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It happens
We were discussing this at our team meeting where I work. It is going to be a blast to defend against un-educated users until all our customers are trained on how to avoid this..
Dont you have a day job?
I remember one time when my MMR went way low from lack of playing. I was placed in bronze before I went up to masters. The trolls in Bronze are hilarious. I actually played some who were a challenge and once I started facing golds and Plats it go easier at times. haha
I understand completely.
That is not a bad record at all!
I am not sure if I agree that all players are that biased. I am definitely not. I am a die hard zerg, but I bought all expansions because I love the game, not for a slight zerg balance in our favor.
Looks like you have stirred up some more conversation on Blizzard forums. lol
Thank you.
You are too kind!
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