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I currently have a pair of 500gb Seagate 7200.11's in Raid0. Not the most reliable combo and I'm told this may be affecting my FSX FPS. I want to tranfar all my current data over to my 7200.12 without having to re install everything, what software can do this relitively hassel free? My plan would be to keep one of the 500gb HDD's as a file back up and the other for FSX only, so the 1TB is for the OS, other games and storage. Any help greatly appreciated.
I have all my 5.25" slots filled, one of which has a card reader in a 3.5" adaptor. I only need control over the two panaflo's so those pci slot ones may do the trick. I can give up my card reader, I'm concious of the fact that it's a fairly classy black aluminum case that I don't want to spoil but the majority of those look pretty decent. I'll add some rep when I'm on my phone, thanks for the suggestions so far.
Was looking at this one mainly as I can use it on a rear expansion slot, I'm using all of my front bays at the moment unless I give up the card reader.
Never looked at one before but I won't need my ultra high speed panaflo's on full all the time so I should probably invest in one. I was looking at the Silverstone FP33 (Not a fanboy, honest guv). Would this be able to control the speed of the panaflo's? I have a feeling the fans I have coming are only two wire.
What is Positive Pressure I would just buy the high CFM Panaflo as it is known to be good and run it slower if needed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarascomp So to reiterate a question above: Would it be better to have more air coming out of the case than air being pumped in? Currently my tower is stuck in an open back desk cabinet and maintains appx 25C ambient temp (my thermostat is set at 20C year round). Silverstone bark on about positive pressure so I'm sticking with that for my case, best bet is to have a play and see what works best. With my case being...
All I can say is I was reccomended the 38mm high speed panaflo and they can of course be slowed down. I've had to order them form the US so I'll have to wait for them to arrive before I can say. 38mm's are apparently better for coolers, just don't forget the 38mm clips if you get a 38mm fan.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kenjineering I like the shrouding of the exhaust fan idea. "Positive pressure for cooling the rest of the case" - I guess that means forcing hot air out of cracks? The shrouding is an untested and probably stupid idea of mine, but worth trying I think. All my intake fans will be flitered, so no dust can get in anywhere, and thewarm air as you say is being pushed out of the vented area's. With Negative pressure...
I would imagine you are re circlating the warm air inside the case. I (will) have around 260 cfm of intake, 114cfm for the mega and 114cfm as an exhaust directly behind. I am going to look into shrouding the exhaust fan so it pulls air directly from the back of the cooler out of the case, relying on Silverstone's theory of positive pressure for cooling the rest of the case.
Push and a panaflo seems to get reccomended alot, I have just ordered a panaflo high speed 38mm for push + another for case rear exhaust along with a mega
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