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Saw your other thread in the G502 thread. But yeah, that's how deathadders are. The buttons are integrated with the shell; that's why they feel like crap. you'll love the G502 buttons; as (I assume, like the G5), they are completely independent of the shell housing. It's just the weight and (for some people, the mouse feet) that have people wanting to franken502 the mouse.
The only three I can remember are Combat Arms, Crossfire (Suba/Z8games), and Sudden Attack (now defunct)
Angle snapping is actually a good thing for CERTAIN games (mainly those old crappy Asian produced FPS games based on that gutted FEAR engine; combat arms and the dead Sudden Attack used that engine) and applications, but like many recent mice do (like Logitech G502, and those other Pixart sensor mice, they either have it disabled by default or let you enable it through a driver. Deathadder 3G had it on by default until 2008 or 2009, when razer released optional firmware...
So, Ino, are you as unhappy with the mouse as the other people are? You seem to like it...(I enjoy it too).
You can replace the mouse switch if you know how to solder (normal Omron d2-f or whatever the part# is, I forgot). However another--much easier- fix is (assuming you have replacement mouse feet) is to open up the mouse and spray Deoxit D5 Power booster (or whatever they call it now) into the switch. That usually fixes it right up. If the switch is doubleclicking because it needed a little cleaning, that will do the job.
Nor does my X-fi PCIE fatal1ty Titanium.
Do you think this is the best mouse ever made (design notwithstanding), or close to it, Ino?
Eh? The scroll wheel is *GOD*. It actually has a sensor which only activates a scroll if the wheel is moved at a certain speed, not a certain distance (you can move the wheel 360 degrees and not scroll. And the fact that it actually has resistance (if you turn off the free scroll) means its harder to move accidentally. I love it.
You can also turn on prediction (angle snapping) in the options too. Very nice to have that for annoying games with terrible mouse code that cause erratic movement with snapping off (like Combat arms). I remember having to switch deathadders with different firmware whenever I wanted to play that game...
No accel in UT2004 at 1800 dpi and in game mouse sens of 0.30. Flawless. (Ut2004 being an old but 100% reliable test of true raw input).
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