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I use air compressor that has recently been drained in an effort to reduce moisture. I personally like the get new parts every time something gets dusty idea.
So, my replay was a thread killer.. lol
Yea. One way to stop that is join a bunch of games and leave them in 1v1 unranked. It lowers the people you play.Wife was still out of town tonight and I had nothing to do so here is a replay of my last game tonight. Doom will be happy to see some respect has been payed to the terran race. I suck though. VIEWERS BEWARE> lol
The Wife was out of town last night and I have my spare gamin rig setup at work so I played a few unranked 1v1s last night as Random. It was fun to just play and not care. I just kept thinkin bronze league heroes the whole time. I always want to play when I watch those replays because you see the original reason why SC can be fun. Just play and forget if you lose or not. If a loss burns start another game as fast as possible or take a break. It goes away really quickly....
LOL! The only map where Overloard creep highway hydras was viable. lol
Follow that link and it will provide the link to the suggestion page of the forum. Voting isn't open yet, only suggestions for now.It is a shame the sc2 clan was not ever active..
I am surprised you haven't gotten super bored with D3 yet.
Looks like it!Also, I just found this link while piddling around. This is for those who always ask for good sources for tips/tutorials/and material to help improve with. Can it be added to the OP? agree, however a little change of pace would be nice. I know serious ladderers don't want their meta screwed with, but for the casual players it introduces fun. Sometimes not caring and having fun brings back the true essence of...
Replay! Replay! Replay! Replay!
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