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Probably the best update in Windows history to get IMO.
Stay the hell away from South Florida, or any part of Florida really. It's 22C (71F) here right now, and that's considered a pretty cool night. It gets to around 36C (97F) in July.
Hugging my 2500k. This lack of competition and stifling of CPU advancements is fine with me; I won't be spending money on Intel hardware for yet another 2-3 years.
According to Apple "& Co." if you make a new smartphone you're copying them.
Refueling takes a few seconds, so the comparison is kind of fail. You can't operate your car while refueling it, no. There's no excuse for not being able to use a mouse while it's charging.
I'll pass, EA. For your greed, I'll go out of my way to pay no more than $30 to get Battleftont.
Greeeeat, one game I was looking forward to.
Fully support doesn't at all mean "all features." It means "DX12 will function well." I wouldn't even push this to be a marketing ploy. Wine supports gaming on Linux, but not every game will work/work well.
I just saw this all and was thinking the exact same thing. Juub, my post was my opinion on the topic at hand. That's how. Your post, however, is just belligerent flamebait. Try again, did not work, lelggrekt, etc.
Oh there was new Apple crap being announced? Lol, the hype really has died.
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