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So.... The soundtrack has got me more interested in this game. What can you all tell me about the game as far as highlights? What do you like, what do you hate? Are there some deals out there I can take advantage of or should I wait for the next steam sale?
Whoops. You would be right. I missed that detail. However it is still the 1.2 gb version either way.Edit: The link has been updated. Turns out it is the superclock version too. It is actually better than the wrong link i had before.Also, pm these kind of replies pls. We can talk there.
LOL! I was in Iuka Mississippi today. Wish I would have known... PM replied to.
I havent. :/
LOL! I don't think anyone knows.
Please look below to see what you would like to buy. Prices include shipping. Processors do not include Heat Sinks. If you wish to have one I have a few extra and you cover the additional shipping. Accepting paypal only. I can talk price if you wish, but only with in reason. 2x available. $135 each shipped obo $245 if bought together. 1x available $120 shipped...
Hey all. Please look below to see what is for sale. If you are interested pm me. Prices are negotiable with in reason. I intend to ship us48 only and will try to include shipping in the price unless you are WAAAyyyyyy over there. Paypal only. SOLD SOLD
We will miss you.
Thank you kind sir
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