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May I ask, how this performed? What did you have it hooked up to? I am looking for something to run some HDD's and I realize that the performance isn't going to be top notch no matter as I am running it on HDD's. It would be simply for an offsite backup. Did you ever have a problem with temps? Sorry for all the questions, thanks! §
You know, I realize that there are many that wish these to come out now, and lets face, I would like that too. I would prefer, however, that they take their time and get everything in line. Make sure the cooler is better than the previous, and that the drivers are in line. I see a trend that seems to be getting worse in the gaming industry and that is rush it out before it is ready. Let the early adopters be the Beta testers and 6 mos later it will be where it should...
Man, I missed the cutoff by less than an hour to drop 2 more WU's for 180k. Oh well... Next month I am shooting for top 5. §
So, I am admittedly STOOPID when it comes to Linux stuff, but do the nVidia cards not still load a core+ for GPU folding? Or is that part of the advantage of folding under Linux? What CPU is it? §
What GPU are you folding with?
I started about 14hrs late, but I was in the middle of swapping everything to a new case and adding a second 780ti. S Just got a message here and bought a 3rd as well. Only to pull up Newegg open box and see 2 STRIX 980's sitting there for $443/each..... Oh why couldn't I have seen that a little bit earlier.... Oh well. I will run 3 ti's next month and look at upgrading next year. Thank goodness for the 1000P2 PSU!! §
Man, if you had the bracket for a 1155 socket, I would have bought this already. You don't by chance have one laying around you can send with it, do you? §
I saw that review too....I wanted to slap my screen in hopes that the moron that wrote it would some how feel it.Side note, great deal on the CPU...Now, if AMD would only update the FX line to at least the 28nm process and just "refresh" it.... Not asking for too much, am i?Thanks OP for posting. Forwarding this to a co-worker that is in the process of building a new AMD machine..21
May I ask what you are using to monitor the vram for the cards? I remember reading somewhere that AB and such only report memory allocated, not what is actually being used.I would love to find out if that is accurate and if so how close the actual usage is to allocation.Back on top of the cards at hand, I fully expect them to release a wasted 4GB version of the card. I will likely upgrade the family PC to the ti version, if one does indeed come out. I would imagine that...
Well, it isn't REALLY 16nm. What they are calling 16nm is really 20nm with Finfet. They are just calling it 16nm. I will have to look for where I read that, as it has been about a year ago, but that is what is going on.§
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