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Posts by Stealth Pyros Well, guess I might be skipping this one.
It's a shame Valve didn't pick this flop up when THQ went out (2K did instead). It probably would have been a MUCH bigger release in their hands; it wouldn't have surprised me if they went with a "free to play, buy the additional characters/monsters" model.
I mean... it is a "season" pass. The timeframe between multiple seasons (if there even are multiple seasons planned) is solely up to the publisher/developer. This game is long dead though. The only thing that can revive it would be a price drop to $20 with ALL content included, along with providing that content to everyone that already bought the game. Game is dead to me, and there are ~500 people still playing. I think even BF2 might have that many players. If they just...
Sigh.I've owned, a Honda, Ford, Toyota, and Mazda that have all broken down. My Subaru hasn't broken down, therefore all of those other companies are just terrible and I will never buy a car from them again! I will also never buy their lawnmowers or any other product because my friend's Honda lawnmower broke!
Haven't had a problem with my 840 Pro nor 850 EVO on W8. "When Solid State Drives are not that solid" What a stupid headline that is.
When the orbital strike hits I was having a flashback of 2142. This game COULD live up to 2142, but it probably won't.
Let's not forget that it's not just "DICE" that does work. DICE LA, DICE UK, DICE WHOKNOWSWHEREELSE
On the contrary, I think most would expect BF to do very well on PC since PC gamers lean more in favor of BF (especially original fans that have been playing since 1942). Sadly BF3/BF4 haven't fully lived up to BF2 as much as many of us would like. I alone know quite a few people that didn't care to get BF4 after BF3, under the mindset that it was just a cash cow now.
It's hard for me to believe that. Console players typically move on pretty fast to new games, especially shooters. I'm not saying the numbers are rubbish, I'm just saying it's hard to believe; there have to be some other factors that are causing these numbers. What's funny is, take a look at PS4 has 14,000+ players on Hardline vs. PC's 1,900.
That is, pretty reliable, however that's at 8AM EST on a Monday. The PC population has been healthy and above all consoles as of late.
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