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Well, I am just curious as to whether or not people who won't push past 1440p will have an issue or not. Yes, given the 970 is not what it has claimed to be, but it still trounces older cards like the 580 and 770 right? Would it still not be a viable option for single monitor users?
Personally I get my 1v1 better and team games take care of themselves. The one thing to remember in team games is to perform safer builds that are more versatile. Unless you can scout and you KNOW you can be greedy and macro. I always find I do better in team games after sharpening up in 1v1. This way you are used to depending on yourself and your allies don't affect you as badly.There are plenty of 2v2 and 3v3 strats out there, but those are usually more geared to 1 base...
I was immediately going to shut this down, but I thought for a second. Look at chess, there is no fog of war there. I wonder..
I try not to think whether someone hacks or not. You get caught in the vicious cycle of, THAT GUY IS BS. HE ISN'T THAT GOOD AND IS HACKING. I just play, find my mistake, and fix it. Then while watching a replay or something it will have to stick out like a sore thumb to seem like hacking, because usually I still could have played better in that situation and blocked what ever was coming. Honestly map hacking is stupid against someone who scouts like they are supposed to....
I was going to read all of the posts, but 35 pages of 100 posts per page. nuh uh. My question is through all of this, is a new driver going to solve at least the stutter issue? Also, for you gtx970 owners out there, I never heard anyone say anything other than they love their gtx 970. Does the card not still perform well even though it is not as advertised?
Thank you all as usual! These all seem reasonable.
Howdy all. Just a question on what you all think these things are worth. Thanks as always. Intel i7 950 - Intel Xeon e5540 - Intel Xeon e5504 - Intel i3 530 - ASint 4x...
How did it run bad for you? I don't experience such issues. You have better specs that me too.
yea, the key is to have fun. I often lose interest due to trying to hard to win every game. Then someone makes a mistake in their play, usually me and I rage. I have to constantly remind myself it is only fun. To do this I have to forget about league and play all of the races.
I hope the paint doesn't chip later on due to no pre-sanding. Looks good though.
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