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If you don't like it why do you still come in here and post and bring the mood down?
I sucked in SC. I never watched pros or had any tips. I was just a mouse click master that sucked.. I was waaaaaaaaaaaay better in sc2. I started from the ground up with hotkeys and mechanics.
Dude, that sucks. It doesn't have anything to do with Windowed mode does it?
I should be on tonight around 9 - 12 CST. I want to see a turn out for once. lolCREEPER!!! lol. welcome
Is it playable on the test realm? I didn't know that if it is.As much as we all frequent this thread you would think we could play a game or few together sometimes.
is this a 1.5 or 3 GB card? Also, why is there a MSi logo on two of the pictures where the connector goes into the pcie x16 slot?
Even then it was still ok. I was running a 955 BE at 4.2 ghz and still plowing sc2.Also, DoomDash what time zone do you live in? I never see you on when I play.
I believe so. lol Feels like more. haha
Well, in other news I have been playing some. My 1v1 is in top plat right now after 30 something games. My record is in my sig.
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