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Agreed, i have tons of fun playing terran. Toss is easy mode when i play it. Beat high diamonds as toss and that is my off race. Lol
If I had $500 bucks laying around I would totally purchase it. I would wear out some Asetto Corsa on it. So, I think you will be just fine selling it here.
lol try to keep having fun. Watching stream from players like Vibe, Rotterdam, and a take your pick pro terran helped me get the basic openers. Then you can free lance from there once you understand everything up till your full saturation 3rd. From there you can do what you like. Once you have that memorized and have enough games under your belt with this it will be much easier.I too had issue with LOTV when I first started because the timings were all over the place due...
I am allll about the mmr showing.@Doom. - I am off of SC2 till Aug. 9th. Then I will be playing again. Wanna 1v1 for practice(fun) before you get all Masters rank again?
Been playing random here. Fun stuff
Yea, I think solid work should be compensated.However, I consider an expansion more story, not add-ons.
I don't think they have. They are just patching and making changes still. I don't know where this more expansion stuff is coming from.
AnnnnyyyyyywaaaaayyyyyyssssFor us diehard SC2 fans, I am super happy to see the change. *Fist pump* This is them listening. I've been seeing this idea on forums everywhere. Go buy the next flavor of Call of duty, or supreme commander, or command and conquer, or Company of heroes, and see if they are giving video updates like this after their money was made. SC2 fans and "so called fans" are crazy. I am surprised David Kim even shows his face anymore. Props to him.
He does not seem to be responding at all.
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