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It's not on the store, it's on Greenlight: do realize that it wasn't even ON the marketplace, right? It was specifically placed on a section of Steam intended to allow the GAMERS (the people who support and make Steam what it is) to vote for whether to have Hatred for sale on Steam or not. So yes, I feel that this directly violates the freedom of speech of both the developer that wants to list their product...
Yesssssss praise Gaben for respecting free speech. Sorry treehuggers, free speech trumps worrying about teenagers playing a violent video game.I can understand the logic behind "they own the network, they can reject what goes on it," but is that really how we feel about everything else in our world? We can't stand ISPs' tyrannic control over the networks that we pay to be on, why should this be an exception? If anything it should be MORE of a problem, as Valve was limiting...
Whatever software you use (ROMRaider, Ecutek, ECUFlash, AccessTuner, etc.) would need to have some form of a Linux/Android release for that to work. Wait for a very nice x86 iteration of this with Windows support, then we're talking.
Sad. Oh well, Valve are just throwing away easy revenue on this one. Amazing. They allow such junky crap like Infestation Survivor Stories.
I know, but what's funny is the majority of users will just accept the free copy for a friend and move along with their lives with little disdain.As compensation for the issues, they should just officially announce HL3.
One would hope they can simply "undo" everything and reverse all the transactions that took place in the auction. Maybe give L4D2 for free to everyone affected or something and call it a day.
You know nevermind I'll stay quiet about that...
What do they mean "may?" This should be pretty much implied.
Great... just imagine how easily students will be able to sneak Google Glass in to a test when they have tech-ignorant teachers. Now they'll beat any math test.
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