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Add in some phoenix later on and you will have what Vibe refers to as Zombie Toss. We have a build for that. muha ha ha
Do you have a follow up for this type of aggression in the event it doesn't do game ending damage? Also, this is only against muta play?
You are a bad example doom. You are masters caliber and always will be.
Keep in mind everyone, he is Diamond EU, not NA. Congrats porobo.
Yea, I have been stuck on Vibe lately. I had been trying to find someone that is good at zvx and understands the meta. And Vibe fits that role. Pretty awesome!
Yea, Nova is pretty hot... wait.. I mean, yea.. a Distraction.
Hurrr Durrr A-move. lol!!WoL is a long time ago. Im not sure I can even remember WoL strats anymore lol. Any tosses here remember?As Zerg I would Blord it lol.
BUT DOOMMMMM, UHHhhh, TOSS is under powered! Boo Hooooooo.
Well, just call me thread killer. On another note. Do you any of you know a good zerg strat sources? I have kinda lost what I am working towards. Back in Wol it was ling Muta into Blord. Early Hotz it was the stephano 3 base max roach against toss, etc. Now, I know it is roach, ravager, Hydra, Lurker, but I am always behind and losing which is sad considering Zerg is "OP". The protoss players are crying so bad about lurkers and ravagers. Naniwa and Rotterdam are going...
Depends how far ahead you are. Something like 12 or so banes can kill a planetary if you send a meat shield in first. It is rolling through and getting the scvs first and letting banes die as they go that works nice. The damage the planetary takes is just a side note. You should never do this if your larva is not banked and you don't have a bank.Sometimes the zerg just gets frustrated because it is difficult to break a PF and a few tanks without committing a full army...
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