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No, what I would suggest is to try to image the drive first. You want to snag the image that is currently on the SSD so anything you do to it will not harm your data. It is possible that the drive is not capable of doing this, but you should definitely try before you reformat the drive. There are a number of great tools out there. I am a fan of Acronis and Parted Magic. ..... As it turns out, they won't support the functions you need as they do not work on OSx. From...
Ah, I wasn't sure if the HDD in need was for this laptop or what. You are correct, it is very likely a 2.5". Possibly 1.8, but likely 2.5. I have a few extra drives I am not using and are taking up space. If you will PM me a shipping address I will get one or two shipped out to you. §
Okay, so I have to ask. The HDD, what is it you need? 2.5", 3.5"? What size?
I totally understand.Good luck with the search§
Gigabyte WF3 R9-290?
The only thing I have to add other than what was already stated, is making your own out of pfSense or DD-wrt is a better option, IMO. Now, I have a full 1gbps symmetrical connection to my house, so I could really tell a difference in going from a solid A/C TP-Link to a pfSense installation and turning the TP-link into an AP only device. Even the wireless was much more responsive. But, you stated that you don't use the wireless much, so the AP aspect of it wouldn't...
Too late. As i was boarding the plane on Sunday, the Delta clerk announced that "all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones are not allowed on any flight." I didnt see anyone approach the counter about it, but they specifically stated that it was all of those phones, not just the original released versions.I board the plane again on Friday, and will pay close attention to see if it has changed.
I don't get the ooooo and ahhhh on this. (no, I didn't read the article this time) Cat5e and cat6 are already 10gbps capable. Why cut it down? It is the embedded/addon NIC's and switches are the main issues. §
Based on what I am reading, it sounds as though your main issue is retaining heat. Is the case inside of a desk, back in a corner, or surrounded at all? Do you have at least as much exhaust as you do intake for your case? Is the intake of the case fresh air or the exhausted heat coming from the case? To answer your original question, should you? What games do you play? As it is now, I would say no. Only because I would imagine that the heat would still be an issue. ...
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