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Interested in a W5100 or two?
As an owner of the ZxR for the past couple of years, I love it. I have mine hooked up to some Sennheiser PC 363D's and a pair of JBL LSR305's (don't have the space for the 308's). The sound quality is awesome. I haven't come across the AE-5, so I can't attest to that at all. I have a hard time imagining that it wouldn't be more than sufficient. Let us know how it turns out between the two. On a side note, I have the Z in my older son's computer and it really is very...
My brother has used classic shell for years. I am not a fan of it. I prefer to use the windows shortcuts. It is faster and it doesn't involve me having to install something on top of the OS. That is just my view, I realize others differ. I understand the purpose of it, as the "shock" of going from Win7 to Win8 was too much for many. The update to 8.1 lessened it, heck I still use 8.1 Enterprise on my machine at work. It is a great OS. To each their own. I wish the...
All sold, some locally. Thanks for the PM"s and interest. I will have more stuff for sale soon! §
Hello there neighbor! Welcome to the forums. Is there anything you want to know to start?
It comes from the PSU. Typically your higher wattage units have the option for additional outputs.
You are correct. A 4 core/4 thread Ivy Bridge Xeon.§
Here are a few networking items I in which I no longer need. 1) TP-Link 16 port Smart Switch TL-SG1016DE $60 shipped I used this switch for a short while at my home. The performance was ample, but the ports were not. It works well, just isn't needed any longer. 2) Engenius ECB-1750 $100 shipped This AP is one that we used in our home for about 2 years, until we moved. At the new house I had it mounted on the ceiling only to have the wife tell me that it "looked like...
I purchased this for a new build that I no longer plan to finish. As such I no longer have a use for this drive. This drive is BNIB. Payment will be by Paypal. Shipping will include insurance. If you have any questions, please let me know. §
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