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I'm not quite that stupid...
Well I was thinking one fan and rad inside, the other fan and outside in a push-pull type setup. I'm probably talking rubbish though. Are the Zalman Reserator's any good or is that just a gimik?
I would be looking to lower the vcore by turning on LLC.
I'm at 1.3 something, and it drops to 1.216 on load (vdroop off), so it is fairly severe - seems normal for the board.
Could a pair of 120mm rads be used? fan|rad|rad|fan or something like that?
This stuff: Was well reviewed at the time.
Might have to have a little think about what I can do then, I don't really want stuff outside of the case if I can help it.
I used the Zalman stuff that comes in a jar with a brush. Filled the gaps, flatted it off and then put a thin layer on the pipes. Will have a go at re-seating though.
I'm quite happy to put something together. I could move my HDD's up to the silverstone intake/bay adaptor and then I'd probably have space for a rad in the bottom front of my case Would the stock fan blowing over the rad be enough? It's 180mm at 700 rpm so probably not
Idle is late 40's, but I am at 1.3v to battle the ridiculous vdroop I'm suffering - I'll have a play with that I think.
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