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What monitor are you using at 4k?
Unfortunately i have not played them.. I think Doom has them, right Doom? Then again he may have purchased it just to have Nova ghosts in multiplayer, lol.
Are you referring to the Nova missions?
You would be the one to post this first. lol!
Nah, that doesn't sound like a good idea for you. I predict you will hate it and come back to this thread and bash it and say you regret spending the money. Sc2 really is for die hard fans it seems, not fair weather players.
FINALLY! Done with the Network+. Now I may can game thursday night and saturday night!P.S. I will need to do other smaller tests in between, but screw CompTIA for now. lol
The banes will make muta ling bane better for sure. I will have to dust off my magic box skills for them thors though. Lol and with those tanks i sure am glad i didnt learn the roach ravage stuff.As for infestors, it sounds cool in theory and may have been, but with the warning sound like the nydus worm we will be wasting 50 energy against good players.On another note, as much as i hate DTs that shadow step is siiiccckk. Lol It may be bad for 1v1, but would be fun in team...
XDHopefully after Tuesday I will be able to break in the new 980 ti and also get out of "retirement"I feel like zerg was just stirred around and over all nerfed though. But sok. I'll play it like always, learn the meta, and win more.@Ronnin.I have a gtx 690 going up for sale if this guy locally doesn't buy it. It still destroys anything at 1080p. $195 and you pay shipping and you have dibs. lol
Current one is Network+ (I took ccna in highschool, but was to young and dumb and didn't take the test at the end..) Have an A+ that is about to expire in 180 days, so I would need to do continuing credit anyway.The company I work for has their own Virutalization test, AD test, Security test, and Web Domain test. I am having to study for these also. Passed the Security and Virtualization tests already.Where I work also used to look over certs as it is a piece of paper...
Yea, that was a bit random wasn't it?P.S. I actually won't be playing sc2 regularly again til next Tuesday. lol Need to study for some tests required for my Senior Tech promotion at work. (Grumbles under breath about silly questions CompTIA poses. )P.S.S. @ Doom.I got into VibeLol's "pub clan" lol. Threw a request at him while he was streaming. I better get active before he kicks me out. :/
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