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It releases Monday at 7PM EST actually.
I'm finding it hard to believe myself, so I'm getting the feeling that it means 4K with a mix of low/med/high visual settings. I think it would be pretty unlikely for a 7870 to run 4K at 30fps with everything turned up.
Russia is actually a 2nd world country. Just sayin'. is looking pretty impressive. My 2 7970s should be capable of pretty decent performance at 4K (of course I can only run 1440p, so it should run great).Retail copies may be 7 discs
No, you can't.And just a heads up: Downloading through Rockstar Warehouse sort of sucks. In the future, if you ever need to re-download the game, you'll need either your order number + password, or your e-mail address + last 5 digits of the credit card you bought the product with. With how big and successful Rockstar are, I'm not sure what genius on their end thought this was a great idea.
Damn. Samsung flopped on this one. Oh well. The Asus Zenfone 2 was my choice for 2015 anyways.
I think in the coming days we'll see some gameplay. Otherwise the damn thing is just under 2 weeks away.
I dunno, they still seem awfully happy with the new Heist mode. It's almost like GTA Online was meh tier until that released.
Meh. It was a letdown. It looks great, but I was hoping for some actual gameplay (more like what the "next-gen" trailers had).
"Guy's, we're sorry to announce that we have to delay the release of this trailer, which was supposed to announce the further delay of the release of GTA V. We know this is a frustrating thing to hear, but it's for the better of the game blah blah while we try to perfect it and blah blah blah consoles are the real master race."
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