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This is pretty old news. Like, nearing decade-old news.
There always was. For example, in Google's case, having all their information accessible by the NSA would (most likely) lead to a leak eventually. A leak to competing organizations willing to pay for such information. Google's information on their users are their most valuable possession, especially from an advertising standpoint.
Thank God they were smart enough to make it rather clear on Steam that they weren't planning a final release any time soon.
Wild thought, try updating your BIOS
The game has gotten pretty bland on PC. Progress has been way too slow. I think people are losing interest.
Been working fine for me since the day 8.1 released. I've used it via Radeon Pro which I'm seeing could be a workaround you're referring to; but it has worked just great for me.
The phone is probably worth at least a month's worth of their wages.
I have a similar "Anything less than the fastest I've ever had is torture" mindset. I think 50mbps is where I currently "set the bar" as my minimum, though I'm stuck with 24mbps =/ Thanks AT&T. I was paying for 50mbps in the past and getting ~85 with Comcast.
Both BF2 and BF2142 were a great value IMO; so I wouldn't say never. EA will someday realize they need to change their recent ways. Mod tools for BF4/FB would be a nice start towards some change.
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