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Kirsten Dunst is blaming Apple; so it seems the source really was iCloud (I don't think she'd be blaming them if it wasn't the exclusive place she'd have such photos).
Nope, not their fault. My eyes can't roll back far enough to express how pathetic of an attitude they have on the breach.
I have a friend in need of some help overclocking his 4770k. He just has a few questions and as I haven't experienced anything newer than SB I figured I'd post here for some advice.He wants to know if he should worry about changing any of the extra power/voltage settings that his motherboard has. He boots fine at 4.4 GHz but he is getting BSOD crashes no matter how high he sets his vcore.This is the "extra" power settings screen his motherboard offers:These are his...
Eh. I SEVERELY doubt it.
It's a social experiment. I bet millions have tried searching "puppy" since this was reported.
All 3 are just moving some dirty cash around
I was wondering why he made that connection between the two, but chose not to comment in case I was wrong.To sum up: yes, disabling that "software checkbox" does stop Google from storing (or at least displaying to you) your location history. Obviously neither of us can prove that they delete it all or don't delete it all. Only someone pretty high up at Google would know that for sure (because even a technician that handles data doesn't know if someone higher up is keeping...
It's also something that's not even limited to just Google. Any GPS unit byTomTom etc. obviously have to know your location to give you directions to your destination, and update your position for turn by turn directions and traffic.
Google haven't even STARTED to fully utilize all the potential that their system offers. Think about how amazing it would be if you get a notification that gives you a special discount coupon or something for a place that you frequent, or a place that you once went to but haven't gone too again in a while? The extra advertising revenue potential is insane. And call me crazy, I think such a feature would be amazing for consumers and local businesses near them.
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