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If they include Chrono Trigger and/or Final Fantasy 4/5/6 I'm buying one.
RAM Speed doesn't matter when the Infinity frabric of your 8 or 16 core CPU won't go past 3.2GHz no matter how hard you try... or 2666 for the 32GB types.
I do feel like the dock was poorly designed with regards to heat dissipation. Why arbitrarily cover parts of the device?
As a guy who runs 3 60Hz high res monitors, has what's now considered a midrange GPU, multitasks heavily, programs/data-mines and occasionally runs games... I see Ryzen generally getting the same or better worst case scenario frame rates vs the 7700k. The best case frame rates don't matter to me given my set up... and I like never having to close anything. My old 4C/4T CPU was getting lag during general use (SC2 might've been minimized in the background). I've yet to see...
Has anyone come across any benchmarks for these types of activities? Particularly R and python, maybe using algorithms like Random Forest, XGboost and various Artificial Neural networks/deep learning.
We'll probably have to wait for Zen2 before we get that.Zen was made on a limited R&D budget and they needed to get it out the door. The next generation should have a nice bump in either IPC or in clocks (or both)
looking at your chart... we're still on the far left hand side of that.
There are cases where they could be objectively better, e.g. unit A has reliability issues, unit B has poor accuracy, etc.Outside of garbage tier though, yes, it becomes a lot more subjective.
Probably ideal just to do vsynch off with a high refresh rate.As your refresh rate and/or FPS approach infinity, synchronization issues get smaller and smaller.
The delta between Bulldozer and Sandy Bridge was bigger than the delta we're seeing here in games.Also keep in mind that for gaming the intel 6, 8 and 10 core CPUs perform pretty similarly to Ryzen.Don't get me wrong, the 7700k is the best gaming chip here and today by a moderate margin when playing on the highest end video cards using settings almost no one will consider.Under similar scenarios, I expect Ryzen 7 to come out ahead of the 7700k in newer games in a few...
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