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Wow... lol
That gonna be on pc?
Truly no one can comment on the pixels per square inch until they've had the monitor in front of them and used it. Everyone speculated and complained about how low PPI was before I bought my monitor. Yet when I received my monitor I was just as happy as I could have ever hoped to be.
That's what I tried to tell everyone. 2560 x 1080 at 34 is still awesome. I am out of gaming now and want more monitors. Probably will sell mine now.
Pm responded to
Used MSI GTX 980 ti Gaming G6. Perfect condition. Shipping to you at 310 usd. Comes with everything. Make a fair offer.
I think they are talking about it being free. Don't quote me though. Also, there are still tons of people playing sc2. It is definitely in the shadows now though.
Sorry to necro this. I was just going to let it die, but:
Yea, I went from being used to 95 ppi down to 81 ppi with my 34". At first i noticed it most with text and web browsing. But then i considered the amount of gaming i do vs web browsing. All my web browsing is at work. I truly wanted the 1440p at 34", but all the sudden i found myself used to it. I dont even notice it anymore. On most games it is perfectly fine. Then if there are some i want some more candy I use the nvidia feature that uses super sampling to allow you to...
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