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I say you will be fine doing nothing as long as it is in your control.
I used to play supreme commander 2 and company of heroes as change ups, but like you said I didn't have time to be good at them all. I would just use the others as a break. I will play bf3 and gt5 on my ps3 now that I don't pc game anymore. I use a mouse and keyboard on bf3.
Snip* Didn't see the thread cleaning. I like the idea of the rail gun. Over time it will be more and more refined and more economical.
I like the voltage check points and the sideways sys fan plugs.
hahahahah A youtube recording of that would be funny to watch. I don't have sc2 installed anymore so I can't watch replays either.
Just twerk using his OP mod powas to trounce us in his vast knowledge of the history of cheese on SC. XD
Well crap. Lol
This is true. LolEdit: The informal meaning of cheesy is cheap, unpleasant, and blatantly unauthentic.Correlation? Quick all in play that is cheap, unpleasant to deal with, and a tad more unintuitive than highly skilled macro games.
Exactly, and just cause you don't get ladder anxiety doesn't mean other people that get it aren't worth salt. Yea, you learn how manage it better but it doesn't go away. I was masters and the only thing that lessened it was frequency of play. Everyone has their opinion. Unranked and ranked both use the same mmr system. I played the same caliber people on both.
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