apple still charges a large premium.
PURE SPECULATION: If AMD can up single thread performance by say 30% by sharing resources (and have the ability to execute 4 of these said mega-threads) within a module, I'm all for it. If this is done well enough, you could feasibly get a 30% boost for loads dealing with 1-4 threads and a 50% boost for loads utilizing 16+ threads relative to their previous chips. That would make AMD competitive within Intel once again. I really would like to make my next system an AMD...
The glory days were late 90s, early 00s, mid 00s and nothing much else worth mentioning since the launch of the c2d.
In my opinion, there's no issue if they got permission from the CPU-z authors. Anyone know if that's the case?
I'm fine with USB Type C. I just wish there were TWO ports. There probably will be on the next model... at which point they'll likely get rid of the audio port and do that digitally.
Some people actually gain fulfillment from work. It's hard to feel valued by society if you don't do a darn thing.
It's all relative. Do you know someone who knows someone who this happened to?If your population is 1BN people it's bound to happen to at least a few people.Some of this has to do with the saliency of the event. Apple draws more fire. Windows Phone and BBY have small shares.
It depends. Imagine two laptops that are internally about the same other than the gpu. It's very possible to overclock the lower end version to a point where it dumps less heat than the higher end variant. Sometimes you can get a 50% increase in performance this way.I wouldn't oc the top end variant though.
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