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Yea, nothing there.
No, I legitimately never received the key. I have a full refund now which took 7 business days to get back. lol Fluke I guess, but not one I have ever experienced anywhere else.Thanks PsYcHo29388
How long is it for Cyber? I want to buy it when I get home tonight. Kinguin never game me my key. Last time I buy from those idiots.
Still making changes it seems. (If you view the URL late I am referring to some of the 3.7 changes.) Also, the OP is still pending update. Hope to get to it soon. Thx for patience.
Oh, it just went down... Doom 4 demon killing shall commence.
lol, sounds like I will be getting it then.
So, you are saying this is probably one of the best doom games ever?
So.... The soundtrack has got me more interested in this game. What can you all tell me about the game as far as highlights? What do you like, what do you hate? Are there some deals out there I can take advantage of or should I wait for the next steam sale?
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