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You know, I totally forgot about that problem. I did download the firmware, and I can't say that I remember hearing any more noises.. So I guess it did fix it!
I appreciate the suggestion! I updated the firmware. I'll see if this helps. Thanks!
Hello, I found this post in a search because I bought the same exact hard drive and I have the EXACT same problem. Same exact noise, every 5-30 minutes or so. Has it gotten worse for you, or is it just something that you live with?
Oh right! Thanks guys, I forgot about the B vs b thing. The connections are pretty good, 4/5 bars on window's wireless indicator, but I guess that's enough to slow it down that much? The router is actually in a different apartment (neighbors and I share internet access+bills) so there's no way for me to hard-wire the connection through the router. Is there any way to connect the computers with USB cables or adapters or anything?
Hello, I'm trying to transfer a large (100GB) folder from my laptop to my desktop PC across a wireless router LAN connection. Both computers use Windows 7 and I'm just dragging a folder into a "shared" folder of the receiving computer. Both wireless adapters are capable of 50+MBps transfers. However, the speed of the transfer is about 1.2MB per second, which will take days to complete (and I don't have that long.) Is there anything I should look into to figure out why...
Count me in please!
count me in! Thanks!
I'm in. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Kuntz So you're saying this thread should be stabbed by a person wearing the gayest shirt ever created, ever? Dude, that's a freaking female wearing a female's shirt. Are women's underwear gay too?
I did it to mine, which was very rough from the factory. I can't tell if it lowered the temps, because I also swapped processors, but it was really easy and gives me peace of mind. I recommend it as long as you have a fair understanding of what you're doing.
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