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That ENEMY ENIGMA, always stealing my courier when im trying to send it to the secret shop. What. A. Dick.
I notice it more now than I used to, and not just in steam games. Probably my eyes or system or somethin who knows. That crap is very distracting. But in FPS i just accept it as part of it, no way I'm havin vsync or any FPS limitations when playing CSGO
Liar. You dish out peruvian justice all day long.That's slang for killing and eating cuys. Nothing cool about that, just lots to worry about.
I actually changed my mind and did pick the HX750 because they priced matched newegg so it ended up not even being 5$ more but was about 3$ instead. Figured might as well get the 750 for the future if its the same price as the RM650. Microcenter is my favorite store, I never mind going there. Consider that I was driving by it anyway into Yonkers and it was not even slightly out of my way. Its probably less than 10 minutes from where I live, so heading there is never a...
Add me to the list please. Got my new HX750 sitting right next to me. Gonna put her in sometime this week, or perhaps I'll wait till after I get a new case too. However, like many of you, i'm always VERY ANSY to put in any new part I pick up, even if it means a more difficult transition to my new case a few days later. Immediate gratification, yo.
Yes, the HX. Sorry, typo while I was on my iPhone.And i agreed on that point TwoCables: It won't provide me any real benefits. But it's of higher quality and I like to use higher quality parts, in particular when it only costs me 5$ more
I'm going iwith the RX series anyway I just really wanted to know if 650W would afford me space in the future. Since I know it will I'm going with the RX650, thanks guys!
I want to go with the HX series because they're much higher quality, and in my experiences higher quality on stuff like this means it will last a longgg time with not a single headache. I dont want to mess with anything coolermaster, and I particularly like the 7 year warranty. In my experiences companies like this will honor long warranties, and everything about the HX series and how high end it is is something I really want in a PSU this time around. My xion was great...
I'll write it out but in case you dont want to keep scrolling back farther it is my sig rig! i5 3570k with a 212 evo Gigabyte z77x-ud3h MSI 78502gb Twin Frozr 8gb ram (2x 4gb DDR3) 2x 7200 HDD 1x SSD I currently have 3 120mm LED case fans, but am thinking of getting a case too, so that may change. But this parts prob not as crucial. I do overclock usually, however ever since I concluded my issues lie with my PSU, i have stopped overclockin everything. Used to have it...
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