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I live IN Chattanooga, and was in Kentucky last weekend buying a new car. I don't see why I couldn't make that trip two weeks IN a row. § JIC... IN!
As a long time resident of Chattanooga, I would like to touch on this if I may...When EPB (the locally government owned Power Utility company) first started the process of getting the approvals to install the fiber network, Comcast fought tooth and nail. At the time Comcast was the only legitimate option for broadband service. We received the 6mbps down/ 384kbps up service and it was $60/mo. The only other option for "broadband" service was AT&T DSL, which was actually...
Good call. I forgot about the dual CPU..
Do you have a need to join a domain?
^^ Good suggestion. If you want to look at a dual card setup, I would say dual 270x. §
Man, if you could spend that $700 here at the marketplace instead, the machine you could get.... All of the previous suggestions are right on. WD vs Seagate... I have had both fail on me. No Seagate has failed on me while still in warranty so I can't speak as to their warranty service. WD's service has been good. I believe you are doing yourself a disservice by only looking at one brand (Intel/AMD) §
LOL!! So, these executives didn't know huh? That means they are incompetent...right? §
I would like to motion that you take over Crapcast...I mean Comcrack....I mean...Crookcast, well, whatever their name is. You should take over and run it for the sanity of the rest of the nation.When do you move?§
This was my thought too....I, personally, am not too worried about this as I have what I feel to be the best internet service in the country. I pay $70/mo for a full 1gbps up/down fiber connection that has no bandwidth limits (No, not Google Fiber, EPB which actually offered the full gbps service first.). I can't help but think that companies like Comcast are just begging for more of this. Them with their lame 250GB limits on bandwidth each month, or whatever that...
Just a picture of a custom full coverage block in the making....§
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