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Well after getting a Mega and a pair of panaflo's I invested in a pair of 1600 RPM S Flex's, but being a wally I only needed one and for what I want it doesn't move enoough air. Cue me importing a Silverstone FM181 (180mm 150 CFM) and a FM 121 (120mm 110 CFM). You're lucky you have all these goodies readily available in the States, I'm getting bored with paying international shipping and customs fees, but at the moment I just can't help myself! Think I better...
I have no problems with 2 panaflo's, an S Flex, two 180mm silverstones and a PCI exhaust fan so I don't think there's any need to worry. Think my cathode's are on the same cable too. I'm soon to be importing a higher power 150CFM 180mm Silverstone and a 110CFM 120mm Silverstone, I don't see it being an issue.
I would imagine the answer is you can't if you're exceeding the available current from the PSU, but I'm sure even my panaflo's are only 6w or something so I doubt it'll be an issue. Plus if you're not using them all on full power you presumably won't be drawing 30w per channel.
I got my mega and the clips from overclockers uk along with a 1TB HDD, took just over a week to arrive but I have no complaints. I imported a pair of panaflo's, one for the mega and one for the exhaust that's behind it, and have a sunbeam extreme fan controller looking after all the fans in my case.
Are you going to exceed that with the fans you are using though? Probably not.
I think I'll be ok for a while yet, when my 4ghz becomes insufficient I'll OC it some more and see how long it lasts!
Well I have no issues there I can assure you of that! I'm also replacing my 4870 1GB with the 8800 GTX as the 4870 seems to have slowed it up massivly which is annoying! It is with large amounts of HDD activity that it stutters, can only assume it's HDD related.
For example coming into London Heathrow it stutters as it's loading buildings etc. Had just read somewhere that Raid didn't work well with it.
I have a two 500GB and one 1TB HDD's, now I have pre ordered Windows 7 Home Premium so a clean install would make sense. Is there any value in a RAID set up or am I better off having the OS and most stuff on the 1TB, then one 500GB as a back up and the other for FSX, as that apparently is not raid friendly - I'm certainly getting some lag which is almost certainly caused by this.
My Corsair HX620 has two edit : I'm currently using a 4870 1GB, the 8800 gtx is on it's way to replace it.
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