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Thank GOD. Now I can sell off my PlebStation. GTA is just about the only reason I've held onto it this long.
Yea EA is going to have to offer BF3/4 Premium buyers a pretty steep discount for this one IMO or it'll be deserted. It's not bad, but definitely not $60 good, and definitely not with the way things with BF4 have gone. IT feels as if it should just be a $30 theme pack like Vietnam was.
Oh don't take me wrong. I'm not comparing, there IS NO comparison I made the mistake of buying both a PS3 and 360. Sold the 360 in hopes that the PS would redeem the console race. Boy do I regret giving the benefit of the doubt; never again
In a battle between PS4 and XBO, PC wins. 4K will be a thing when there's 4K content all over Netflix. Demand for 4K displays will skyrocket and prices will be brought down.
1080p such wow, many framerate, much peasantry
I wouldn't say so. BF4 wasn't simply "ported" as far as I know. It looks good and runs pretty decent on PS4/XBO. I'm normally not one to give much credit for console games, but DICE did pretty well with it on PS4/XBO.
Having it locked at a steady 30fps (versus fluctuating between 30-45 or higher) will give these poor plebs the placebo effect that it's running consistently smooth I think they would definitely feel the choppiness in 30fps when they suddenly drop to 30 from 45+.^If the hardware can't even hold 60fps steady (implying it fluctuates from 30-60), they're better off just locking it at the lowest framerate in the fluctuation range. It'll make it "feel" smoother and more...
Lol -______- The human eye (in healthy shape) can perceive 200+ fps. (If anyone reading this has gone through USAF/other pilot vision training/testing, please chime in on this statement). How sensitive one is to gameplay at certain rates is simply subjective opinion. "30fps seems perfectly smooth to me" would be a common opinion from someone that is used to gaming at 30fps or even slower. I'm accustomed to 60-120 fps, therefor even 40fps is extremely choppy to me. There is...
It's not that I expect them to be higher resolution, it's that by now, I'd expect such a "next-gen revolution" to at least run 60fps at 1080p.I'm quite late in seeing this comment and I'm sad because I just knew someone would bring it up You don't control what goes on in a movie. Therefor there's no frame lag to "feel" or perceive. If you were to control the race cars in Fast and the Furious I'm sure you'd feel that subpar 24fps Compare the 24fps framerate to the same...
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