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Out of curiosity, why did you decide to drop the business class?I may end up moving to a Houston later this year and from what I understand about the only option there is Comcast...I hate them..§
As his brother and fellow user of EPB, allow me to answer in his absence... is $69.99/mo with no taxes.With HD TV service, some extra boxes, DVR, etc, about $143/mo for everything.§
I don't have the 1200 P2, but I do have the 1000 P2, and I have to say, it is very quiet.I don't even use eco mode on mine.Not sure if that helps or not, but JIC..§
Do these have any warranty on them? Or are they from OEM pulls? §
So, I have an issue that has popped up on me and wanted to bounce the idea with a few others I am currently folding on my main rig. The sig rig is old and I haven't updated it in quite some time. Here are the specs though... 4930k (not OC'd) on a x79 Sabertooth 32GB (4x8) of Crucial 1600 8-8-8-24 1.35v ram 1x 256GB 840 Pro (OS drive) 1x 500GB 840 EVO (programs) 1x Hitachi 4TB NAS HDD Creative ZxR sound card 3x EVGA 780ti SC EVGA 1000 P2 5x Phantek 140mm LED fans 2x...
Swappa. Best of both worlds...§
+1.....and then some!
If you would like, I can email you some bandwidth. It would give me something to do as when i get bored I just download the internet. I have a couple of copies of it already if you need honestly don't know how you survive. After being on "the gig" service for over a year and on a custom built router, anything less just frustrates me. I really am spoiled...
Yes, it is worth the upgrade. The faster IPC and higher clock frequencies will be beneficial. I know some of the Biostar boards were good at OC'ing, but others sucked pretty bad. Depending on some other factors, I would still be shocked if you couldn't get at least 3.6 out of it. I say go for it. When the time comes and you are able to upgrade to a newer socket, then you will definitely notice a better increase, but until then the Q9550 is a descent step from where you...
May I ask, how this performed? What did you have it hooked up to? I am looking for something to run some HDD's and I realize that the performance isn't going to be top notch no matter as I am running it on HDD's. It would be simply for an offsite backup. Did you ever have a problem with temps? Sorry for all the questions, thanks! §
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