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Not liking zerg after 3 games.. 6 minutes in and someone is 2 base and completely saturated with Lair feels like they should have a third too. Just seems like utter bull.. I am having to completely re-learn the game. I am having no fun at all. I would rather play WoL or HoTs right now. It is like playing with my arms cut off. Edit: Closed the game. Thought for a bit. Adjusted some timings and played another quick game. My mechanics are garbage because I feel like I...
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Don't let that nonsense prevent you from having fun. Ill be on and we can play. I suck at terran too. We can bet terrible together. Maybe Doom can teach us some Mech at some point too.
Beta is installing now. Please add me. Battle ID is in my signature.
This news hurts my poor Swarm Heart.. along with the stasis ward..
I say when you get done you should post that on a Blizzard forum somewhere. It may get grabbed up and be featured.
Are you saying that Vipers are OP already? Is there always going to be a Zerg unit people hate?
That is all I play as Terran anyway. I see no point in going bio. It is boring.
I see what you did there...
Wow, that was a fun read. I hopefully will be purchasing the pre-order this week. I will have to buff up on zerg to be worth playing against doom. Also, I would like to learn some legitimate terran play. So, maybe you, ronnin and I can all join up sometime to play.
I haven't played any of them yet, but it sounds like they similar to some of the maps released with the original SC disc. Those maps were terrible for building placement and room. However, there was something I liked about that.
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