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Both BF2 and BF2142 were a great value IMO; so I wouldn't say never. EA will someday realize they need to change their recent ways. Mod tools for BF4/FB would be a nice start towards some change.
Valve have just been generating insane revenue for the past few years. Here's to hoping they've re-invested a nice chunk into Source 2/HL3/L4D3/Portal 3/whatever other title. I predict a very sick Orange Box-esque release in the near future, and it'll be a tremendous value at $60-$100. HL3 + Source 2 will again be the huge shift PC gamers need. Other developers will have to step up their game (pun intended) to even matter in our market. As much as I've enjoyed BF3 and BF4...
I find it to be a very respectable way to cut down on employees. Think about it: MS could have cut wages across the board. They could have simply fired off the 300 most recent workers (those 300 may be working harder than some thousand that have much more seniority there). By offering up 300 free phones to the first 300 employees that quit, they're going to "lose" 300 workers that probably didn't care about their job very much (if they're giving up their livelihood for a...
On the contrary, I have that sort of experience with AT&T and have never had that problem in the past with Comcast; unfortunately I'm locked to AT&T at my complex right now.
The 505mbps service is currently $300/$400 a month I believe, but I think that's for the business-tier service which implies it should be less for residential service. I can't find specific pricing details =/
Comcast did announce recently that they're rolling out fiber in South Florida, but offering a maximum 505mbps connection. What gives? What a load of crap. It really goes to show how ISPs blatantly stifle advancements.
That's cool and all, but if someone has access to Google Fiber (1gbps) at $70/month, why in the hell would they pay close to the same for 105mbps? I'd pay Google $120/month for 1gbps + cable service if it took that to get them down here. I pay much more than that for just 24mbps with AT&T.
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