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The link was removed as soon as CCoR reported a problem.It should not be a problem.
EC 9845 is from BIOS 0003, BIOS 1501 does not overwrite it. Do you mean beta BIOS 0020 or BIOS 0720 when you say TEST BIOS?
Try disconnecting the power cord from the PC and remove the battery for half an hour then try again. Error code 94 is PCI error related as graphics for example.That's good news. I think it was stuck at some BIOS test and could not continue, showing code 94.
@CCoR Can you remove the battery to reset the BIOS and see if it boots up after that?
I mean CCoR have a problem starting his PC after updating to 0702. Don't attempt to flash it or you could brick your motherboard. Please read earlier posts. I don't know if it is something to do with flashing directly from 0020, which could be the case.
Can it boot now?
Please don't flash directly from any BIOS. Something seems to be wrong.I have flashed forth and back from 312 to 310 without problem directly from 1501 and the other time by using 0003, never had a problem.
Can you try flashing this BIOS: is BIOS 0003 from the first page on this thread. Use Flashback to flash it after renaming it to C6H.CAP
No problem. Did you get a black screen with white text on it saying it's updating the BIOS and should not be turned off?
Did you flash it 2 times and got the same result?
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