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I think they are talking about it being free. Don't quote me though. Also, there are still tons of people playing sc2. It is definitely in the shadows now though.
Sorry to necro this. I was just going to let it die, but:
Yea, I went from being used to 95 ppi down to 81 ppi with my 34". At first i noticed it most with text and web browsing. But then i considered the amount of gaming i do vs web browsing. All my web browsing is at work. I truly wanted the 1440p at 34", but all the sudden i found myself used to it. I dont even notice it anymore. On most games it is perfectly fine. Then if there are some i want some more candy I use the nvidia feature that uses super sampling to allow you to...
720p at 32" is 45.89 Pixels Per Inch2560x1080 at 34" is 81.72 Pixels Per Inch2560 x1080 at 29" is 95.81 Pixels Per InchPersonally, my opinion is if he is used to 32" at 720p he will be FLOORED if he has a 34 inch 1080p 21:9 monitor. (Ultra Wide)I use this LOVE IT! As a matter of fact, I am returning a 28" 4k monitor because I love it so much if that means anything to you.Others like 29" monitor better due to...
"Crushes" is an over statement when you figure it is 5x the cost of a Titan X.
This will totally fit your needs much better. I promise you can find one that is not curved and save some money, go for it. Mine isn't curved (nor 3440 x 1440) and it is perfectly fine.
Wish I had a need for these. I would take them off your hands. I am kinda partial to the gtx 580s anyway. Good times, good times. Glws. One of the best sellers here.
Aaamaaazzing card and a great price. Looks to be in epic condition too. GLWS!
****Correction Display Port does support Audio..****Display carries no audio. You do need it for the bandwidth at 3440x1440 and 4k, but 21:9 1080p may be ok with hdmi at 75 hertz. My monitor is oc'd to 75hertz now with the nvidia control panel. You can look on youtube to see how.As for the post above your referencing the mac, i havent had the chance to work with that yet. Sorry...Replied to via smart phone.
Ikr? Ty
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