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I bought my last system in 2013(3570k)... I'm getting ready for an upgrade(8 cores + faster SSD plz). Intel and AMD better deliver in 2017 otherwise I'm waiting a bit longer... if I can... I need more RAM, 32GB isn't enough for my work (and play)
Thank goodness. relevant to discussion
HD4870 They've done this before.
Compare Core 2 e6800 vs Pentium Extreme Edition
Depends on who you ask but... yes the Athlon Tbird was pretty solid.THE system to have would've likely been dual PIIIs though.
That would be Hitachi.They've been around for a while.
I'm pretty sure that during Athlon vs PIII they were closer (if not ahead) Same with Athlon XP vs Willamette... and Athlon 64 vs Prescott.
coding...It's pretty easy to eat up RAM if you're doing machine learning or AI.
If they're using anything SORT of like the original neural network algorithm, shouldn't they be able to use imprecise computation to set up some sort of proprotype network and then use that as an initialization point for traditional forward/backward propagation?
The people who started the testing that way probably left the company 20 years ago.What you have is a mostly new set of guys who just kept on doing what those before did without thinking about it."Here's the procedure for doing it in the US, report these everywhere"When in doubt assume incompetence before malfeasance, especially when dealing with anything REMOTELY concerned with a government.
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