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green shot on ninite is an awesome tool for that.
lol, all good@Lshuman - congrats!
same here. I am freaking loving it. I was soooo worried 2560 x 1080 at 34 inches would be bad to look at. It isnt and for the money i paid it is amazing. The response time and refresh rate is as good as anything i have ever owned. I am stoked.
Lol.. Read the OP sir, then check your date and time in the bottom right corner of your screen. haha
I technically was on your side. Maybe i didnt articulate well, but i was.For the record my 34 in LG 2560 x 1080 came in tonight. I have been playing bf4 and sc2 on it and it is just fine with text and games. Would I like for 1440p or 4k? Of course, but I am very satisfied with my purchase. Also I have this panel overclocked to 70 Hz currently. Haven't pushed to 75 yet. I am off to bed.
No kidding. Besides, @ nexxusty he meant he was impressed his bottleneck of a processor and ddr2 was still crunching 60 fps.
I agree completely.Today I was onsite normalizing a new customer's network and one of their systems had a dell 22" running at 1280x800. The ppi is some where around 68ppi. My jaw dropped at how low that was but still decent visually with text because my 23 inch 1080p is at 96 or so and is perfect.. Text when browsing the web was not THAT bad. Especially not the way people make it out to be. The 1080p 34 inch that should arrive tomorrow for me should be about 86ppi. I...
At the time I couldn't stomach paying 50 bucks more for a 75 Hz version knowing I could overclock mine and not being sure how substantial 75 is over 60. I got mine for $339 shipped. I am surprised at how I arrived this close to the right choice considering I knew nothing about these monitors until lunch yesterday. lol Now, I am not sure I can overclock it, but it is the same model I figured, but factory overclocked. We'll see how it goes.
Beginning to wonder if I should have went curved.. I dunno, I'll see I guess.
What is the noticeable difference between that and the 29" LGs here? see yours on new egg for $315~ But can't quickly tell why it is 300+ while the others are 200 - 250.
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