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Refueling takes a few seconds, so the comparison is kind of fail. You can't operate your car while refueling it, no. There's no excuse for not being able to use a mouse while it's charging.
I'll pass, EA. For your greed, I'll go out of my way to pay no more than $30 to get Battleftont.
Greeeeat, one game I was looking forward to.
Fully support doesn't at all mean "all features." It means "DX12 will function well." I wouldn't even push this to be a marketing ploy. Wine supports gaming on Linux, but not every game will work/work well.
I just saw this all and was thinking the exact same thing. Juub, my post was my opinion on the topic at hand. That's how. Your post, however, is just belligerent flamebait. Try again, did not work, lelggrekt, etc.
Oh there was new Apple crap being announced? Lol, the hype really has died.
If they see this through they'll only see it through in the US. If they see it through in the US it'll only make the US more vulnerable when other countries get leap years ahead with such AI weaponry.
Probably won't pay more than $20 for this one.
If all the ISPs try to start pulling this crap with some sort of "limited/unlimited" package options, the customers seriously need to rebel.
Meh, if the hardcore high end hardware market is hardly seeing any advances year to year, I can only imagine how "regular" consumers feel about their retail PCs. Want to end the slump? Quit stifling advancements.
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