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I've had a mostly equal share of Green and Red GPUs; this is just stupid. Both always trade blows. ALWAYS. One may be weaker than the other, then a price drop + new driver release changes everything.
I'm on 2560x1440 but just 60Hz. Not feeling the urge to upgrade with what's on the market. I'll gladly wait for higher frequency and lower priced 4K displays + more powerful hardware.
Solid review but meh. I find very little motivation in upgrading from 2 7970s. Anyone else sharing this view? These damn peasant consoles are stifling gaming. I want 4k displays saturating the market and more hardware to push 4k gaming.
That's most likely just a sample mold he made.
What this country/planet needs is smart people, not guns. The guns are fine as they are and do not have legs that allow them to physically aim themselves and shoot at someone.
Guessing this somewhat confirms the notion that Windows is being rebooted, with a more unified approach. I'd say this is good news. Hopefully we get some major improvements at the low-level.
What? What does that even have to do with anything? You're still not forced to use any interface Microsoft decides to throw in. There are countless alternatives.I haven't seen my "Metro" UI since nearly the day I installed W8. Any time I use someone's laptop that has Windows 8 I forget that it has that UI.
Oh look, another UI that absolutely no-one is forced to use. Yet here we are, with dozens already moaning as if they are obligated to use it.
Did the kid intentionally run out to commit suicide? No, some other factor (the ball) lead to the outcome.Did the celebrities intentionally hand out their nudes, or post their passwords online? No, some other factor (weak security with no limits to wrong security answer guesses) lead to someone being able to guess their security answer/password.It's rarely all one side's fault. The parent's of the kid carry some blame, as they should have been watching their kid and making...
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