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Hmmm, so you aren't in GA then. I was referring to Calhoun, Ga, so that must put you in Alabama...Scottsboro?Yeah, the EPB service is pretty awesome. $70/mo for 1g service and the customer service to match.They are supposed to expand up to Cleveland, so I read a few months back. The only shortcoming I see them missing, is a lower cost service for people on fixed income and such. They do a program if you have a student in the house, but not for people with a low income...
Hmmmm, within about 50 miles of Chattanooga, using Crapcast, so that must put you....Calhoun?It is like a game, give me a hint...I wish you had the joy of EPB Fiber instead. Nothing like their service....§
I know it isn't TECHINICALLY a quad core, but interested in a 3220t? §
I have the desire to upgrade my home server, which current houses an i3-3220t. I can either trade that CPU for whatever you have to sell, or just buy outright. I would prefer something with 8 threads, as I will be utilizing a web server, SQL, media server, a file server, and a few other things. Sooooooo, what you peoples got? Shipping would be to 37363. Payment will be with Paypal. §
Oh man, I couldn't agree more!!
Man, that really is much better than what was out not long ago.I used a few different consumer routers and while they were perfectly "Adequate", I could greatly tell a difference when I put my pfsense box in.Throughput did go up, but the biggest difference I noticed was in response. Especially when I turned my old wireless router into an AP, the wireless really picked up responsiveness.§
Sadly, I don't. Just another user wondering why designers/engineers don't use common sense while designing and engineering. Or heck, at least use it in testing, lol.Anyone wants to get rich, invent the "Common Sense" pill...
My company has a location in Houston. We use Phonoscope for fiber service there, but I have to say I am shocked at the crappy selection there is for internet service there. There was a time in which it looked as though my family was going to move out there and one of the main things I was looking at were ISP's.For such a large city with everything going on there, I would really expect something better than what is currently offered by the companies there.May I ask what...
Ah, okay, I misunderstood what you meant. My apologies. I agree, it isn't a very steady speed, but one I do see whenever updating my library. Although, I have noticed it seems to depend on the title being downloaded. The older/less popular games seam to utilize less bandwidth.
And you would be correct. It would appear your memory is much better than mine!SOURCE
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