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I've seen 16GB kits go for as low as $70 USD in the US. Prices are relatively volatile.I think I paid a total of $200ish for the 32GB that I have right now.
Data analysis, simulations, bootstrapping.It's possible. Trust me it is.Though I'm still in the ~10GB range for my work I could easily just up the size of what I'm working on.
I don't want to replace the 64GB RAM that I have. What's your argument against that?
Definitely looks good so far. This pushes them into direct competition with Android devices for the first time in a while.
Consider RAID 10.
You'll want to ask the user EXACTLY what his needs are. If he's analyzing a couple of 10mb files and not doing any intensive computation you'll be fine with relatively little. I use R and dabble in Python a little. some advice - use linux or at least discuss that with him. RAM. RAM really helps. All of what R does is in memory unless you're running a non-standard distribution or some package. Research Revo R. The free version seems...
If I recall correctly, they outsource production of clips like that.Imagine having to pay 100x as much to produce such a movie... yeah, no...
This would make Skylake an easier buy for me, I've got 32GB I don't want to give up.I wonder how much of a performance hit it is going from DDR4 to DDR3. Probably not much...What's the benefit of AGP on an AM2 board? Replacing a burnt out Prescott?By that time, the 8800 GTX was out(and the 8800GTS) and the fabled 6800 ultra wasn't THAT great. 7800GS maybe?
At 20% they'd be able to exert significant control and might even get a seat on the board. FYI, there are different tax/accounting considerations at varying levels of ownership.
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