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your biggest cost will be with doing the actual routing of the cable. Go with 10GB/s cable and don't look back.
buying AMD could save MS 1.2BN a year? NO NO NO NO NO. There are international transfer pricing laws which would prevent internal pricing from being too far out of line with market prices. Also profits/losses would ultimately flow through to MS so there IS no savings. any benefit would be from closer hardware/software integration.
I'm still waiting on patch 1.10 for CNC3 and 1.03 for CNC3-KQ by 1.09 and 1.02 respectively the games became bugfests and the AIs were crippled... this included the AI for harvesters. You should not have to mico your harvesters into doing their job.
My roommate, a relatively new SpaceX employee, and two or three of his friends(coworkers?) made an awfully saddened grunting noise earlier yesterday. It woke me up.
It's a combination.In the short run, what it's worth to others dominatesIntrinsic value dominates in the long run (assuming short run deviations don't cascade)
It's not overall productivity that matters. It's the marginal productivity of an additional hour of labor worked at the lowest levels.Usually that's fairly low. They don't affect investment decisions like say a CEO or CFO. If a machine does 99% of the work, the people picking out/developing the machines are more important.
That was fast. How long have/were the Directv + AT&T and Comcast + TWC deals going on for?
Would it be accurate to say that the quantity of jobs stayed roughly constant but the output of said jobs went WAY up.If the cost per tonne shipped is adequately low, from a risk mitigation perspective, it wouldn't be worth it to cut labor. Longshoremen are expensive from what I know.
How much of that labor could be reduced by means of mechanization, a proliferation of sensors and remote assistance?
So as a hypothetical... A pirate would be able to go legit if they're willing to give up a little bit of stability by being bleeding edge... That actually sounds really good to me.
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