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The only performance issue I'm seeing (and it's consistent) is that my map on the pause screen is very choppy when I move around it. If I zoom in all the way it smooths out a bit. This also causes my Steam overlay web browser to start flickering. Can anyone else reproduce this? If any mod sees this, can you maybe merge these threads into one and place it in a not-news section? I don't think there's a GTA discussion thread. Edit: yes there is. I'd suggest just locking...
It could use some tweaking (raw mouse input, mouse acceleration), but overall it's very nice. I like driving in first person.
Welp, good thing the 500GB 850 EVO is going for $180 right now. There's hardly an excuse to not just make the jump. Throw the 840 into a laptop or something. I just ordered one myself. Going to do exactly that with my 840 Pro.
Not to mention the million is nothing but speculation from seeing "almost" 1M users on Steam alone. How many people bought it through Rockstar Warehouse? Retail? GMG? Other methods? I'm predicting closer to 2M.
So, $60M in sales on day 1. What a terrible bunch the PC gamers are. Nothing but pirates. I wish Rockstar would break out more statistics (going by Social Club) of people who have bought it twice/thrice or even more.
There are DVI to HDMI cables, but I'm not sure how those Korean monitors will act with that. Just get one, they're cheap on Amazon. One thing I will note: don't expect it to look very pretty...
Windows account names*
It never being an issue would be exactly why such an issue was overlooked...Other problems with having to redownload:That seems more like nob problems. I brought my SSD down to 0 bytes while unpacking. That's Steam's fault, not Rockstar's. All I did was free up space after seeing the unpacking pause and it resumed fine. It sounds like plenty of idiots cleared their Windows/Temp folder, which I suspect may be the destination of some of the unpacking. It happened to one...
Great job Google. It seems Google Fiber is definitely starting to pay off this year, accomplishing its goal. The corrupt ISPs that continue to stagnate the industry will die off, as they should. Now I just hope Brighthouse in Orlando boosts their speeds too
Umm... First I hear about this. Just played for about 6 hours non-stop. Single player and online. With numerous friends... Game is working and running flawlessly here. Surpassed my expectations and hopes. Oh pfftttt here I am thinking this is some obscure graphical/crash issue that X% nobs are having troubles with. Instead it's a problem with Windows accounts with special characters.
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