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Yes, as that's handled via your SIM card I believe. There HAS to be a way around that, but I don't think OCN allows discussion about that.
No problems with it. It's weird, I was paying $20/month for 5GB, and suddenly I got upped to unlimited for the same $20. My wife's line is still paying $20 for 5GB. I'm not sure how it behaves with heavy tethering. I definitely CAN tether, but I don't know if there's a separate limit.
Lol sorry man, dream on. That won't happen to consoles for maybe another 7 years, and they'll struggle holding 30fps Wasn't worth it. 1440p is a nice jump for us gamers, but not too big of a leap for "casual" home TV owners.Lmao, been thinking this all through my reading.
I think this game MIGHT be worth $40, WITH all its "DLC" included. $60, even with it all, is a stretch given the game's content and replay value. No, I'm not trying to be the typical bandwagon hater. I played both the Alpha and Beta. Liked the game. Pre-ordered it for only $48, but changed my mind and canceled once all this DLC news came about.
I like the idea, however I predict some issues where thousands lose data during the update in the near future.
Damn AMD. God forbid a business long in the red seizes an opportunity to gain a little extra revenue.Not to mention this is an OLD product seeing a price reduction, just before the next generation product is being announced.
Honestly I told myself I wouldn't buy this game yet, but I'm now hyped for it again. The Mt. Chiliad mystery is still ongoing nearly 2 years later. There's definitely something going on under Zancudo! I'm just sick of having to play it on this console peasantry.
Sigh... God forbid a certain competitor brings out a smart glass product. Then people will go ape nuts over it, no one will have a problem with it, and it'll be a huge, new invention by said competitor!
In the end, they'll launch it at $60. Thousands/millions will buy it. When sales die down, they'll drop it to $30, and housands/millions more will buy it.
At first I was mildly disgusted at Google's response about patching older devices, but what you're saying here is very much the truth. Google makes every Android update available. The proof is in the fact that any owner of such a phone is free to download a ROM that contains these updates. To get an official update, It's up to the manufacturer of a phone to roll out that update to their supported carriers and customers. It's not Google. Google rolled out 5.0 to my 2012...
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