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You can if you're Intel.
Looks like we're both gunning for that legendary dead B350 plus, haha.Any idea if any other ASUS boards have the same pin layout?Who should we reach out to at ASUS?
When can we get these in consumer systems? I want an intel chip with big caches and HBM used as a next level cache and MASSIVE amounts of 3dxpoint RAM as system memory.
I bought an ASUS B350m a bit back. I wanted an MATX board and it was the only thing in stock which also had 4 DIMM slots and I checked multiple stores. The VRM on this is this is supposedly decent... they just spited the board's owners with no heatsink. There are mounting holes for VRM heatsinks. The full ATX version of the motherboard has heatsinks which fit into the same mounting holes. Is there any way I can purchase a heatsink (ideally for the equivalent board)...
Not really. I bought the cheapest kit I could find and it was 2800MHz.If your current system fits your use case, then you're fine and there's no need to upgrade other than vanity.With that said, with hyperthreading(err SMT) and much better IPC, Ryzen is about 80% faster in multithreaded applications and about 40% faster in single threaded applications (assumes SMT gives a 30% boost, that Ryzen has 52% better IPC than excavator and that excavator has 15% better IPC than the...
Memory speed doesn't matter THAT much. wonder what happened to I found to be a nice improvement.
Mostly of lower end parts.
So from an "architectural efficiency" perspective it's not apples to apples and I agree.From a "it costs $X to make" standpoint, it's a reasonable figure to put out.From a price perspective, most of Ryzen is priced against 4 core i5 and i7 chips.The 1800x is priced against a 6 core broadwell chip.CPU production costs DO affect margins.
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