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Shut up and take my money.
If they're regulated by the same entity that brought us the NSA you're going to be in for a bad time.
How many hundreds of times do you write over your DLC files and how many tens of thousands of times do you need to save?
Looks to be around 10% slower per clock. This is about what I expected it to be. I also expect Intel's chips to clock around 10% higher... All in all 8 core Ryzen vs 6 Core i7 will be an interesting fight - 20% faster since threaded performance from Intel. 20% faster multi-threaded performance from AMD. We'll see if that ends up being the reality. I place very little faith in the current speculation which is out there.
When they sell to OEMs they don't include the cooler.
There are significant structural differences and generally speaking, a bright guy could work himself up a lot further than he could under a feudal system. At the same time, noble title doesn't carry the same weight it used to - check the Vanderbilt family.While capitalism has its flaws, just like all other systems, it is far removed from feudalism where the poor paid taxes to the rich in exchange for military protection and where lineages determined status moreso than...
Buying a brand new CPU, motherboard and RAM uses resources. That's consuming more.
People have always said "you can't see past 60Hz" and I called them full of it. I'm going to say that you can see past 120Hz but that it doesn't matter.
Ehh...Digging up the earth, transporting raw materials all over the world, bathing them in a slew of exotic chemicals and then delivering the result to your doorstep also harms the environment.Most of the time, for most things NOT consuming more comes out ahead.
You'll never make up the cost of buying all new parts [CPU, Motherboard and RAM] after you factor in the opportunity cost.
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