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YYYYYYEEEEEESSSSS!!!! lolI also love it.
Storm, blink stalkers, Mass phoenix and storms are good. lol
I think we can all see what happens next. Someone lists a few reason, you shoot them down again, and we start this vicious cycle all over again. Drop it guys. You have different opinions. Great.
Were any of them gold?
I am zerg and i think it is the fault of the player that lets the terran float off into the sunset. I have never had a draw in all 3k of my 1v1 games. I also believe if i am DUMB enough to let him float off and have no way to kill air i deserve to lose or tie. End of discussion.. Also, doom didnt attack you.. If you call that an attack you havent had a hard enough life. Lastly, show match 1v1 between dyi and doom. Lets take this to sc2! Lol That would be fun. Ill...
Bingo, but don't let that stop you from trying. You will never get better with micro if you run from the situation.
CONGRATS! Also, that is some awesome craftsmanship.
But it is part of the game and manners takes a back seat to someone wanting to win. Also, on a side note. You mean to tell me that a protoss player did not even have the foresight to build a single phoenix for a race called terran which can float their buildings around and has been doing so since the dawn of starcraft? LOL I think he deserves to lose that way.
HOLY CRAP AT THE CHANGES!! I am happy to see they tried to make things more micro intensive, but I do see alot of things that probably won't make the cut. That being said I am excited about the extra drop play focus.
That's why I stated you can not be part of a region unless you live there for the season. The season needs to be a year season also. Quit this 4 championships a year thing. It is so dumb. There is nothing to look forward to. Nothing long enough to build suspense.
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