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Cybertox, why don't you move on to another game then? I have never seen you like this game. Ever. I've seen you get excited but for a moment and then come back to say you are disappointed. Unfortunately this is the last and final expansion for sc2. I guess you will have to wait for sc3. Then be disappointed again, because I don't think this game will ever be what you want it to be.
Yes, way yes.Not to mention I am getting a Brood War esc vibe with all the UMS games being linked in chat.
To bring some contrast to the campaign discussion. I feel the campaign was just as good as the others. I really don't know what others are expecting. It is a RTS and can't really do much more than make a maze for your units to progress through. I think they transitioned to the cut-scenes beautifully and the dialog inside the Spear of Adun was great. I think SC2 has delivered exactly what I was wanting from a 2nd edition of SC1. I am happy as can be with the game and my...
I wouldn't sweat it. I was able to run SC2 on Max with a single HD4870 without any issues. The processor is the focal point.Lol, yes you MUST use the borderline broken skill. There is no reason not to. I really need to get on there and abuse Ultras, lurkers, and ravagers while I still can. Oh!! AND i can bring back the ling infestor play since i can neural parasite colossus and disruptors with ease again due to the range buff.
Yea, that is all I played in Lotv beta. Sometimes I would ask if the person I am facing is playing ranked or not, and if they said yes I would leave the game to let them have the win. Sometimes I would UTTERLY stomp them and just before they are ready to scream mercy and gg I would leave. If you do that the stress leaves. The only thing that stresses me is losing when I am trying to better my rank and league.
HA! now the trash talkers will have consequence! (Excessive trash talkers)***EDIT***BLAST!!! I got engrossed in work and forgot I already posted earlier.. lol
Both a medvac full of marines and an Ovie full of banes are both 100 gas if I am not mistaken.
@ DIYdeath I was referring to Bane drops meaning 1 overlord with 4 banes in it. Send one to main and one to nat and kill min line. Even if it is not successful the first couple of times it is like medvac drops from terran. One WILL do damage eventually. It just takes APM.
Yea, aside from ling run bys and burrow infestor play you have to be defensive with fungal, spore, and bane hits until ultras get out. Another thing EVERYONE forgets is bane drops. Which now are more difficult that ever since they nerfed the overlord drop upgrade to oblivion by making each overlord HAVE to be upgraded to drop individually.
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