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I tried what you suggested. Realtemp isn't the culprit
I can't find information on this anywhere. Just purchased 3570K with a Maximus V and running it at 4.3@1.18v with temps at 70-75 in prime. The damn thing won't downclock to 1600MHz while idle anymore. It did the first couple hours I had it running, but everything has gone to crap ever since I installed ASUS AI Suite II. Now it just sometimes decides to downlclock after I put a load on it with prime. When it does decide to downclock, it functions as intended until the...
so did i win?
lower your LLC to 3 and raise vcore to maintain prime stabilityraising PLL will improve low-load stability, so feel free to try that first, but you really shouldn't be using that high of LLC with offsets specifically because of the problem you're having
Then there must be an "Auto" setting that the mobo switched itself, such as C1E or EIST. Force both of those to Enabled and set C3/C6 to Auto and check it.
on my "breaks" my mind is still racing about the job... how do you all switch gears? the more i think about it, I think i just put too much stress on myself
I'd love to participate in coding challenges here, just like I'd love to participate in Intel's, but I never can because I'm always so freakin busy! How do you all do it? Is this only possible between jobs/projects or are all of you participating while working on other projects and I just suck?
The voltage you listed was with full prime. Now put a different full load on it such as F@H and check your voltage. Stay at LLC3 or lower and you'll still be stable.
HardwareDecoder asked a question and I answered it. His question had nothing to do with idle voltage.While we're at it, yes you still get offset benefits at full load if he's idling at full voltage. What you lose are the benefits with all loads in between.
no that's perfect
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