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Sigh. The brands mentioned in the example aren't the point. The point is that this happens in every industry. You can't just say "I made this product, you can't make another product that looks like it and compete with me!" It's not that easy. Think of how ridiculous that would be and the impact it would have on the economy. Only one company would be able to make pencils (unless others make some odd shaped pencils that are far too awkward to write with). Furniture? Forget...
12:41 sums it up pretty well, /thread
Yawn. Still chillin on a 2500k here. I miss the days of AMD's 3200+, first FX CPUs, and x800xt. The value was unmatched. My parents are still running on my old 3200+ with Win7. Runs great for its age.
Sigh.Yes, Metallica would sue you if you burned copies of their albums and resold them.They wouldn't (or couldn't) sue you if you used their same instruments (or even some of their band members) to produce Metallica-inspired heavy metal music to sell.Unless you know something that I don't, Thermaltake aren't stealing CaseLabs cases off their assembly line to sell them for less.
And, in this case (pun intended), you can VERY easily identify the difference....Sooooo...
Yea I dunno. I don't really see the problem. CaseLabs are sort of pulling an Apple on this one. I'm no patent lawyer, but as far as I know, a design patent protects a NEW, ORIGINAL, design. I wouldn't consider a plain black box very new nor original. I just did a quick search for design patents protecting PC cases in particular, and the first thing I came across says: happens in any industry that relies heavily on the appeal of a...
Sigh... these guys just have no ganas anymore.
Ooff, what a way to destroy any hope of this game succeeding. Big mistake to even MENTION NFS Rivals. Edit: Whoops, I was thinking he was talking about NFS World. God was that bad.
Sigh... these likely won't fix the crossfire flickering I'm getting on the Steam overlay Browser in GTA V.Ehhhh... that's a pretty overblown misconception. I've had very few issues with crossfire (been running crossfire since just about the 7970 released) and the issues were minor enough to overlook. The performance gains are definitely worth it.
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