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If I may ask, what sizes did you end up needing for an S8? I was surprised to see Demciflex didn't already have this case on their site.
Same here, looks like it's scheduled for delivery on Friday. Looks like I'll be installing the GPU block this weekend, and then no-so-patiently waiting for a 7980XE that I haven't been able to order yet. It would be incredibly silly to buy another chip in the meantime to hold me over until Silicon Lottery gets there supply going...right?
I used one of these extensions to get mine setup initially:'s pretty short, so you'll still need a female-female cable to go with it.
Yeah, replacement LCD + bezel...or wait for AC to release that combo, as I'd really prefer not to try it again myself if I can avoid it. That glue is just ridiculously sticky, and difficult to remove. If I do it again I might consider using a little heat to help.
Ugh I wish this was out a couple months ago. Completely butchered mine trying to put the black trim on; going to need to buy a new one and do it again.
This is shaping up to be my longest build ever. I'm not really in a rush, but I'm dreading sitting around waiting for one component, which is looking inevitable. But hey, I have my board, so I can at least turn it on and look at the LEDs...
Nice, that's my plan as well. Got the loop finished this weekend (minus the monoblock and gpu block I'm waiting on), need to solder my fan wiring, but mostly good to go. EKWB had originally stated the monoblocks would be shipping today, but it looks like they're pushed back to the 2nd now.
I'm slightly worried about that, but figure I can probably bend the cable to the side, or maybe cut a small notch into the block. Or worst case just go without the monoblock lighting.That said, I find it kind of hard to believe EKWB would release it in a form that won't work with 8 sticks.
Installation instructions for the EKWB waterblock are up!
Aquantia's own 10G card uses the chip bare and advertises 6W power utilization at 10G speeds (, though one would expect more airflow mounted on a card than under the plastic cover on the motherboard. I think it should be okay bare, but agree that it should be easy enough to attach a small heatsink to it for peace of mind.
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