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On the contrary, I think most would expect BF to do very well on PC since PC gamers lean more in favor of BF (especially original fans that have been playing since 1942). Sadly BF3/BF4 haven't fully lived up to BF2 as much as many of us would like. I alone know quite a few people that didn't care to get BF4 after BF3, under the mindset that it was just a cash cow now.
It's hard for me to believe that. Console players typically move on pretty fast to new games, especially shooters. I'm not saying the numbers are rubbish, I'm just saying it's hard to believe; there have to be some other factors that are causing these numbers. What's funny is, take a look at PS4 has 14,000+ players on Hardline vs. PC's 1,900.
That is, pretty reliable, however that's at 8AM EST on a Monday. The PC population has been healthy and above all consoles as of late.
Heh... honestly all this CaseLabs flamboyancy is making me just want to grab a Thermaltake Level 10.
82? Man, how can you get through any thread with only 10 posts per page o_o; I show 17 pages.
LOL you are nuts.
That's looking more like a 1% bump above 980ti, but of course yes, that will vary once we see some real game performance.
So, it's just hardly on par with a 980ti, will most likely not overclock as good, and will most likely run hotter, yet AMD will sell it for probably the same price? This company is doomed. NVIDIA are probably laughing in their conference rooms. "Yea you can scratch that price drop off the board."
While I don't feel Apple have a chance to catch up with Google Maps, I think Google need to step it up a notch to one-up them. A lot of Street View still has very outdated photos in terrible quality.
1. You actually can if you're manufacturing the case yourself.2. It's actually nothing like that. They're not stealing cases out of CaseLab's factories and selling them as Thermaltake cases.
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