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Yea there isnt much worse for a zerg player.. lol.
Nearly a year ago we used to play 1v1 games with him and someone posted replays in this thread and we wondered how he always knew what to make and how to respond in games. After watching the replays he would make actions to defend against things he had never scouted. He was in high diamond but his macro looked gold. Things just didn't add up. We simply confronted him and he raged just like he did. That reaction would confirm it for anyone. Then he left the thread for a few...
If you hack
It happens
We were discussing this at our team meeting where I work. It is going to be a blast to defend against un-educated users until all our customers are trained on how to avoid this..
Dont you have a day job?
I remember one time when my MMR went way low from lack of playing. I was placed in bronze before I went up to masters. The trolls in Bronze are hilarious. I actually played some who were a challenge and once I started facing golds and Plats it go easier at times. haha
I understand completely.
That is not a bad record at all!
I am not sure if I agree that all players are that biased. I am definitely not. I am a die hard zerg, but I bought all expansions because I love the game, not for a slight zerg balance in our favor.
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