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5 years is an awesome feet! Congrats on it and I hope the trend continues! As far as the build, well, I have one I am piecing together for a stranger I came across. This person is using an x1800 video card now, so this would be an upgrade to say the least. Thank you doesn't suffice for the thoughtfulness of the giveaway. It is super kind of you to do so. Thank you! §
Hello all! I am building a computer for someone that is still gaming on a 478 socket 1.8ghz P4 with an x1800 video card. This person has no money for an upgrade so I am using components from where I work to build a machine for them. To top it all off, I just found out that my wife is pregnant so my funds available for this build are greatly diminished. I promised this person I would do this, so I need to keep the price as low as possible for this. I have a great...
I sent you a PM last week, did you get it?
I think by that time, you won't see PC's. You will see cybernetics that will blur the lines between virtual and actual reality. The term "smart home" will be lost as every home built will be integrated into a network that will process all "requests" for the task at hand.I am not sure I want to be around for that..§
My favorite, was the x650. The original one (ss-650km). Such a great unit that just doesn't quit. It is almost like Seasonic just knew a new build is on the horizon and an 850w unit is what is planned to go there. Thanks Seasonic, for all the quality units and also this giveaway! §
Ahhhh, Veeam......bah. I will take System Center over Veeam any day.I would love to get a few of these CPU's on a board with 512GB of RAM and set up some connection Pool's. I could put two in each location and have them fail over to each other. Throw in a few Grid cards and she is good to go.Of course I couldn't get the budget for that passed.BAH!! I guess I will stick with the IB xeon's and GT 740's lol.§
I would love to get my hands on a few of these to build out my companies VDI..... §
I am running a Sabertooth x79, and it is a GREAT board. I haven't used one in the AMD realm, but I would have to imagine that the Sabertooth line is solid no matter. They came with a 5 year warranty too so there is that advantage. The trouble would be finding one at a low price. §
While I agree, Zen would be a much better long term solution, but you have to consider all aspects. Will he have to buy new memory to upgrade to Zen? I don't know all of the specs of the AM4 socket, so I don't know if the new CPU's have an integrated DDR3 memory controller as well. I suspect they will, but there is no guarantee. Without knowing the budget and severity of the current issue, it really is hard to give definitive advice on a course of action. §
In order to properly answer your question, I would ask what is the purpose of the system? What kind of cooler do you have now and how long do you want to get out of the updated system? §
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