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Wow.. Glad to see this thread is still helping people years later. I officially feel like I've actually contributed to the internet
Forgot all about this post, but I'm glad to see after like 3 years its still helping people
Glad to see this thread is still helping people. I actually had a member mail me his drive to get repaired this last week
If I can find the damn driver disk I'll upload it and post a link for you guys
I just did a drive using another CA-42 cable that didn't have the rx and tx listed on the circuit board... The blue one pictured by user928754 is the original one i got and worked for me with my drive - the fact that the wires are labeled are awesome.
the only reason someone would need to open up the USB side of the wire would be to find out which wire is which. From the pics I'm seeing (and the 2nd cable I just got in the mail cause a fellow user hasn't returned mine yet) there are no RX, TX, and GND markings - the original cable I got from the "edirect" seller DID have the markings. To the user who bought his cable from "edirect" did yours have the RX, TX, and GND listed as well? I'd be interested to...
Alcohol takes FOREVER to get all the old stuck paste off the chip (I clean it all off, between the little components on the die - not just the surface of the chip itself like I've seen other people do) With the Goo Gone, it's literally a couple minutes for the GPU and a couple minutes for the CPU. Chasing it with alcohol instantly removes the residue and your ready to apply paste and reassemble. Plus, the Goo Gone is easily obtainable from any local store whereas the AS...
I was just booted into my Win XP 32 drive to do some other work this morning and checked device manager. It said FDTI (or was it FTDI?!? or was it.....?!?) USB to Serial drivers - or something like that... and that shows up without the cable plugged in.
I have a 360 and a Wii, with a 7 year old son and a 9 year old daughter. Honestly I find that they play the 360 more but the Wii does get some occasional use. Mario Kart is pretty much a "must have" for anyone who owns a Wii. There is a decent "homebrew" following for the system which should give you access to countless games, of course the same can be said about the 360 as well.
Thanks for the +rep If I remember correctly, when I plugged in the CA-42 cable to my PC and installed the drivers it showed another COM port in device manager. For reference, I was using 32-bit Windows XP. I could be wrong because it's been awhile since I fixed my drive but I'll be doing another couple drives in the next few days and I'll be able to confirm this.
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