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It's hard man. I always knew my monitor was bad, but man, it is rough. things are so dark. And it's 24'' but those 3 extra inches seemingly made all the difference. This feels tiny now. Ah well, I couldn't stand the backlight bleed - this may have terrible whites, and horrific blacks...but eh, no backlight bleed. Still sucks...but hopefully my next one has no backlight bleed. I got really lucky and got a pixel perfect, despite not paying for it...I imagine this time...
SSo a very tiny Tablet PC... 2560 x 1600...? Is that really needed? at the size of that monitor, even 680 x 480(DVD) would be hard to tell from even just 720p, let alone 1080p. Seriously... It's excessive, it'll waste power, and it'll probably be slow because pushing that resolution requires serious hardware.
Mmkay. Got a return going, whew, 70$ shipping to their warehouse, expensive, but they shall re-inburse me, supposedly. Still, got to wait for it to get there, then they'll do like a 30 day shipping back to Korea... So all and all, it's like 5 weeks before I'll get a new monitor or my money back. Kinda annoying. But that's dealing internationally for you.
IF you buy a 40$ cooler on Amazon, you can drop those temps by more than half. Your choice.
Twas not.
Where did I say intentionally?This has nothing to do with the panel.Please read, it has to do with the PCB.They were unaware of what was going on.Plenty of monitors with the 2B PCB's were shipping out, that was how they were, by default, then suddenly, they stopped..."stock ran out", right. Now they use generic ones.I find it kind of odd.And now they sell "Extreme" versions of them for 550-600$. That can do 120HZ. While previously the people who bought the 320$ Catleaps...
Yes, I've seen ones with bare minimal, lines along the edge. Mine, as you can see in screenshots, scoops down into the picture. Say I play a movie and it's a nightime seen. The upper left corner is daytime, basically.
We already went over this in several threads. It is not IPS glow.
Not as bad bleeding as this, I hope. And if I does, I return it for good. Just not worth it. I guess I'm super sensitive and it renders the monitor unusable to these might just not be for me.
Yeah, kinda find it odd. This wasn't some 20 year old document. They could have brought this up, I unno, years ago and settled all the law suits against them? Way to fishy. It just pops up after so long? They forgot about what would get every lawyer off their back, until now?
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