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I think it really is what you get used too for sc2. Yea a more precise mouse is a plus, but if you play with a mouse long enough you can adapt.Gotta have my on the fly dpi for fps games like bf4 though. Polling up for helicopters, polling down for sniping so I can cut a hair off their head is realllllll nice.
pzzzzzzzI can play high diamond league with a 12 dollar logitech mouse and have done it.. Don't get me wrong having an awesome mouse is a plus, but lets not blame our skill cap on it. lol!!I use a Razer Lachesis with a Sphex skin for a mouse pad.
No, but thanks for the heads up. I shall watch during lunch break. Muha ha
Thank you Soooo much for these links!
Not that i've read. Not 100% sure though.
I do. I am "diamond" 3v3 and have no problem with queue. Maybe it is the time you play it at.
Unranked pits you against ranked players too. I have faced numerous people that were playing ranked 1v1 and I unranked. You can tell by checking that person's match history and see they either lost points in their division based off your game or gain points. I have never experienced 1v1 queue times being an issues since it was release 5 years ago.However, I do agree. Those other games have much much more attention. It is because they are more accessible in terms of skill...
Hmmmm.. i may do that. Play unranked only too. Lol i dunno. I love climbing the ladder, but i hate it too. Ugh. Drugs.. i mean sc2..
I am harassing their scv before the rax is done and stopping 2nd depot long enough for lings. However, like I said, this seems to be tapering off with high diamond play. It is 14 pool into 15 hatch. I haven't had much luck with hatch first. However, after today's games I am considering it now.As for your opinion, like I said before, you have your right to it. I just don't happen to agree with the game being unplayable. The map pool does suck I will agree, but we are casual...
Do you play on euro DIY?I am trying to figure out where all of this pressure/types of builds are? It is also possible that my pressure breaks the terran's build order enough that I can get what is needed in time. I personally don't care about letting the enemy do what they want until we are both 5 bases every game. I am usually harassing their 1st barracks scv before it is 1/3 of the way done with 6-8 lings in behind it to slow them down further while I expo. Then I am...
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