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Used ASUS ROG G750JH 17-Inch Gaming Laptop (Asus G750JH-DB71) Did not come with 24 GBs of RAM. This was done to save money during purchasing through Asus. Was in working order before removing ssds and 1 tb HDD. Am willing to adjust price to install SSDs and 1TB hdds. However Price to purchase as is, without SSDs and 1 TB HDD is 600 Dollars + shipping. Laptop was in working order when last used. Battery is in fair shape considering it is around 3 years old.
Still need input.
Sure do
Added two items.
List updated. Thanks as always!!
Hi again all. I have filled up with hobby systems and their parts and now I have to make room. As always I appreciate you all. Prices are without shipping. Negotiation is possible. There are some more items I will be adding and will list when ready. CPUs $65 ea 1x xeon e3-1220 - $40 ea 1x i3-2100 - $60 ea 2x i5-2400 -...
I don't play anymore, but when I last play LOTV, if you are stuck gateway once they have reached airtoss, you kinda failed on scouting and planning ahead. If you wish to stay gateway you must have a timing before they can do airtoss. If they are creeping into airtoss with normal late game timings, meaning they had ground army but transitioned, again scouting, and you must go airtoss yourself. I am pretty sure maxed airtoss can only be match with maxed airtoss and good...
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