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Yes, I watched this slaughter. It could have been 30 probes if the ghost at the natural had not shot a stalker 80 times lol. (Doom had to macro at some point. lol)
That is also a very important point. You can try, but it is pointless, to form an opinion on a change in the game unless you are playing it. You have to play the game before and after. Then your opinion is at least based on facts. I know we can all get an idea and sometimes they are pretty spot on, but the rubber meets the road when you live it.
Wow! So much has been said I don't really know how to respond. To expound on what Doom said. There is a lot that goes on in the background that "casuals" don't notice. Ronnin said that: "And I never saw any strategy in HotS, sorry, it was more like Yu-Gi-Oh to me: P1: I choose this build! P2: I choose that buiild! P1: I scouted that your build is better than mine, so I do hard counter now P2: I am too slow to defend that hard counter, I lose --OR-- P2: I am fast enough...
Yeah, i did have about 50 games on lotv before the change.I am still playing HoTS too and I love a game when I hit my spits flawlessly, spread creep to the enemy base, and keep complete map control, and win by double points as a reward. It takes soooo much out of me though, but it is soooo fun. I don't want my macro mechanics to go away... Also, I liked LoTV changes thus far, but the removal of Macro mechanics is LAAAMMMEEEE. IMO
What a crying shame. I hope they don't stick with anything that is going to ruin the game. They were finally starting to spark interest for all.
I shall be trying beta some point this weekend!!
If we buy the standard versions instead of the deluxe editions the purchase history will show people are interested in sc2 and D3, but they are missing something on their Deluxe packages that does make them appealing.I honestly don't appreciate your pessimistic demeanor on what others find enjoyment in. We are not pro by any means and to even come close to beating people that were pro is awesome whether you want to agree or not. I would appreciate if you would just lighten...
Well, any of you actually going to be online Saturday night? CST? I bought this and no one wants to play.
Heh, typo. I meant Macro.
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