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LOL! The only map where Overloard creep highway hydras was viable. lol
Follow that link and it will provide the link to the suggestion page of the forum. Voting isn't open yet, only suggestions for now.It is a shame the sc2 clan was not ever active..
I am surprised you haven't gotten super bored with D3 yet.
Looks like it!Also, I just found this link while piddling around. This is for those who always ask for good sources for tips/tutorials/and material to help improve with. Can it be added to the OP? agree, however a little change of pace would be nice. I know serious ladderers don't want their meta screwed with, but for the casual players it introduces fun. Sometimes not caring and having fun brings back the true essence of...
Replay! Replay! Replay! Replay!
You are an awesome top 5 gold ronnin. Plus you are having fun. That is more than can be said about the ones who rage after 3 losses. (ME)
Man, that has got to be demoralizing. lol I would be so pissed by the third and fourth loss.
Yes, and please pm me next time. It will prompt my attention sooner. I can't frequent this site as I used to.
Yea there isnt much worse for a zerg player.. lol.
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