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Will do that right away. Wasn't aware that's something you had to do, thought it was just applied automatically according to the heist.
Nah not really man. I've done maybe 3 of them so I won't know what's going on in all of them. I played GTAO very little on PS3 and now on PC I've been only playing story mode until now, and I don't have any friends on PC Add me on Social first:'ll be on in about 5 minutes if you will?
Are a few of you down to do some heists right now? I'd like to do all of them as host so I can host all of them.
AMD fans blame poor AMD products for poor demand. Juss sayin'.
Good for both sides. In this case, CaseLabs NEVER really had a case. I say never in uppercase to emphasize my case.
Hell he could have done that for free at home. I mean... he already had a domain for the business. Even a plain white page with large black Times New Roman text would suffice.
Hmmm... I believe the founder (or one of the founding members) was here on OCN. Had a chat with him/her a while back. ScribbyTheGreat
Sigh. Last I remember, this is a "problem" (I can hardly even call it that) with Chromium. Not Chrome. Not Google's doing.
It's called SkyLake because the only efficient way to cool it would be a miraculous magical lake fallen from the sky.
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