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Eh. A YouTube video doesn't do it justice, especially not without knowing all the settings that were used. Compare with a 60fps video at higher than 1080p and the difference should be obvious.
See, here's what happens (at least this is my exact mentality when crap like this happens). I subscribe to HBO. I have HD service. I have a DVR. It would still honestly be more convenient for me to grab a torrent of Game of Thrones than to catch it after it airs via my DVR, for plenty of reasons I don't care to go into right now as it's irrelevant to the point. How would I personally hurt HBO by downloading a torrent of it? How many other HBO customers do you think do...
Sigh... is it really that serious for a TV show to be pirated? It's not like you're paying to watch the show in particular. I'm sure there are millions of HBO subscribers that don't even watch Game of Thrones. Torrents are just getting the show more popularity. Then people buy the books.
Last night I suddenly started crashing. Now I can't load in to anything at all unless I do safe mode. Been playing for a week without any major issues.
If your current installation of Windows is in good shape and you'd be happy migrating your entire OS partition in full, you can just clone it to the SSD with something like Acronis TrueImage or some other alternative program. Otherwise, you can install a fresh copy of Windows on your SSD, copy the entire GTA V folder from your hard drive, and run the installer (it should pick up on the files you already have).
Can anyone that has been experiencing the choppy map/pause menus confirm if this is now fixed?
Wow I'm a little surprised in this finding myself.
It's kind of a given that a console game will always outsell its PC variant. The few exceptions would be games like Left 4 Dead, Portal, Half Life, and similar franchises (Diablo, Starcraft) that the PC community has long supported. As much as I hate to confirm it, the PC community is nowhere near as big as either of consoles'. I think GTA may be a close call, but if anything is stopping its PC release from outselling the console versions is the fact that it released...
Just requested to join the crew
I sure don't wait like crazy. I load in within a few seconds. I had an 840 Pro and just got an 850 EVO. PC version destroying these next-gen consoles all around. Couldn't stand the load times and quit playing because of it.
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