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Sigh... these guys just have no ganas anymore.
Ooff, what a way to destroy any hope of this game succeeding. Big mistake to even MENTION NFS Rivals. Edit: Whoops, I was thinking he was talking about NFS World. God was that bad.
Sigh... these likely won't fix the crossfire flickering I'm getting on the Steam overlay Browser in GTA V.Ehhhh... that's a pretty overblown misconception. I've had very few issues with crossfire (been running crossfire since just about the 7970 released) and the issues were minor enough to overlook. The performance gains are definitely worth it.
Cool, another retailer off my list.
Sigh. It might be, but I'm sure not. More like "our next re-brand is coming." It came, it flopped, I left. AMD is making their fanbase sweat this season. With more heat.
I have a similar mindset, but I think I would play through it. Nothing humiliates the weak-minded more than the success of something they oppose so strongly.
Yea I'm not too familiar with the how to, sorry. I just know that it's a pretty good solution to what you're concerned with.
Authenticate with certificates.
Were these "researchers" Comcast, TWC, and other ISPs? I'm sure they're very worried about how they'll have to raise prices and enforce more caps because of this "peak capacity."
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