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On the contrary, I have that sort of experience with AT&T and have never had that problem in the past with Comcast; unfortunately I'm locked to AT&T at my complex right now.
The 505mbps service is currently $300/$400 a month I believe, but I think that's for the business-tier service which implies it should be less for residential service. I can't find specific pricing details =/
Comcast did announce recently that they're rolling out fiber in South Florida, but offering a maximum 505mbps connection. What gives? What a load of crap. It really goes to show how ISPs blatantly stifle advancements.
That's cool and all, but if someone has access to Google Fiber (1gbps) at $70/month, why in the hell would they pay close to the same for 105mbps? I'd pay Google $120/month for 1gbps + cable service if it took that to get them down here. I pay much more than that for just 24mbps with AT&T.
Ubisoft is soft alright. A soft, warm pile of dung.
Lol can't remember if I posted it but I wanted to post something similar to this when I first saw the post."Mathematics makes strong case that “snoopy2” can be just fine as a password"Yea, not anymore. Every brute force agent on the planet just added "snoopy2" (and other forms of snoopy****) to their word dictionaries. How many accounts will be hacked into in the coming weeks?
Lmao I got the joke.Unless it wasn't a joke.Then I'd say: open notepad when you're creating a new password for something. Roll your face on your keyboard, then label the password with whatever it's for. Save it/print it and keep it safe for when you need to type it in
Nothing is "clear." Everyone needs to quit spewing this crap. Unless you have sincerely looked at the source code of both, you don't know squat.
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