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Updated listing.
I am in need of a RAID controller for my ESXI 5.1 server at home. I am looking for something that has the capabilities of Raid 0, 6, and 10 for sure. I am not too worries about 50 or 60, but realize they will probably be options in the card I purchase. It definitely has to be a true hardware RAID as the 3220t that is in the server will be busy with other stuff. It needs to have the capability to connect to 8 drives and utilize larger than 2TB drives. I am looking at...
Can you give some specifics on it? Model number, accessories included, information about being rooted, etc. All would be helpful in getting it sold.
Anyone have any experience with either of the above cards? I am in the process of adding a RAID 10 to my server (web hosting, file server, htpc, etc) I will start out with 4 of THESE drives that will later be upped to 6 drives. Roughly a year down the road this RAID setup will me converted to a backup/snapshot raid for my server and a few other things. I have read many conflicting things about each, but am curious as to if anyone here has an experience with either...
Hmmmm, gonna have to think about this one extra... §
Still available? §
You are correct, however, I believe they meant to reference the 660ti. Gosh, I hope so anyway....On topic: My ti will last me a bit longer no matter what goes on with these releases. I will likely end up going SLI before I buy into Maxwell, unless the prices are just all wonky.§
There are a number of 290's here on the market. I remember seeing some reference Sapphire models for the same price as the 280x you linked. I would suggest those over the 280x. §
You know, I have wondered the same thing. With as similar as it is to AB, and being told (not sure how accurate it is) that AB shows allocated, I would suspect PrecisionX to do the same.Again, everything I just stated is nothing close to concrete, so if you (or anyone else for that matter) has more accurate info, I would love to hear it.§
When you raise the resolution scaling, it gets even more. Then again, it isn't 1080 anymore either....Looks much better though, for sure!
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