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KMAC: Single handily increasing the stats of Yasha on all heroes.
IMO yes. One of the best stories in any game of all time coupled with some of the best gameplay of all time makes it without question one of the best games of all time.
you would build that.
Long post but I put a lot of good info here IMO.I have played a LOT of BloodCyka, heres my 2 cents:For standard ganking Bloodseeker (aka playing the ideal method) Urn+Halbred/SNY with phase as your boots imo. While Bloodseeker isn't able to burst down a hero solo, especially with lvl 1 rupture (doubly so if the enemy has a TP hah), he excels in assisting lanes in ganks. If he shows up and has good HP from halbred/urn, he can trade hits then get that huge heal after the...
Title says it all. If you need em and pay for shipping, you can have one or both of them. They're Linksys Wireless Notebook Adapters, the ones that used to slide into those PCMCIA slots on older notebooks. Post in here if you need them.
So what's the consensus on this people/ Would it be worth downloading on say, a netbook? Would it decrease my netbooks performance in many games, or increase? Would it be worth using in general on such a type of computer? I will obviously stick with windows for my main gaming rig, but I feel like this COULD have potential on lower performing PCs (in particular laptops and netbooks) I haven't been able to get a good read off of what the majority think of this yet, in...
Welp guys, I played 1 game with my noob friends, fed super hard because my noob friend couldn't carry, and TANKED MY DSR over 400 points I went from a platinum 706 knight, who knew his place below Sun, his emerald god, to a plebian 360 silver scrub. 1 game of trolling after our rax was gone, and 1 low priority win (lulz, we almost lost in low priority after my friend gave them 2 divines) with another friend who was in the Mariana Trench, and my true skill has been...
Yeah I know, but I feel like trying anyway. Not opposed to people bringing non OCN friends either, as long as we can get private games goin! Im a big fan, usually less raging (omg***bbqz, kmac DOESNT like to rage?!), and no waiting! After a game you can just shuffle and start up another. Congrats Wal! I wish I was growing up like you, no bs. Where you move to if you dont mind me asking? "In the country" is a pretty big area!
I'd like to try to setup an inhouse this week. I'd be willing to try to organize it if I know anyone would be down!
So I know its not Dota, just Volvo, but........t STEAM SALE!!!!! I just jizzed my pants guys. I LIVE for these High Holy Days of PC gaming. Its like waiting all year for Xmas or Chanukkah.
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