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I love my x79 Sabertooth! It is a great board, and should last me a few more years with my 4930k, before it gets migrated over to server duty. If only I had more sata3 ports or some M.2 action... None the less, I don't mind the "armor" although it would bother me if it wasn't on there. My main reason for going Sabertooth is the build quality and warranty. I wonder what will be out in 2018, as that is probably about time I will look at upgrading.
I have to say, I never bought into Lenovo, and am really glad I didn't. It is stuff like this, I don't trust them. I was tempted a few times when some of those server deals and their outlet deals pop up, but I resisted. I am happy i did. I hope they get smacked in the face with this one! §
Of course..... I already purchased a 400GB model, wishing for an 800GB. I spoke to the Intel reps at WPC a few weeks back, and they said it won't ever happen. I guess I can't really be upset about it, except that it means I now need to sell my 400GB unit and buy the 800GB unit. Unless, I give it to my brother to convince him that he needs to help me move next week..... What do you think @bavarianblessed? §
I will say, if you can afford it, the Intel 750 is awesome. I absolutely love mine! I realize you said normal SATA drive, but if you have PCI slot for it, I would say it is worth it. If that isn't an option, I would actually go for the Sandisk Extreme Pro over the 850 Pro. I prefer it over the Samsung SSD's, especially recently... All of this of course depends on budget and actual needs of course. §
Yeah, my tri 780ti's will last me until that rolls out and I can see what it is all about. I planned to skip Maxwell anyway since I am still on 1080p....for now anyway. I say, bring it on and I hope AMD can really update their stuff well too, since theirs SHOULD be out before Pascal too. Next year (I HOPE!) looks to be much more exciting on the GPU front than this year... §
You know, I wish I could update my x79 platform without having to buy a new CPU. My 4930k is still quite very capable. It will do 4.6, but I haven't even the need for it yet. I just wish I could use my 750 ssd as a boot drive. Bah, we will just have to wait and see what is going on with E... §
Are you interrested in any trades?
Love my $70/mo home internet so much I had to post this....yet again!
SOURCEThere you go.§Edit: A better one HERE
I only use consumer grade equipment as an AP.Build your own router and enjoy much better response, speed stability, and capability.I guess you could go with some server 10g nic's.....Why stop there. Let's just run fiber through the house..... I might has some extra here at work to borrow.§
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