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1.4V on a Q9550 @ 3ghz?! Surely not!
I was struggling with an S1283, the megahalems is coping much more convincingly. With the Panaflo running silently I can hold 60 degrees with sensible ambients, I am waiting for a second panaflo as an exhaust though so it should improve further. A 4ghz Q9550 is a hot mofo.
ic7 is doing doing a much better job than my old Zalman stuff, but most of the top end pastes appear to yield similar results depending on what test you look at.
I just let mine sit in a cup of boiled water out of the kettle for a bit. Worked fine for me.
I'm not sure if I have any before shots, will have a look. I think the back plate of the s1283 must have weakened or something, I suspect a washer mod would have made a difference, but the screw snapped so it's in the bin. The quality of the xiggy is shocking in comparison, but you get what you pay for. I'm not fussed if you don't believe me, I'm at 4gz with sensible temps and that's all that matters to me.
Just installed with IDC7 and the Xiggy S1283 fan (panaflo's not here yet). 15 degree drop in temps over a S1283 and Zalman paste Just what I wanted, sure the Panaflo's will be the icing on the cake Current prime 95 load 55-49-53-53 @ 4ghz, I was clearing 70 degrees straight away before
You dint mention your load temps so it's impossible to say.
Have all on intake (filtered ideally) and just the fan behind the cooler set to exhaust. A pic of the inside of your case would be good, but high ambients will always equal high internal temps in a conventional set up.
Ordered a Sunbeam Rheobus Extreme as I couldn't get my hands on a Lamptron, will be mounting it inside the case above my HDD's. Have some 3 pin extension leads so all being well I should be able to install the cables behind the mobo out of sight. Accidentally ordered a pair of S Flexes so have no idea what I'm doing with the second one!! In total I have: 1x Sythe S Flex bay intake 1x 180mm Top intake (stock) 1x 180mm Front intake (stock) 1x Panaflo ultra high speed -...
Have just read in a variety of places that RAID has a negative effect on FSX. I currently get a significant stutter during high HDD use. edit: Other option is to just move fsx to the new HDD, and have a folder / Partition on that for file backup.
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