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I don't actually have a reddit account, but still, YHPM!§
I prefer EVGA as they are great to deal with. Other serial based warranty companies are acceptable as well, depending on the models. I currently have a 980 SC ACX in my system along with a 780ti SC reference style cooler. I would like to work a trade if possible with me adding $$ as needed. To trade I have an EVGA 780ti SC, EVGA GTX 980, Gigabyte WF3 290, SSD's, fans, hdd's, switches, case accessories, etc It isn't definite that I am going to buy anything, but I have...
I have been there my friend.I was delayed in Houston for 6 hours in August of 2014. We were headed to Atlanta to catch a connecting flight. When we finally boarded the plane, our connecting flight was scheduled to have already landed at the final destination. That flight ended up getting cancelled. We got one of the last rental cars in the Atlanta airport to drive the 2 hour drive to the final destination. The car was filled with ants and we got bitten the entire ride...
Being in IT, I have a hard time believing this is the full story. Yes, it is possible that once the power systems fully came back online, that there were issues getting all servers back up. Typically, you have failover and redundancy in place for situations like this, if power failure trully was the root cause. For sysyems as critcal as this, you have reduntant power sources as well as generators and UPS systems in place. This, to me anyway, smells like an self-induced...
Are you willing to sell the x540 separate?
2 Netflix streams and online gaming going on and I hit the button. I love my $70/mo internet! §
How much use is on the m4? §
This isn't really targeted toward gaming at all. It is more for office/design type of work.§
I haven't much knowledge about SKY, but from what I understand with the MxGPU, you get to assign the priority, so to speak, each user gets for their individual machine from the server. It doesn't appear to be dependent on the client machine at all.
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