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So what's happening to XHTML? Can I stop writing
I love mechanical keyboards But this completely kills portability. Not worth the tradeoffs compared to scissor switch.
Interesting note, I was searching for some abandonware and had 0 issues using the same terms I used over a decade ago when I was 12.
They're calling up dinosaur technology with no real benefit to mankind other than some spectacle.
64bit ubuntu/debian works well with R and Python for data analysis.I'd LOVE 512GB ram for doing bootstrapping and simulations in-memory
Cell is a PowerPC derivative FYI...
I see little reason at this point. The last half decent WebOS product was the HP Touchpad and that's only because it was $100 at a time tablets were $500.
Remember the 256 bit HD 3870s performing on par with the 256 bit 2900XTs? the core is at a constant speed, the memory bandwidth doesn't matter a ton.If core performance is upped by 50%, it might make sense to scale memory bandwidth appropriately - when it's a $700+, no compromises product.
Reducing redundant heads (finance, accounting, strategy, marketing)Increased scale for infrastructure roll outs (reduced purchasing costs, more optimal routing, etc.)SYNERGIES - I don't actually know what this means but the 22 year old Harvard philosophy major turned investment banker made this sound really important.
Ahh industry at work - people complain and a fix comes. I actually held off on a good deal on a drive because of this issue. I'll probably wait until 1TB SSDs hit $200 or so.
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