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How much use is on the m4? §
This isn't really targeted toward gaming at all. It is more for office/design type of work.§
I haven't much knowledge about SKY, but from what I understand with the MxGPU, you get to assign the priority, so to speak, each user gets for their individual machine from the server. It doesn't appear to be dependent on the client machine at all.
As someone whom is deploying a VDI at work, I am very interested in hearing more about this. This, if I understand where they are going with it, would make it much easier to find the appropriate client machine for our goals. Hey OP, care to share the link? §
You answered your own question.If your ram is on the QVL, it will work.§
Did you install the FAH client on a different drive?
I have a 4930k that I plan to update with Zen, provided it can provide similar performance with all the new features my current platform is missing. I would love to support them, but I just can't do it blindly... I hope they make some great strides this year!! §
My guess is that you have a mechanical hard drive as the source that is also the system's primary drive. The destination drive is probably connected through a USB 2.0 interface which is likely to be your bottleneck. The destination drive, probably also a mechanical drive, should still easily be able to write the data at a pace enough to speed things along. By that I mean 100MB/s at least. The USB2.0 will likely only get you 32MB/s max on a transfer. So if you are only...
With as little information as there is, there is no way to tell if the backup is even slow. What is the size of the backup? How is the external HD connected? What is the source of the backup? By that I mean, is it a hard drive that is also the primary drive of the computer and the computer is doing a bunch of other tasks? Is it coming from an SSD or an HDD? Is the source coming from an extra drive that is used only for storage on the computer? Is the destination of...
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