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Cool, another retailer off my list.
Sigh. It might be, but I'm sure not. More like "our next re-brand is coming." It came, it flopped, I left. AMD is making their fanbase sweat this season. With more heat.
I have a similar mindset, but I think I would play through it. Nothing humiliates the weak-minded more than the success of something they oppose so strongly.
Yea I'm not too familiar with the how to, sorry. I just know that it's a pretty good solution to what you're concerned with.
Authenticate with certificates.
Were these "researchers" Comcast, TWC, and other ISPs? I'm sure they're very worried about how they'll have to raise prices and enforce more caps because of this "peak capacity."
Umm... game is running flawlessly for me at 1440p, almost completely maxed out (the "extra" settings off, no AA because I don't need it). The only performance issue I've ever had was the pause screen map lagging very badly, and that's been fixed for about a week. The benchmark runs steady 59-60fps for me (I use Afterburner's limiter at 60fps).
I've only been playing story mode to give some time for any GTAO bugs to be fixed. I'm glad I have.
Have you tried simply hitting "enter vehicle" before even trying to climb? I got through this without a problem.
Sigh... For anyone crashing after story mode "finishes" loading (or while it's loading): Load into online mode. Once loaded (assuming it works), back out into single player. Do a mission and let it save, and you should be free of the problem.
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