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Posts by Stealth Pyros I believe the Ubuntu Edge will be out before the iPhone 6; not sure if it still has a sapphire glass display.
Wow. From comical comments about a rock simulator to a bashing battle about which country has more fat people to which has more murder. That's a new low.
Simulator Creator Simulator.
There should be a Forum Trolling Simulator. You hop around between forums posting about new simulator games
I'm more ashamed of the people that are making a big deal over this than over it being "wrong" etc. Especially on a community like OCN, we should know better. You can't expect things you post on a public website to be private.
Windows 8 is the best Windows to date. I'm betting more on 9 being a miserable flop than not.
Being "surveyed" by a corporation is nothing new guys. Just by living and breathing you are a part of a survey. Go to school? You're part of a "survey" too. In some shape or form. There's seriously nothing sensitive about it to freak out about. Unless, of course, you've been posting sensitive stuff publicly on Facebook; like, you know, your relationship status
Thing is: when you post crap publicly, it's exactly that: public information. I doubt Facebook is directly linking statistics to your personal identity; probably just summarizing geographically or maybe by gender and ethnicity. As much as I would like it to be for Facebook to get hit, I doubt it's illegal.Saying this is illegal would be sort of like saying that your Facebook friends are violating your privacy by seeing everything you like/comment on. All in all, if you...
This is "cool" and all ( ) but it probably won't even compare to the 4690k, let alone the 4790k.
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