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To reply to both you I want to point out cheese can get you to GM. There was a guy who had an ongoing thread on that 6 pooled all the way to GM and played successfully in GM. Even when he was scouted. He had hold position micro down so well you would have to match it with the same micro or die. He had multiple pro players hating him.NOW, granted I have no clue about his macro play. Just based on his understanding of the enemy openers and what to attack first he at...
About how much does a proper 3D printer set up cost? Also, what CAD program are you using to do your rough renderings?
Agreed. I played on normal. I saved the effort for ladder. However, I did consider doing the whole thing on brutal just for the portraits.
LOTV....Surprised I didn't get beta either. These guys really don't pay attention to who the loyal players are..
Oddly enough they are working now.. lol
Looks like it is turning out well as far as the theme is concerned. Some of the pictures on your last post don't work unless you click them though. :/
Cool to see a SC2 theme case! I totally did not expect to see a 3d printer when I started reading this thread. haha Good Job so far.
Bump for an awesome seller!
yea, he wants to sell them as a pair.
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