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I can't believe it took this long. I suggested this at least a year ago, if not more. Glad it is finally here... §
I am sorry, but the mouse and keyboard work on all OS'. You press the windows key and type what you are looking for. It works that way still and the same as it did generations ago. In fact, you have greater options with the keyboard now than you did on XP. Try Windows key + an arrow key on XP and see what you get. Try it on Win7 or newer and watch "magic" happen.In short, I respectfully disagree....S
^^OMG THIS!!!!!!!!!This doesn't just go for laptops either. Phones too. Get rid of that stupid camera bump and put a larger battery in it.§
Looks like this is one update I get to go in and manually block on our WSUS. I haven't looked into it enough buy any means, but I do find it funny they are doing this while you can still buy business machines with Windows 7 as a downgrade from Windows 10. I wonder how this will affect those machines on a long term basis. Oh well. §
I am building a gaming PC for a co-workers son. The MB I had went out so I need a new one. If you have a CPU that is better than a 2120, I may be interested in that as well. A CPU cooler wouldn't be a bad idea either. I already have the RAM, which is DDR3. I don't have much for a budget, but I do have potential items for trade. 780ti, 5770, 4670, some PSU's, hdd's, RAM, etc. Let me know what you have and what it takes to part with it. Payment will be through PayPal...
5 years is an awesome feet! Congrats on it and I hope the trend continues! As far as the build, well, I have one I am piecing together for a stranger I came across. This person is using an x1800 video card now, so this would be an upgrade to say the least. Thank you doesn't suffice for the thoughtfulness of the giveaway. It is super kind of you to do so. Thank you! §
Hello all! I am building a computer for someone that is still gaming on a 478 socket 1.8ghz P4 with an x1800 video card. This person has no money for an upgrade so I am using components from where I work to build a machine for them. To top it all off, I just found out that my wife is pregnant so my funds available for this build are greatly diminished. I promised this person I would do this, so I need to keep the price as low as possible for this. I have a great...
I sent you a PM last week, did you get it?
I think by that time, you won't see PC's. You will see cybernetics that will blur the lines between virtual and actual reality. The term "smart home" will be lost as every home built will be integrated into a network that will process all "requests" for the task at hand.I am not sure I want to be around for that..§
My favorite, was the x650. The original one (ss-650km). Such a great unit that just doesn't quit. It is almost like Seasonic just knew a new build is on the horizon and an 850w unit is what is planned to go there. Thanks Seasonic, for all the quality units and also this giveaway! §
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