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LOL!! So, these executives didn't know huh? That means they are incompetent...right? §
I would like to motion that you take over Crapcast...I mean Comcrack....I mean...Crookcast, well, whatever their name is. You should take over and run it for the sanity of the rest of the nation.When do you move?§
This was my thought too....I, personally, am not too worried about this as I have what I feel to be the best internet service in the country. I pay $70/mo for a full 1gbps up/down fiber connection that has no bandwidth limits (No, not Google Fiber, EPB which actually offered the full gbps service first.). I can't help but think that companies like Comcast are just begging for more of this. Them with their lame 250GB limits on bandwidth each month, or whatever that...
Just a picture of a custom full coverage block in the making....§
I don't think you fully understand what has already been said. You basically voided your warranty. If you are even able to power it on, (very unlikely based in what you have already stated) then flashing a bios is crazy risky. I dont see why you wouldnt try it because as it is now, I dont foresee them honoring any warranty on it. You can always try, but you shouldn't expect much positive from this at all.
Oddly enough, I have had a common need for items such as this for stuff at work.I would have purchased 4 of these for our VDI environment we are building had they been out when we purchased the cards.The servers we have in place weren't purchased originally with the thought process of building a VDI environment so they don't have the physical capability to house longer or larger graphics cards.We ended up installed 4 EVGA GT 740 4GB cards for the system. They surprisingly...
I have to say, I absolutely LOVE the SuperNova 1000P2. I lucked up on a great deal on and couldn't pass it up. Shilka's suggestion is a good one to follow if you need/want help in finding a potential replacement. §
When you get the BSOD what is the error code?
Man, had this been up before Friday morning, I would have met you and paid cash. I was in Houston all week. I wish you luck!! It should sell fast.s
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