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Pretty sure it stemmed after hipsters started walking around holding iPhones and suddenly being diehard Mac fans and experts, believing the "Macs don't get viruses" mantra.
Looks decent to me. Won't look/play any worse than the sub-30fps trash the consoles got.
They also take 89% of their customers' wallets worldwide.I wouldn't really say they have "small margins," they most likely just have what a "normal" profit margin is expected to be. Apple's profit margin per product sold is just enormous in comparison, hence why so many people rightfully label them as overpriced. I believe the iPhone 6's profit margin is in the ballpark of 70%.
I love it. That commercial looks like its primary goal was to spit in the face of the pissy anti-violence cults. It was a dramatic, OBVIOUS exaggeration of violent video games. It's so ridiculous you have to wonder if even the anti-violence advocates think "wow a violent video game would never do that to someone playing it."
It's a shame the game is already in a downwards spiral; it has less active players than L4D2. The community bashing/abandoning the game is only going to kill any desire Turtle Rock has to improve the game.
Rofl... the very description of Hotwire:
Ah man... I pity the people that buy into these statements. "It's to make your PS4 game a more cinematic experience! Trust us, we tried it both ways, this looks much better!" Yea, because you're desperately shaving off pixels that need rendering, therefore boosting your performance to hit that glorious 30 fps.
Yes, as that's handled via your SIM card I believe. There HAS to be a way around that, but I don't think OCN allows discussion about that.
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