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I just tried tighten my S1283 on it's back plate and it snapped the screw, so don't believe everything you read! On the up side I've ordered a mega to replace it.
Ordered the high speed panaflo's and a 1600 rpm s flex, ta. Just managed to break a screw on my S1283 so I've just ordered the current mega to go with it. The quality of my Xiggy has been very poor, but it cost me very little in fairness. Got some ICD7 coming too, this better sort out my temps!!
Looking to replace the blue led 25mm in my Silverstone CFP51 as at the moment you can barey feel any air flow - blue LED wuld be nice but not essential. The 38mm fans are for my Xiggy, one pushing and one behind it as a case exhaust, though I do intend to purchase a megashadow when they are released. Was thinking Sythe utra kaze 38mms but not sure on the 25mm, any help appreciated.
Try it, with hardwear decoding you may be fine.
It's the relationship between the fsb speed and the memory speed. i.e my FSB is 471, my ram speed at 1:1 is 942mhz (twice the fsb figure as speed is doubled) - within the specs of my ram. You need to make sure that you keep under yours. Those advance settings are turned off for stablity, once you have a stable oc you can have a play with some of them, but read up on them first!
It is £130 here, was looking at maybe a lapped TRUE or a WC kit, I still can't convince myself I want water in my PC!
Can't see if anyone on here as actually used one, I'm just interested if this is a decent kit?
You need to step back and have a really good read up on some guides. I tend to start at the stock voltage then bump up the fsb bit by bit until it becomes unstable, then add a little voltage and again bump the fsb up until it becomes unstabe. This should get you the lowest possible voltage for your overclock. Watch the ram speed and keep it just under stock speeds on stock voltage while you're oc'ing, that should discount it being a problem. Make sure the PCI speed is...
IC Diamond 7 Carat Thermal Compound (1.5g) Is this the correct ICD7? This is their range of fans They do a 38mm Sythe Ultra Kaze 2000rpm, is will that be a worthwhile replacement for the standard Xiggy fan? I don't really mind a bit more noise, the case is very quiet at the moment.
That would work perfectly mounted where the exhaust fan currently is. Will see if I can make the xiggy work, otherwise I may have my next step, thanks.
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