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Are you interrested in any trades?
Love my $70/mo home internet so much I had to post this....yet again!
SOURCEThere you go.§Edit: A better one HERE
I only use consumer grade equipment as an AP.Build your own router and enjoy much better response, speed stability, and capability.I guess you could go with some server 10g nic's.....Why stop there. Let's just run fiber through the house..... I might has some extra here at work to borrow.§
Yes sir! One of the best ISP's!!Good place to work too, from what I hear...§
As resident of this wonderful medium sized town, I have to say, "meh" I would pay twice as much for 1/4 of the speed that comcast is offering just to not deal with them. I don't have to worry about that though, as I pay $69.99 for a full 1 gig symmetrical service now. Comcast's service, history, crap policies, and BS lobbyist make me not want to do any business with them. My company keeps asking me if I would move to Houston, Tx. Looking around at the ISP's there,...
Out of curiosity, why did you decide to drop the business class?I may end up moving to a Houston later this year and from what I understand about the only option there is Comcast...I hate them..§
As his brother and fellow user of EPB, allow me to answer in his absence... is $69.99/mo with no taxes.With HD TV service, some extra boxes, DVR, etc, about $143/mo for everything.§
I don't have the 1200 P2, but I do have the 1000 P2, and I have to say, it is very quiet.I don't even use eco mode on mine.Not sure if that helps or not, but JIC..§
Do these have any warranty on them? Or are they from OEM pulls? §
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