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Agree, they're taking the wrong approach here. The same can be said about such organizations that try hard to employ or accept a certain number of people of a certain race. I find that to actually be more discriminating than not, as they are providing a sort of "handicap," special treatment, etc. to that race. A job hiring should be plain and simple: it is given to the most qualified, experienced, affordable, strong willed applicant. How much weight is given to each of...
You know, all along I didn't even acknowledge this was all about the AIO iMac. I retract most of what I've said then. AIOs are all pretty expensive, this isn't so bad after all.But again, anyone with the aforementioned really basic needs (documents, spreadsheets, e-mail, internet) seriously doesn't need this.
Then why spend $1,000+ on one? A ~$300 i3 laptop will get that done, and get it done very fast with an SSD.
I'm shocked, perhaps a little ashamed, that so many OCNers still have interest in the series
They can't make one that's $1,000 that isn't junk either
Mehhhh... it's a pretty bland series already. Nothing I miss.
Jesus, the nitpicking. This is exactly why I specifically included: "Not implying that this is specifically used for that, it's just an example." People are thinking that NASA just e-mails each other a bunch of spreadsheets and text documents all day, I was just giving an example that they do much bigger work than just paperwork.
Oya? Well I don't care to give them my money anymore.
NASA needs to reduce latency to the microseconds. Think about remotely controlling something like the Rover. Not implying that this is specifically used for that, it's just an example. The article also mentions data from the LHC projects.
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