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I wouldn't call it normal but sometimes things just go wrong without it being a serious problem. Try to pinpoint one that happens during boot. (Reboot right now and take note of the current time, then check the logs for anything that happened at that time).I'd suggest you can try sfc /scannow in command prompt (system file checker). It's harmless and will repair any OS files that might be bad. If it fails to repair some stuff, don't be afraid to reboot and try again....
Just type event viewer in your start menu, the rest is straightforward; you'd navigate the folders on the left to find System/Error logs, then look in the center for any log messages with a red error icon.
I'd recommend you check event viewer logs to try and find an error message that happens on that "failed" boot. It should point out if there's an issue with video/audio driver or memory.
Lol it's hilarious... These MORONS dump so much time and money into a campaign for BF3/4/H when those are the games that should be multiplayer only (and campaigns end up pretty mediocre anyway), then they ditch a campaign for an epic ass Star Wars game that millions of gamers have wanted for years.
If you'd still really like to remove the old AMD stuff, try using the old Driver Sweeper: It lets you choose AMD specifically.
It's so tragic that these business can no longer sit on their asses and watch all this money just roll in from ads being loaded.
Difference would still be pretty negligible regardless. Not worth the cost of a full rebuild, at least not to me. I can get an IB nowadays for cheap, it's still a "ehhh, I'll pass..." ordeal. I run everything (everything I care for anyways) without a hitch.
/Pats 2500k on the head/ Good for another 2 years.
Really? You gave it that long?Yes, gimmick. The average PC gamer today doesn't care about playing console games anymore. At least the way I look at it, if you're "PC enough" to want to play with a mouse and keyboard all the time, you're probably just going to play PC games. I've come to regret my purchases of 360, PS3, AND Wii (Wii probably being the least regretted), thinking of the hardware I could have gotten with the $500-$1000 I dumped across the 3 makes me sad.
Old news, and it's honestly a pretty good idea. The devices it's shared to do not display the password to the users, so it's not all that questionable.
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